THe Heart Centre & People Pleasing

The Heart Centre is one of nine in Human Design. We are a 9-centred being, since the discovery of Uranus March 13 1781 and 7-centred teachings no longer work for us. We may not realize as we live in a not-self world with tremendous conditioning forces.

Conditioning comes through our undefined centres, which do not receive consistent energy. There is no reliable pathway that energy flows in our circuit board, so to speak.

It is the defined centres, our definition, that is who we are. Undefined centres have “no defences” as they are open to energy from the conditioning field, transits, and other people. These are where we can find our Not-Self themes or where we are trying to be what we are not.

You can find your free chart on websites such as Jovian Archive. The undefined centres are those that are left in white (ie not coloured in).

The strongest Not-Self conditioning occurs in the undefined Ego or Heart Centre. All other Not-Self themes build upon this one. So if your Ego or Heart Centre is undefined, you may feel the pressure to always prove yourself. This may be people-pleasing, undercharging for your services, pushing to be what we think we should be, perpetually taking courses or deferring your dreams because you believe you aren’t enough, and making promises you cannot keep.

As we are deeply conditioned, how the Not-Self theme of the undefined Ego/Heart Centre plays out can be very subtle.

You can find out more about the mechanics of this centre from this video by Human Design Hawaii.

If you have an undefined Ego/Heart Centre, remember you have nothing to prove. It’s also helpful not to make promises left, right, and centre. The will power to keep these promises just isn’t there. “When there is a will there is a way” is a mantra to keep in mind. People with this centre undefined do not have consistent will, so please don’t put that pressure on yourself. Look to see if any hanging gates are dormant in your centre to explore the themes you are here to learn about.