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Words have power and earlier this week, Danielle LaPorte wrote about it. She ran a 25-ish-day experiment about how words can affect other living things. Read the full blog post here.

It is basically what the late Dr Emoto did, except with apples.

Danielle and her son talked to the two halves quite differently, using encouraging words for the Apple of Positivity like “You’re awesome. You’re a winner. You are beautiful.” And touched the sealed jar in which it sits. The poor Apple of Negativity got smack. And no loving touches. “You no good, ugly, stinking piece of useless fruit.” And that half of the apple rotted while the Apple of Positivity remained relatively well-preserved.

Danielle concluded her post with this:

Words can make you sick. And heavy. And dark.
Words can make you light. And radiant. And energized.
Words infuse.
Words refuse.
Words bless.
Words protect.
Words energize.
Words heal.

… and so are your cells, your psyche, and your children, your team, and the apples.

To say this was a popular post would be an understatement. It had over 14K Facebook likes, with over 28K shares. People really resonated with the results and the implications of the experiment. They get it – no negative talk to yourself, or others. Once it’s out there, it really is out there.

We are electromagnetic beings and energies, whether they are in the form of words or thoughts, can get entrained. Words can uplift or crash someone. Sticks and bones can break our bones and words can break our spirit. Somethings mend a little easier. Some healing processes are more visible.

Keep in mind also that our bodies are made predominantly of water. Babies have an even higher percentage. Like 90%. Why does this matter? Water is a super carrier. Whatever you are saying to yourself, all the kind/unkind words, all the acceptance/judgment, and all the self-love/hate, stay within your waters. 100 trillion cells. Your cells. Your baby’s cells. The apple’s cells. Memory gets passed onto new cells. Seven generations down the line. Yes. And yes, we are dealing with what was said seven generations before us!

So the next time you want to “talk smack” think twice. Take a pause and see where that rage and vitriol come from. What fear is being triggered? Be honest. Honesty, especially with ourselves, is really the best policy when it comes to healing and well-being.

Words have Power – Leverage This Knowledge for Good!

° Mantras + Affirmations
Use the power of Positive Words and re-language your life. What is the narrative in your life that you want to tell? Start your morning with affirmations and use mantras throughout the day to stay in the vortex of creative power. Nurture yourself with positive energy.

° Love + Gratitude
Dr Emoto found that the word or rather, words that produced the most beautiful and symmetrical ice crystals were Love and Gratitude.  Write this on your water jug. Tape these words everywhere. See what happens.

° Bless Your Food
Blessing your food does not need to be religious. It is simply raising the vibration with gratitude, which holds tremendous power. If you are unsure of what words to use, simply be/feel grateful and give thanks. Give thanks to everyone involved with getting your food on the plate in front of you and to Mother Earth for her bounty.

Try Love + Gratitude! Many Reiki practitioners Reiki their food before they eat. Try this and see if you feel more life force in the food you consume.

° Focus on the Positive
When the tough gets going, do not feel pressured to take action. Sometimes the most effective strategy is taking no action but do not be fooled by no-action. When we align and focus on the outcome we desire, amazing shifts can occur. Better than the outcome you want, ask HOW you want to FEEL. It is not what the situation looks like that is important but how we feel. We just want to feel amazing.

Words have power. We can feel bad or good depending on what others say to us. That we always knew and experienced and now with work like Dr Emoto, we really know the effects of what we say.

What we say to ourselves and others have an effect. We are programming the water within our cells, for example, with a energy that is high vibrational or not. It is our choice how we use this power but with great power, comes great responsibility.

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