Open to Love

Are you open to love? Rumi penned “your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” in the 13th century. This remains true and poignant today.

We are love; we need not seek, chase, or hunt love. From past and past-life experiences, to shield ourselves from pain and annihilation, we have likely erected barriers we are mostly unaware of. Subconscious complex walls. Shadow emotions. Negative and untrue self talk. Loss of innocent intimacy. Because we feel safe and protected behind the castle walls and past the moat, in an armour of steel.

Love is the core of who we are. Are you open to love is asking are you open to who you are. The question is are we ready to fully express who we are? Courageously, unquestioningly, devotedly, and consciously? Are we ready to dismantle any walls and barriers we have put up?

Ideas to Open to Love

Love it Up with Words

Observe this week what your love vocabulary is. What words do you routinely use to describe yourself? What does love mean for you? Do you feel it’s about being lucky and deserving? Also how do you respond when someone shows your affection and love?

Take a step back and witness, without judgment, any patterns you may have that come through in your words, in your storytelling. Are you stopping love at the gates or are you open and inviting to love? When the light of truth shines, the illusion falls away.

Letting Go with Aura Soma

In Aura Soma, there is a sequence of bottles for letting go. Starting with Bottle 13 (Change in the New Aeon), you apply the liquid with an affirmation. Then when ready, work with the next one, Bottle 26. The sequence is 13th bottle, with 39, 52, 65, and so on. Recently Bottle 117 (Pan) was birthed at 11:11 AM GMT on November 11, 2019. Openings. We are also called to look at the divine in nature, outer and inner nature, and channelling our creativity as sourced from our senses as well.

From Aura Soma North America the distinctive qualities of B013 are:

  • “Part of the New Aeon Child Set
  • Is supportive in rebirthing sessions
  • On all levels, this bottle deals with metamorphosis, the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly. The substance helps overcome “spiritual materialism” (the expression originates from Chogyam Trungpa). It means that some people tend to think they can earn their spiritual development, something like: “If I meditate so-and-so many hours, years, I will be enlightened.” The oil supports the process of understanding that things do not work like this, but that progress in these dimensions always depends on the grace of “the other side”.

B013 Change in the New Aeon

Clear over green, B013 helps us work with the outward journey of death, learning/remembering that “as I let go, I am open to that which is new.” The affirmation for working with this bottle is “In each ending there is a new beginning.” Related to B013 is the Death tarot card, which often frightens people as we associate it with physical death. We experience physical death all the time, as our cells die (and are rebirthed); we also go through death of ideas and beliefs. Death is part of life. If dealing with death or if this tarot card strikes deep fear in your heart, perhaps gently working with B013 may be beneficial for you.

Being the Laughter & Joy

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, we play with 26 energetic spheres to harmonize and align our flow. These are 26 areas located on each side of our body, the size of our palm, each with their own meaning and gift.

We can place our hands on our sternum, underneath our third rib. Meaning “Love Thine Enemies”, Safety Energy Lock 13 is about radiating our true spirit, and experiencing that infinite cosmic energy that flows when we live from our heart. Being present, with no grasping, trying, or pretending. Harmonizing SEL 13 helps us to clear our thinking, to simplify living because life is simple. Be our breath, and “be our own testimony” as Mary Burmeister used to say.

The tarot card associated with SEL 13, the 13th card, is again the Death Card. The suffering that comes is not with transitioning; it’s being frozen and not responding to life. When we move with our life force, allowing who we are – love – to flow, our barriers are dissolved. We remember that abundance is the natural order of the cosmos.

Be the fountain, not the reservoir.

Mary Burmeister, master teacher who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu to the West

Other Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help suggestions:

  • Place our hands on SEL 15 on our bikini line. It’s actually the whole area from the side of our outer leg to the side of our pubic bone. Harmonizing the whole SEL 15 is an experience of spiritual renewal, inviting in joy and laughter and opening the path to our destiny.
  • Another wonderful SEL is 8. I also love playing with this one, located on the outside of our knees. Meaning rhythm, strength, and peace, it is all about magic. We reconnect with our own rhythm and the eternal rhythm of the universe.

Simple Jin Shin Jyutsu Self help, such as those mentioned above or holding each of your fingers, is a wonderful start to experiencing this art of living. Hands-on sessions and self-help classes will introduce you to the deeper wisdom of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Love Bundle

Irma Sierra shares her practice of offering a love bundle or in Peruvian tradition, a despacho. An offering to the Mother for all that she does for us, in all the ways she sustains our life on this planet. Our disconnection from nature and Mother Earth is evident in how out of balance modern-day world can be. Thinking we are beyond/above nature is likely so deeply embedded and yet not natural has hence created this sense of emptiness.

Offering a “bundle” of items infused with gratitude, love, and prayers helps anchor this state of being within the spiritual matrix, and weaves heart-centred energetic intentions out into the fabric of existence.

Irma Sierra

Here are Irma Sierra’s suggestions for an environmentally-friendlier offering.

  • square piece of natural eco-friendly paper (recycling that grocery shop paper bag, for example) and a biodegradable string
  • items for the bundle – anything symbolic and personally meaningful for you. You can replicate the earth structure by layering earth, mineral, plant, animal (can be a hand drawn image), and heaven. Some ideas include herbs, crystals, flowers, sand…think natural. Another idea is to work with the elements in your love bundle.

Ceremony is a sacred space you can create anywhere you are. Choose where it resonates with you. Outdoors is a fantastic idea. Create this space by invoking it with prayer, calling in the directions, ancestors, and guides, or a heart-felt intention.

Place your paper on the ground or a table, if done indoors. Add your bundle ingredients, blowing your gratitude to Mother Earth or holding that state of aware connection in your heart and mind. What are you grateful for? What are all that sustain and nourish you? Feel your heartspace expand with the remembrance of all the blessings in your life.

Fold the paper and tie it together with your string. You can bury, burn, or offer it in a way that feels correct for you in that moment. This ceremony is beautiful for transitional times, including solstices and new moons.

Opening to Love

We are love. We all certainly have our reasons not to fully show up as love, as who we are. Perhaps as a child, you’ve been told or shown that you are not worthy, not deserving, not loveable. Or you have had painful encounters – rejections, betrayals, unrequited love… Hence we have lived in a world where we believe we need to chase down love, that it is outside of us, based on tribal approval.

Many souls are certainly here to release these patterns and contracts from their timeline and from their ancestral lineage, by placing key events and people in their lives. The “perpetrators” are not evil so it’s time we shift blame on them to higher truths and the workings of our soul lessons. Forgiveness is a potent key to being open to love.

Here’s the thing. We’ve been taught that we have to be this or that, behave this way or that way, to receive love. A paradigm for power and control, through manipulation, wounding, and instilling fear. It’s 2020. A brand new year, a whole new decade, and the dawning of a new age. Rather than playing this game they set up eons ago, it’s time we evaluate the teachings, relook at our lessons, release outdated patterns, and throw off the yoke.

When you are open to who you are, you are open to love, abundance, joy, creative power, and all that which is our spiritual inheritance. It’s time to bring heaven to earth.