Saturn into Pisces

Early March Saturn is moving into Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. It’s going to stay here until February 13 2026. As a slow-moving planet, we will get to experience the Saturnian energy in a Neptunian ethereal boundless landscape for the next few years. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, has been home for a while now and it’ll be interesting times; Saturnian energy is very different. Plus it’s been about 26 years since its last visit here so it’s new for some people or it’s been a while for others. 26 years ago was a whole different life for me. You?

When people hear “Saturn”, they mostly think teacher, disciplinarian, structure, limits, and hard work. Saturn has a certain reputation, and we’ve certainly seen the upheaval of the past several years when Saturn was in Aquarius.

Saturn is where we see it, when we have not honoured our personal values and not followed our personal law. Collectively, what’s happened to our values? Can we say we have honoured and respected each other’s choices and life force? Do we have different rules and laws for different people?

Saturn & Abundance

This Saturn transits starts with the Human Design Gate of Abundance, the 55th, where abundance is strictly a matter of spirit. Will we see with clearer eyes what abundance is? How perhaps it is through persistent dedication for some people? And not for others? Or that abundance is not only material. The only Incarnation Cross, which we can call Purpose, in the Human Design system that is about healing, is about healing the spirit. We’re on a journey to discover our spirit in these transformative times.

The 55th Gate is part of the Solar Plexus which is in a mutative process. At the moment it is still both a motor and awareness centre. After 2027, it will become only an awareness centre for those who carry the mutation. This information is part of Human Design’s Rave Cosmology. Our evolution has been moving from a splenic (instinctual) to ajna (mental) awareness. Now we are approaching a whole new level of consciousness, a unified awareness that comes “online” when three or more people come together. We won’t know what the mutation is until it takes hold though it’s believed that it’ll include telepathy, manipulation of the electromagnetic field, and a new type of being.

So the 55th Gate is also under mutation. This is the “half empty, half full” or “(s)he loves me, (sh)he loves me not” gate that is an energy in motion. The Solar Plexus, as a motor, is where we experience emotional waves, the lows and highs, the pain and pleasure. With Saturn in this Gate, will we see through the emotional landscape how we have matured in the last several decades? Have we learned that we cannot suppress or control our emotions? Neither leads to our well-being.

Solar Plexus & Making Decisions

About half of us have the Solar Plexus defined. It is our inner authority, how we make decisions. This means having emotional clarity, rather than saying yes or no when low or high on the emotional wave. Emotional clarity emerges over time and it is a timeline that is not set, nor predictable. Given the “there is no truth in the now” nature of the emotional authority in our instantaneous gratification, “if it lights you up” and “just go for it” world, we are moving at a speed that does not honour emotional clarity.

Saturn Return

As Saturn moves Pisces, a whole generation of people will also be having their Saturn Return. (Find out when your Saturn Return is) In Human Design, our first Saturn Return is significant, especially for those with a Line 6 in their profiles, such as the 4/6 and 6/2. While we are expected to know what we want in life in our 20s, we aren’t ready to be “adulting” it before our Saturn Return. These expectations are an extension of the old consciousness that existed before our emergence in 1781. If you’re feeling regret, guilt, or shame around decisions you made before your Saturn Return, it’s time to release them. It’s time to heal your spirit.

Over the next several years, we will be experiencing Saturn in a way we haven’t for a very long time. As with any change, it will take time to adjust and pivot. It’s important to stay aligned with who we are, and not be pulled into decisions to release pressure.

Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7, 2023 at 8:03 a.m. EST.