Human Design Teaches Us How to Make the Right Decision

Let’s face it, most of us have no clue how to make the right decision. We tend to make decisions with our ego-mind and that’s why we waver afterwards. We know in our body that somehow it’s not the right decision. How to make the right decision is important to the healthy use of our energy and in fulfilling our potential.

Each of us has a unique way to make decisions that are “good” for us. This requires that we listen to our own authority. Human Design shows what our personal and inner authority is. This inner intelligence is like our compass that allows us to know if “this” or “that” is a fulfilling way to direct our energy.

Our Inner Authority is not mind-based; it’s body-based. It is a rather mechanical progress. This makes understanding and tapping into this intelligence crucial. We can make correct decisions in this way, before the mental constructs come into play and confuse the energy.

When we intentionally practice our Strategy and Authority, we align with our unique geometry; subsequently, ou genetic makeup, our reason of reincarnating and our uniqueness are all expressed through us as our true self. Things just naturally fall into place, such as where we live, our job and our relationships.1

Solar Plexus Authority

About 50% of the population has this emotional authority. This authority is about watching your feelings and finding stability despite the ups and downs, before making decisions. The key is to allow time to pass after the reactions that come with emotional waves and to find the stillness and still point to experience clarity. Simply ask others for time so that you can “sleep on it”, before committing to a decision.


Sacral Authority

A person with this authority moves through life with by responding. This can come as a ah-huh or uhn-un that is palpable, when we trust our gut. The key is to understand what is a “yes”, what is a “no”, and to honour that. It can be frustrating living in a world that demands initiative and action to not rush and respond, when asked. Often this means how we make the right decision is contaminated by external authority.

A person with Sacral Authority needs to be asked so if you are unsure, suggest the person to ask you the question at a later time or ask differently. The phrase “I don’t know” is gold. Learn to be comfortable with this saying. “As compared to the Solar Plexus Center which shows its truth over time, this is truth in present time. The Sacral Center only functions in the present moment; it can’t predict the future.”2

Splenic Authority

People with this authority are intuitive and instinctive. Hone this by cultivating a deep level of awareness of the present moment and of the bodily sensations. The ego, emotional needs, social conditioning, peer pressure, expectations, and other external sources of perspectives can interfere with Splenic Authority if the person with this authority is not always tuned within. How to make the right decision? Work on building self-trust.

Heart Centre (Ego) Manifested Authority

All decisions come from the heart of heart, expressed through the Throat Centre. You manifest by first verbalizing it so be impeccable with your words while at the same time do not control the script with the mind, non-self, and ego. “Surrendering to the truth of your voice is key for you; this is where your impact comes from.”3

Heart Centre (Ego) Projected Authority

The Projector Strategy is to wait to be invited. Until people come to invite you to lead, spend time learning how to help others. Make the best decisions by asking what you want and how to express your desires.

For both forms of Heart Centre authority, it is important to keep your promises and maintain a healthy balance of work and rest/play. For you, that’s how you make the right decision.

Self-Projected Authority

Success only comes when it is true for you. Because people with this authority are more open to the external environment and conditioning, finding and trusting your inner truth can a challenge. Always ask “will this decision make me happy?”. People with this authority often lead with gentle and quiet power and with the knowledge and discernment that people are ready to be led or guided.

Environmental (Mental Projectors)

This is a rare authority centre. People with this centre receives information from the environment. “How does the environment feel to me?” It can be helpful to have trusted people for advice. Do remember not to discuss the decision as it needs to come from you.

Lunar Authority (Reflectors)

A person with this authority is connected to the lunar cycle. This means that decisions should be made after experiencing a complete cycle. The challenge is to trust this strategy and slow down and take your own time. Like the Mental Projectors, Reflectors can benefit from talking it out with their trusted sounding board. In this way, they can hear out their own arguments and thought process.

The environment is important to the happiness of Reflectors. Being at the heart of community, Reflectors “can freely sample and reflect auric information from those around them. They are here to be accepting of others, to reflect the truth, and to teach the rest of us that most often what we judge as good or bad in the world is just a revelation of our diversity.”4

When we know which is our Inner Authority, we can learn to trust it and trust that the decisions and choices flowing from that space are true for us. It is body-based, not mind-based, and we will no longer feel that need to defend how we choose.

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