What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance Therapy - What Therapy

Quantum physics has shown that everything and everyone is energetic, each with its own vibrational signature.

Dr Voll, along with six other physicists, measured the body’s frequencies. With the human body resonating in the harmonic range between 10hz and 150khz, it was found that hormones vibrate in the 10hz range, immune system 67khz, nerves 100khz, and the brain 150khz.

Modern living, especially stress, changes the natural rhythm of our bodies. The result? The different parts of our bodies are no longer humming at their native frequencies and imbalances set in. Viruses, bacteria, toxins, unhealthy stress response, and EMF radiation can interfere with the proper cellular resonance which can affect the cellular function. This leaves an environment primed for dis-ease.

Developed by quantum physicists and medical doctors in the late 1970s and used by therapists worldwide, Bioresonance Therapy is a safe non-invasive way to address the pathological energy sources of disease.

A bioresonance machine such as the Bicom, Mora, and Vega scans the body and tests for imbalances by analyzing a person’s oscillations. It uses a vast database of frequencies which it uses to identify the causes of the imbalance.

Therapy is simple – remove the incorrect frequences and input the correct ones. This is done by inverting the “pathological, disturbing energies” and returning to the body the inverse, thereby cancelling the pathological signals. This allows the body to function better, normally, especially in self-rejuvenation.

This means that the correct frequencies are sent to the body also to “remind” it and entrain it to its original blueprint frequencies.

Because everything is energetic, Bioresonance Therapy can be used for allergies (anything that has a weakening effect on the body), diabetes, degenerative illnesses, the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, skin conditions…

Bioresonance machines are helpful in identifying food intolerances and environmental allergens. Test tubes of rice, cockroach hair, sugar, and other common “offenders” sit on Justin Morais’ shelf. He even has a piece of jade found to be the cause of imbalances in one of his clients. Justin Morais of The Sports Acupuncture Clinic is a pioneer of bioresonance therapy in Singapore.

Since bioresonance machines are measuring energy. This means that identifying areas of disturbed energetic signatures can help practitioners formulate herbal, dietary, movement, and mindfulness practices to reset a client’s patterns before they show up on the physical level.

Bioresonance Therapy is used worldwide and has been offered in Germany for several decades. Some clinics use Bioresonance Therapy as part of their complementary healthcare approach. Some are focused on degenerative illnesses. Some on allergies.  Some others on skincare. Some Application is extensive, including for veterinarian services.

Lucia Mejer at The Animal Recovery Centre in Singapore offers Bioresonance Therapy to identify and treat food intolerances and other ailments in animals. Owners are able to test for all the common proteins, preservatives, grains, for example, as well as bringing in their pets’ actual treats. This clinic is known for Dr Ly’s cancer care expertise and Lucia’s work is part of the support given. Good digestive health is foundational to health in both humans and animals.

Antoinette Biehlmeier at Inner Dynamics uses the TimeWaver for coaching, emotional balance, and overall well-being. The issues she works with include relationship challenges, allergies, and general malaise.

Finlandia Health Centre in Vancouver Canada offers the ETA-Scan.

Bioresonance Therapy is appropriate for those with physical ailments as well as emotional. Its applications are far reaching. We, human and animal, are being bombarded by numerous factors that can disrupt the natural perfect flow of energy in our various systems. As Bioresonance offers a view of the energetic state, this modality can offer an early look allowing for a holistic preventative wellness strategy. Bioresonance Therapy is therefore recommended for people dealing with health issues and for people enjoying well-being.