Our Collective Lessons are Changing Now with New Lunar Nodes

On May 5 2020 the Lunar Nodes are changing signs. We therefore have new focuses for our growth and development as a society. Here they represent collective lessons.

What are Lunar Nodes?

Lunar Nodes are not planetary bodies; they are a mathematical calculation of sacred symbolism. These two points – North and South Nodes – are where the Moon’s path crosses the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The North Node is where we are headed, our potential, and represents the lessons and skills to develop this lifetime. Unlike the South Node, our past and perhaps the patterns we resort to when stressed, the North Node is unfamiliar to us. This makes falling back onto South Node energies that much easier, even if it’s not as healthy or progressive for us. Over time, we learn to recognize that what we yearn for may be nostalgic, rather than where we truly desire to experience this life.

The lunar nodes are karmic and spiritual in nature, and tell you a lot about your baggage and your potential.

Nic Gaudette, Dark Pixie Astrology

We each have these Lunar Nodes in our natal chart, showing us where we come from and where we are going, this story of our past and our journey into a future. We are venturing from on a foundation of strengths and experiences built over time, be it early this life or in past lives. The house and sign placements of the Nodes show us this axis of movement for us.

Lunar Nodes in Cancer & Capricorn

We also have collective Lunar Nodes, which represent our shared lessons. Since November 2018, the North and South Nodes have been in Cancer and Capricorn, respectively. Our focus has been on home and family (Cancer) and our work and career (Capricorn). In the past we may have equated our worth with the progression and status of our career and public life. Have we found a balance between home and work life these past few years? The structure of the workplace has certainly changed in this time, with even more remote and at-home work opportunities in this first part of 2020.

As Tanaaz of Forever Conscious points out, we are also invited to flow with the more feminine energies of Cancer, along with the masculine qualities of Capricorn. In the past few years, #selfcare has been the centre of attention. What is self care? Is it squad care?

We are all definitely feeling the pull of the Nodes now too as we debate this idea of staying home to protect each other and opening things back up in order to return to work.

Tanaaz, Forever Conscious

According to Evolutionary Astrologer Bryan Colter, there is a maximum pulse before any node (or any planet) changes signs. This gives us a great opportunity to do whatever work that needs to be done to work with the sign and the energy. In this case, it’s shifting into the higher octaves of Cancer, the North Node.

Lunar Nodes in Gemini & Sagittarius

From October 2001 to April 2003, the North Node was in Gemini and the South Node, Sagittarius. Take a moment and reflect on what was going on at that time on the world stage.


Gemini’s mantra is “I THINK”. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac and the ruler of the Third House (intellect, siblings, relatives, and those close to the person, communications). As an air sign, Gemini is about communication and its specific energy is finding and sharing information. Active communication and distribution. On the go, making friends, and more friends – the Social Butterfly of the zodiac.

Gemini is also about duality which can show up as a split between the physical and the mental. Or human and divine, mortal and eternal. 

With the North Node in Gemini, the invitation is for communication, sharing information, ideas, stories, and insights. We are still learning to truly listen to other people, without having a script running through our heads. And how do we live in both our head and our body? Human and Divine?


Sagittarius is co-ruled by Chiron, the philosopher, healer, master teacher and king of the centaurs. Chiron represents the three aspects of Self – animal, human, and divine.  This zodiac sign represents beliefs, higher learning, philosophy, and far journeys. This is the expansion of horizons on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Freedom is a big with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius’ other ruler is Jupiter, Chiron’s half-brother. With Jupiter, we come to know Sagittarius’ jovial nature. They are good-natured and optimistic, with a good sense of humour. A happy-go-lucky archetype.

If we are moving from – or building on – the South Node, then our foundation in Sagittarius is what our beliefs and philosophies about life are. It’s also all the journeying we have done, to meet new people, different ideas. So we have this base of diverse ideologies. Are they all still correct for us or are we just attached to them and this consensus-based reality? Is our model complete?

It may be challenging to admit that how we viewed the world was indeed flawed. Because beliefs inform our choices, to admit they are wrong is to admit we are wrong. And that we have much to unlearn.

Perhaps with the changing Lunar Node signs, it is time to look at our foundation, the basis and the lens through which we see life. What assumptions, projections, and false motivations do we have? Be curious and open to new ideas, respect each other’s life force and self-expression. As both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, be flexible! Either way, it’s remembering there is more than one path, one belief, one way to live. And it’s okay to shed, like a snake does its skin, whatever that is past its expiry date.

Now and for the next several years, as we transcend the old structures, it is crucial that we communicate more respectfully, and be open to ideas that may not be so familiar to us. It’s time for us to come together.

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