Summer of Love

Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summer, according to Chinese Medicine, is about the heart and small intestine and the element of Fire. In the 24-hour clock, the small intestine meridian becomes active after the heart meridian. When I learned this, a light turned on for me. When we know our heart’s desires, burning bright the fire that transforms the water of fear, we can make better decisions, the role of the small intestine organ energy.

First, know what is our truth, your passion … and love. Then make our choices based on that, on connection, community, care, compassion, collaboration, communion.

When we are trying to be something or someone we are not, fulfilling other people’s expectations, reacting to ancestral wounds, and living by other people’s rules, our heart and the heart energy can become injured. (Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help tip : hold your pinky finger whenever you feel like this or for several minutes every day.)

The Heart, in Chinese Medicine, is believed to be where the spirit resides. A peaceful and calm heart allows us to connect with the greater Spirit, for it to manifest in the right time and place. As love and joy. in our relationships.

It is easy to step out of our own natural time, when we live in a world regulated by linear and artificial time.

Yet we know and we feel that it is only a construct. We’ve all experienced an expansion of time, when we are in flow. When we are so attuned to the present moment, and absorbed in our craft, the conversation, our presence, being with someone else…

Heart Health

Hawthorn for Heart Health stock photo by Taylor Hugh


Healing the Heart

Hawthorn is for the heart. It’s for the physical, emotional, and spiritual heart. Find out how Hawthorn helps and has been used in the East and the West.


Here’s Why They Are Good For You
If you have ever had even one amazing hug, you already know hugs are good for you. Now science is backing this up. Find out why hugs are good for you.
A Surfer at the Beach

Heart Health

This is What People Aren’t Telling You about Heart Health
Looking at heart health from a different perspective. Heart health goes beyond diet and exercise. Find out what the Institute of HeartMath has gathered from their decades-long research. There are many other levels to heart health than conventionally talked about.


Quantum Energy Technology for Cultivating the Multi-Dimensional Heart

Heart Health | Heart Intelligence | Heart Coherence | Heart-Centered Awareness

There is compelling evidence to suggest the physical heart is coupled to a field of information not bound by the classical limits of time and space. This evidence comes from a rigorous experimental study that demonstrated the heart receives and processes information about a future event before the event actually happens.
HeartMath Institute


fire element and happiness

Get Happy

Play with Fire
See how playing with the elements fire up your happiness. Certified Coach Michelle Ayn Tessensohn talks about the Fire Element and happiness and how understanding and working with this element supports our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
Agnihotra-Fire-as-an-Answer What Therapy


Fire as the Answer for Your & the Environment’s Health
Agnihotra is an ancient science for modern healing. It’s practiced throughout the world and its ash medicine is sought after many as it’s shown to heal a variety of ailments. Find out what Agnihotra is about.

Open to Love

How ready are you for love? How open are you to love? Rumi wrote back in the 13th century that the key is to remove the barriers we have created to love. Here are some potent ways to dissolve these walls, distances, and other barriers.
wrath to fortitude heart chakra and grace stock photo by Joel Mott

From Wrath to Fortitude

Invoking Grace
Wrath to fortitude : We look at the teachings of Caroline Myss, Cyndi Dale, and David Hawkins to understand power and love.
understanding heart chakra

Understanding the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the bridge of the seven major chakras of the body. In Sanskrit, this heart chakra is anahata, meaning “unhurt and unstruck”. With a balanced heart chakra, we experience calm and serenity.

resilience calm unease ease photo by parker-amstutz

When Being Calm is Uncomfortable

Many people find unease in calm and a lack of stimulation, a sign of poor nervous system regulation. Here’s how to start moving to more ease and build resilience. Tips from complementary health practitioner Antoinette Biehlmeier and TRE® practitioner Diana Ng.
Positive Intention

Skeptical of Positive Intention?

Some people believe in results, not action, and definitely not in trying. Do intentions count for naught? Here are five reasons you may not believe in intentions and one question to ask yourself. It may change your life and your relationships.


Be a Love activist

How to Be a Love Activist

Wisdom from Caroline Myss
The season of Summer is ALL about Love. Find out what this means and what a Love Activist is.
Conscious Uncoupling

Conscious Coupling

Byron Katie on Love & Our Thoughts About Love
What is conscious coupling when we look at how we seek love and approval? Looking at Byron Katie’s book I Need Your Love – Is That True?
Care for the Carer

Care for the Carer

Being caring, compassionate, and loving are the strengths of humanity. What gets missed is the mental, physical, and emotional health of caregivers, including the unsung heroes of those who are the primary caregivers for family members. Who’s caring for them?
decoding our emotions

Decoding Our Emotions

One Kind of Intelligence
There are many kinds of intelligence and with more studies in neuroscience we are understanding better the importance of emotions and emotional intelligence. Find out what EQ specialist and co-founder of 6 Seconds EQ Network Joshua Freedman has to share.

Tips on Being Abundant

Abundance comes in many wondrous forms. Whether it is financial abundance or having good friends, attracting abundance is the same. Here are a few tips to get you started.
self care is bubble baths and it's not photo by zohre-nemati-

Self Care

Is Bubble Baths…and It’s Not
How can self care be bubble baths and not be bubble baths? If you are confused, or angry, about what self care is, have a read.
spiritual practices for everyone gratitude

Why Gratitude?

The word on being grateful and grateful. Find out how the practice of gratitude is good for your health.


Daily practice forest walk

Forest Bathing

The Benefits of Being Outside
Forest Bathing is very popular in countries like Japan and Korea. It’s also getting all kinds of research focus in Scandinavia and Scotland. Find out what therapeutic effects being in the woods are and how to get more green in your life.
nature fix for kids


How Much Do We Need?
We intuitively know being in nature and outside is good for us. As we become even more urbanized globally, how much nature do we need to stay healthy, happy, and productive? The Nature Pyramid gives us a menu of choices.
Why Movement is Good for You


Why it makes us a better person
Movement is not only going to the gym. It’s natural, innate, and universal. Read on to find out ways you can incorporate movement in your life, and how that can make your life that much better.
barefoot outside earthing

Barefoot Therapy

How Earthing is the Free & Easy Way to Detox
Going barefoot for health? New research shows that simply being in contact with the earth, and its negative electrons can help people reduce free radicals in the body. Find out how to get grounded and earthed.

How to Walk Barefoot the Right Way

Tips from Biomechanics Expert Katy Bowman

Walking barefoot has all kinds of benefits. Here are some tips from Biomechanics Expert Katy Bowman on how to prep for it in a healthy way.

spatial orientation effiency photo by hadis-safari

Spatial Orientation for Vitality

Find out what telling our right from our left means for our vitality and energetic efficiency. Spatial orientation also influences our mental level.
speak from heart stock photo by frankie cordoba

Speak from the Heart

Speaking from the heart is living in courage and truth. How do we know if we are giving voice to the heart? Here are some suggestions.