What does being non-strategic mean?

The Human Design System acknowledges a new development in how the brain and mind work that is bringing a new level of insight and self-awareness to many people. This is the concept of Rightness, which is different from the Leftness or how we were wired as modern Man, prior to 1781. This development reflects a change in our energy mapping and an evolutionary direction to a new kind of awareness. As a species, we have been moving from a splenic and purely instinctual being to ajna and mental awareness. We are now mutating toward an emotional awareness.

We have been building the world through planning and strategic thinking and we are now living with the result of that. The old strategic thinking is survival-based, whereas our strategic Leftness as a nine-centred being is for awareness. We have the potential to see and through seeing, transform our lives. Yet we still live in a world of the old survival-based and strategic mind, a conditioning that is pervasive and continues to pull us away from our natural self.

And the whole thing about the nature of the strategic is that its fundamental goal is survival. And the only way to survive is by following through on the strategic program. Not only that, but the moment you have any kind of increased birthrate and you begin to expand the very societies themselves, the communal survival is something that, in terms of the way in which the seven-centered being operated, the communal survival was on everybody bowing down to some kind of sameness. It was only through that sameness that they could define themselves and in defining themselves be able to send off their young to die, and all that kind of stuff and build temples and whatever the case may be. 

Ra Uru Hu, Human Design

What is Strategic & Non-Strategic?

It is important to point out that the binary of strategic and non-strategic is part of the world, and our make-up. Rather than labelling one as superior or more advanced, I am pointing out a difference that exists and each has its role. The key is to make decisions aligned with what is true for ourselves.


Being strategic is placing a value on information that is deemed important to survival. The mind can make this decision or it can be from Strategy and Authority, a cornerstone tool in Human Design to make decisions as who we are. Human Design teaches that following Strategy and Authority supports us in making decisions from those consistent and reliable aspects of who we are.

So strategic is focus and it is being active.

By definition, focusing means it is exclusionary. While we are looking over here, we are not focusing over there and we are only seeing this, and not that. We focus over here because we’ve placed value on what is over here. Whether that value comes from the true self, the imposition of external authority, etc, is another matter.


Rightness, on the other hand, is receptive, passive, and peripheral. Being right is placing no value on what it takes in and when present, it takes in everything. Because it doesn’t focus, a person doesn’t know what they file in their internal filing cabinets. They also have no access themselves. That is why who’s in their environment is important, as it is others who will call out the information. So it can feel like you’ve retained nothing of what you’ve just read and without understanding this aspect of your Design, it can be very frustrating.

Human Design is one path to fulfillment. It may not be yours. However, I recommend looking into this aspect of your Design. The way a strategic or Left Brain and Mind takes in the world in a very different way than that of the receptive or Right Brain and Mind. Understanding this aspect of my own Design has been a lightning bolt that shattered the conditioned and homogenized thought on neurodivergence. I grew up in an age where diagnosis and pharmaceuticals prescription were not as common as it is now. Many people from my generator are now and have been either self- or professionally diagnosed as ADHD. I recognize some of what people associate with ADHD as how Rightness naturally operates. Is this an aspect of who you are that you would like to understand? Check out Conversational Space.