Tips for Major Heat in the Summer

According to the Chinese Calendar of 24 Solar Terms, we move into “Major Heat” on July 23. This period is characterized by high temperatures, longest hours of sunlight, and abundant rainfall. It’s hot and humid. This hot summer phase goes for about a month, variations depending on where you are.

Many people struggle with the sun and the heat. With the Fire Element so dominant, imbalances of the Water Element can become more obvious. The Water Element relate to the Kidney and Bladder Organ Energies in Chinese Medicine and Jin Shin Jyutsu. Some people’s constitution may also be more yang and can overheat. Excessive heat can effect digestion,

Cooling Foods

Traditionally the Chinese eat more cooling foods at this time to balance the external heat. Some examples are bitter melon, water melon, coconut water, mint, and mung green bean soup. See more examples in this article by Blue Dragon Acupuncture.

Light meals

This is a time to experiment with lighter meals with easily-digestible foods. What about exploring bitterness? If there’s dampness, try having some congee. Dr Lily Choi has some great information and tips on her Instagram account Lily Choi Natural Healing.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Tips

Jin Shin Jyutsu works with 26 energy zones or what we call Safety Energy Locks on each side of the body.

A fantastic one to regulate temperature is SEL 8, located on the outside of the knees. Holding the right side cools the body and the left warms the body. If you forget, just hold them. Simply place your hands on the outside. (Bonus: helps with constipation and diarrhea as well.)

I took my very first Jin Shin Jyutsu training in 2007 and I always remember my instructor Anita saying to take care of the Spleen energy living in Singapore, which is like a continual end of summer heat and damp. While I no longer live there, this is one of my go-to adjustment flows. It is also one of the only three (out of twelve) organ function energy flows that Mary Burmeister included in the three Self-Help Books she created for the public.

A quick way to balance the Spleen energy is holding your thumb or placing your left hand on the tailbone and the right hand on the inside of your ankle.

Energize, Digest & Cleanse

This 3-module email course takes you through a journey of the three Organ Energy adjustment flows that support your everyday well-being. Learn these three, along with additional foundational flows and self-help and explore deeper layers of Jin Shin Jyutsu

These energy zones “work” on many levels and are amazing portals to self-understanding and self-awareness. I invite you to experiment and play with these energy zones in your body, many of which we naturally reach for inner balance.

Mary said SEL 8 connects man with the Creator. As above, so below. And as below, so above — connector of Heaven and Earth. If our 8’s are locked (out of harmony) we are stagnant, out of touch with our creativity, unable to receive. If they are IN harmony, energy flows through the pelvic girdle and aids in reproduction, assimilation and elimination functions, as well as vitality.

Muriel Carlton, senior Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher and mentor

As we move through the cycles of seasons, we become more aware of how we are influenced and impacted. We also discover that we resonate more with some environments, that seem to bring out our cognition and heighten our awareness. Our mind perhaps cannot make sense of this and that is our journey now.