Are you 100% Human? Or one of 22 Hybrids?

Our basic assumption is that we are all human, 100% human. What if we are not? What if we are hybrids? How would that explain some of the struggles and strengths we possess? How will that help us play our role in raising individual and collective consciousness? And evolving along with the earth?

So you think you are 100% human

Controversial, is how Tanis Helliwell describes her book Hybrids. Personally I find it fascinating and affirming even. My belief is that anything that questions our assumptions about life can help open our mind and widen our horizons. Isn’t it a good thing to expand to include everyone and everything in our worldview?

For me, what’s going on behind addictions, violence, and ecological degradation, for example, reaches deep. Michael Stone (2011) reminds us that social revolution can only be constructive and productive when accompanied by an inward transformation. This we do, by stopping the labelling of people and things, polarization, compartmentalization of life, and separation from nature.

Is it wonder we have all kinds of support groups? Why anime is so popular? Or Comic Cons or Star Trek Conventions? How we identify is rather stuffy.

Many people feel they are not from this planet, hailing from other star systems. Or they may feel connected with the Elemental kingdom. Children often have invisible friends or they see faery folk. Some are more at home in water or with animals. We also have people undergoing physical alterations such as plastic surgery and adornments such as tattoos to match their outside with their inside.

There are many reasons people feel they do not belong, in their blood family or tribe, culture or country of birth. Just because some may have experienced early childhood trauma or have inherited ancestral wounds, the role of non-human ancestry cannot be ruled out. If anything, life cannot be parcelled into neat little boxes or labels.

If you are reading this now, you’ve probably felt estranged in some way in your life, from yourself, even. Or you see glimmers of something new in your children.

Tanis Helliwell was first introduced to the Elementals by Lloyd, the pseudonym of a Leprechaun she met in Ireland. An earth Elemental. You can read more in Summer with the Leprechauns and Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns. Through her psychotherapy work, she has met many people with Elemental ancestry and other hybrids.

What are hybrids?

To be a hybrid in human evolution, permission is required from the spiritual beings overseeing this planet’s destiny. For an Elemental to enter human incarnation, for example, a request is made to both the Karmic Board of the Elementals and the Karmic Board of the Humans.

Not every individual from a non-human race can enter the human evolution. According to Lloyd, because of the strength of the human ego, those who can tend to be elders, with experience and wisdom. Hybrids to date have only been able to express a percentage of their non-human ancestry because of the level of human consciousness. As they become more adept at overcoming human will and ego, more of their ancestry and so their qualities come into play.

This type of incarnation is not new, already in process for thousands of years. When hybrids have families, the children can be an entirely different hybrid or can inherit either the father’s or the mother’s heritage, depending on the soul’s evolutionary path. So an individual could be more than one type of hybrid.

3 Major Kinds of Hybrids

Tanis Helliwell works with three major categories – Elementals, Human Cousins, and Star Beings. In her book Hybrids, she writes about 22 kinds and shares the stories of those who identify as each of these hybrids. She reminds the readers that there are additional kinds of hybrids, not described in the book.


The Elementals are Earth’s original inhabitants subsequently in human evolution. These include the Gnomes (Leprechauns, Brownies, and Pixies), Goblins (the fastest of the Elementals), Trolls (“the strong men of the Elementals”¹ who work with rocks), Elves (Forest and Royal Elves), possibly the largest Elemental hybrid group, and Tree Devas.

Sometimes these are also called Nature Spirits and they are made of the elements. Of the four elements – earth, fire, water, and air, Earth Elementals are most likely to become a hybrid, according to Lloyd. From their hereditary clan system, we have kings, princes, and craft guilds that specialize in colour and working with the elements, such as storytellers, musicians, magicians, warriors, and healers.

Human Cousins

Early humans have several lines of descendants and these make up the Human Cousins category. Some went into the sea or into the earth to continue their evolution. These are Inner Earthlings who can move stones with their powerful minds, Giants, Merpersons (Anwar Sadat being a hybrid example) Selkies, Dolphins (one of the most common hybrids), and Whales who have more of a collective evolution.

Star Beings

Star Beings are Dragons, Bees (advanced beings who can teach us about healthy hives), Pans, Centaurs (including Chiron), Angels (largest non-Earth hybrid group and here to develop free will), Els, and Horuses (involved in birds’ evolution). Most of these are full Creators here to help Earth beings on their evolutionary path. Many of the Els have been on Earth since the beginning and have been described as gods in ancient texts and mythology.

How do You Know?

Tanis Helliwell invites anyone who is interested or curious to read through the descriptions and stories for each hybrid type and feel what resonates. There is a questionnaire in the book that can help shed some light. She also provides additional reading suggestions for further exploration. Someone may feel kin to all types from a lack of self-understanding or having experienced countless personalities and traits from living many incarnations.

Being a hybrid does not mean a person is more/less special. The point of the book is not to glorify certain kinds of beings over others. We are many and we are one. At the highest level, we are the same.

The key is to gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of who we are, so that we can better answer the call of our own evolutionary path. Because each race and hybrid race have specific gifts, they can contribute positively and help others access their own talents. Hybrids, however, also have to work on certain issues, including self-importance and manipulation of others’ will. Some may be sensitive about their unconventional appearances (by human standards) and are to learn about self-acceptance and not lashing out, as a defence mechanism. It’s all learning, hybrid or not. We can all learn, for example, to acknowledge and respect one another. Or to wield our free will for the highest good.

When Tanis Helliwell wrote Hybrids, she did not believe that people were 100% human. She believed that the Star races created Earth beings per the Divine Plan, before genetic engineering by the Annunnaki.

For some people, this may sound far-fetched. Take a moment to see what feelings are arising, from what parts of your body. Breathe into these areas. Take what helps.

There is so much more than what mainstream and conventional thinking has structured our worldview. Scientists now share there are multiple dimensions, for example. There are no accidents, no waste, and so hybrids have a role to play and a purpose to fulfill here on earth.

Over the next few thousand years, humans will become conscious in our world and freely befriend and work with the various types of beings who live in this astral dimension. As humans THINK about hybrids in their physical reality, it quickens the transition time for our dimensions to meet consciously.


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