Going Deep the Human Experiential Way

As humans, it’s natural for us to seek meaning and purpose and this means going deep. We’re on this journey to witness the unfolding and blossoming of who we are.

We are all wired in a unique way, each bringing specific energies and frequencies to the world. An interesting lens is to look at the circuitry in our Design. Circuitry is how the energy moves within our Bodygraph. This is the flow of our very life force. Others get this information about who we are, from our aura.

Do we have only or mostly individual, tribal, or collective activations? If you have collective circuitry, is it logical or abstract?

Depending on the type of circuitry we have, we have different ways to connect with each other and how we experience and express in the world.

Abstract Circuitry

The collective circuitry in our design is about sharing. After we have our own experiences, we share with a large group of people . This way, the lessons and discoveries can become part of collective understanding.

The collective circuitry consists of the Understanding (Logic) and Sensing (Abstract) circuits. Both have eight channels.

The Abstract circuitry consists of the Channels of Abstraction, Curiosity, Recognition, Transitoriness, Maturation, Discovery, and The Prodigal.

The Logic circuit is about recognizing the patterns in life and building and testing theories and formulas, to predict the future. Or at least have some reliable expectations. A strategy to survive. The intelligence of the Logic circuit is sourced from the spleen, the survivalist side of our design, the cool side. “Cool-headed.” There is a satisfaction that comes from having logic that works out, that explains the puzzle, a pattern that is reliable. This satisfaction also comes from the mastery of systems and understanding.

The Abstract or Sensing circuit is the warm side of the design. This is the passionate Solar Plexus, the pain to pleasure waves. It’s about the desire for new experiences for emotional growth. Unlike the Logic circuit, there is no satisfaction, there is no quenching of the thirst. This means the desire for a new experience continues on. People can quickly get bored. Sometimes it’s not diving fully into the experience and staying at the surface is not fulfilling. Oftentimes is the mind spinning the story of “this is it” or “not this one, the next one will be better.” This “no-change” or “the other is better” can shift into crisis-mode, creating this sense of urgency and new.

It’s important to understand if you have the channels in the sensing circuitry, you are here to fully absorb into the experience. It’s different from the focus of the Logic, to make sense and pivot. Instead, you are here to be the experience, recording different perspectives and emotions. In your aloneness, reflection on what you experienced gel into wisdom, become nuggets you share with others to make sense of the past for our growth.

Do you know how you are wired? What you are here to experience and share with the world? Human Design provides us with a roadmap and we can see what’s activated in our blueprint.