“work” To Do Before the Portal of Truth And Changing Karmic Nodes

On May 5 2020, the Lunar or Karmic Nodes switch signs and we enter the portal of truth. Or even “a moment of truth” to “wipe the slate clean” as Christine Clemmer shares on her daily calibrations. This, she says, involves coming from the higher and universal lens of love. We do this with the practice of forgiveness, to release the past and not to carry it forward with us. In these last days and hours before the changing nodes, past challenges may surface for a deeper purification. Have we completely forgiven ourselves? Are all the density, charge, attachment, baggage, victim/martyr-complex energies released, disengaged, neutralized? Do we have any soul contracts that need to be dissolved or re-written? Any ancestral energies to be transmuted?

Changing Karmic Nodes?

Evolutionary Astrologer Bryan Colter said in one of his videos with Lada Duncheva of Astrolada that there is a maximum impulse just before a node (or a planet) changes signs. See, the universe does have our back! We have all been doing a tremendous amount of work. Self-love, forgiveness, surrendering, desire-mapping, raising our vibrations, shifting paradigms – yay! And now as the karmic nodes shift, we have this wonderful reminder to clear out the darkest of corners and the residual attachments relating to Cancer and Capricorn, before we collectively move onto lessons with North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. Whatever we do now will support us in the coming months and beyond.

A key aspect to me felt like what Daryl Anka (Bashar) said in his chat on Higher Journeys. This is around the 24.10 minute mark of the video.

Everyone has a different path. They are going to see the symbols, permission slips that are correct for them in the state they are in, whatever that state may be. All we can do is put out our perspectives, share what we see that makes sense to us, and as Bashar often said, the only thing you can do is share options, share ideas.

What someone does with that information is none of our business. Because we don’t know their path. We don’t know what they need to know. We don’t know what they don’t need to know.

So the only way you can be of assistance is as an individual is to share a perspective – at least that way, you give someone the option to consider it and decide if that is something that’s true for them at a particular moment in their lives – and then basically you have to let that go.

We can’t insist or need someone else to believe us, to change, or do anything; otherwise, we are adding to the negative energy that already exists on our planet, where people think others should believe as they do.

This is just what an individual can do to help the total to help the whole is express themselves, express the truth of what they are, doing the best to be clear within themselves that they are not putting fear-based ideas out, they are not creating more anxiety, but just putting out options and opportunities and things to consider that worked for us that use these principles.

Daryl Anka

Natal & Transiting Nodes

We each have our own personal North and South Nodes. Look for these ☊ ☋ symbols to explore what you are here to move towards (North Node ☊), from a foundation you had built (South Node ☋). Collectively we are also here to learn lessons that raise our consciousness, as consciousness evolves through us. [Read more about the new North and South Lunar/Karmic Nodes] This is a potent time. With the South or Karmic Node changing signs, we are completing a 19.5-year cycle. How do we want to show up for the new cycle? How spaciousness do we desire to be?

Saturn is going retrograde at the end of this week, followed by other planets going retrograde the next week as well. Full moon in Scorpio Thursday! So much energy, so much release!

This stillness we are all facing is a golden opportunity to go within. Dive in, sit within the beautiful architecture of your heart, watch the past dissolve and be a witness to your own alchemy. Nothing is going to be the same, as Lada said! It’s time for us to be brave, to be who we truly are, so we can fully co-create the new world. Let us all embrace our full potential.