Here’s Why Choose the New Moon to Fast

We fast for many reasons. Choosing the appropriate time to fast can magnify the results. We like c the new moon to fast for several reasons.

The new moon is about releasing the old and setting intentions for the incoming cycle. Building on your dreams with the waxing lunar energy for its realization at full moon. This is why people love new moon meditations. We empty out to fill up again.

According to Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe, the authors of Moontime, “on the day of the new moon the body’s capacity for detoxification is at its highest. Anyone who makes it a rule to arrange for a fast-day at the new moon has already done a lot to prevent all kinds of illnesses.”

Fasting aids the detoxification process by not further burdening the natural bodily processes and allowing the body to do its job. Perhaps fasting is a smart way to go on the new moon. If fasting is not possible, choose to eat lightly, simply, and cleanly.

If you want to stop eating certain foods, a new moon is a good time to start. New moon, new habits. The other good time to fast is the full moon, when the body does really well absorbing everything. So full moon – time for hair masks, nourishing facials, bone broth. It is a good idea to stay away from processed food, vaccinations, and anything the body is especially sensitive to.

To start new habits, choose a new moon. There is something really beautiful about following the lunar cycle. Connecting with the natural flow of energy is a fantastic way for us to build greater awareness of ourselves.

If you are planning on fasting, why not choose the new moon to fast and see how it goes.