My Favourite Way to Cook Rice : Meet Kinto’s Kakomi

You may think, cooking rice is cooking rice. Perhaps you haven’t met Kinto’s Kakomi rice cooker. It’s my favourite way to cook rice. Here’s why.

I believe in having beautiful and well-design tools. It’s a joy to perform even the most mundane of tasks. Their aesthetics, the feel of the natural stone, the curve of the steel handle, for example, make the tactile experience a sensory delight. That’s the energy I’m infusing into what I’m doing, whether it is cooking rice, writing a note to a friend, or sweeping up the floor.

So it is not surprising that I decided on Kinto’s Kakomi rice cooker.

Aside from a beautiful product, I also wanted a non-stick surface that was also non-toxic.

Kakomi Rice Cooker (kinto)jpg
Photo credit : Kinto

What is Kinto’s Kakomi Rice Cooker?

Kinto is a Japanese maker that combines aesthetics and practicality. You may be familiar with their travel tumblers. They also focus on slowing the pace of life to enjoy it. So the Kakomi rice cooker is a simple ceramic pot. It’s not the high-tech electric cookers you often find in the kitchen.

Made with heat-resistant (up to 500 degrees celsius!) material, the Kakomi rice cooker is used on direct fire. With a low water absorption rate, it is easy to clean, leaving no residue of rice or spices. Its two lids create pressure for cooking the rice without having any water boiling out of the pot. This doesn’t mean you can just put the Kakomi cooker on the stove and walk away.

How to Use the Kakomi Rice Cooker

  • Wash 1 or 2 cups of rice. Let it soak for twenty minutes then drain.
  • Place the rice inside and fill the cooker with filtered water to the correct reference line. The lower line for 1 cup of rice and the top line for 2 cups.
  • Set the inner and outer lids so the two holes do not align. Turn the heat to medium.
  • When you see steam, wait for two minutes then turn the heat to low for 6-8 minutes for 1 cup (8-9 minutes for 2 cups).
  • Turn off the heat and let sit for 10 – 15 minutes.

These are the guidelines for gas stove tops. While they don’t recommend the Kakomi rice cooker for electric stoves, it does work. It just takes several more minutes – you’ll need to experiment. I based it on the how long it takes to steam on my cooker versus the standard gas stove guideline of 5 – 6 minutes for 1 cup of rice or 8-9 minutes for 2 cups.  Add more water to make porridge.

The rice is indeed delicious and fluffy. The Kakomi cooks both white and brown rice, though you’ll need about 50 ml more of water and 7 hours of soaking, according to Kinto Europe. The Kinto website also suggests cooking with spices, such as paella. One day. Next to experiment with – quinoa.

While it is dishwater-safe, I’m enjoying handwashing and hand drying my Kakomi rice cooker.

It is in fact cooking as I write this. And what am I pairing my rice with, you ask? My new favourite comfort food – a concoction of spinach and salmon in coconut milk, olive oil, pasta sauce, turmeric, and a dash of salt.