You’ve Got Your Berkey, Now What? Is a Physical Filter Enough?

You’ve got your Berkey, and now you can enjoy cleaner water that is essential to our health and well-being. A physical filter such as a Berkey can remove a litany of contaminants, including fluoride which calcifies our pineal gland. So the question is now what? Is a physical filter enough? Let’s find out.

You’ve primed your Berkey and it’s sitting on your countertop filtering tap water, making it clean and delicious. The Berkey is the much-loved water filter of choice for many people. It claims to remove 200+ contaminants, including 99.99999% of viruses and pathogenic bacteria. This independent test by CWC Labs also confirms that the Berkey filters out glyphosate.

If your city fluorinates your water, you can also get the optional filters for that. Thankfully not all metro water undergoes this process.

Why? Fluoride over time forms phosphate crystals, essentially a shell, over the pineal gland. This throws off our day-night cycle, sleep, and our connection with nature. Fluoride consumption in itself is problematic, giving rise to inflammation, calcification of cartilage, lowered fertility, and reduced IQ, to name a few.1 The pineal gland is also called the Third Eye so having a healthy and activated pineal gland is important for lucidity, clarity, and tapping into our highest potential.

I recently bought a smaller Berkey filter and while I was browsing, a gentleman asked about structured water and what else could he do to enhance his water. The shop owner replied that structured water could mean many things, different processes giving varied results. She explained that some people use a vortex, some use crystals like shungite, and then there is Dr Masaru Emoto’s work.

You may be wondering – isn’t a physical filter enough? And what is structured water?

Fourth Phase of Water aka EZ Water

Dr Gerald Pollack through The Fourth Phase of Water introduced many of us to a new idea – water goes beyond the three states we all learned in school. Solid. Liquid. Gas. The fourth phase did not actually originate with Dr Gerald Pollack, who credits Sir Thomas Hardy dating back to 1912.

This interview with Graham Hancock ☝︎is a “user-friendly” way to understand what is the fourth phase of water and why it is important. They also talk about free energy.

Dr Gerald Pollack explains that when water is near a hydrophilic surface, its properties change, creating this “exclusion zone” (named by John Watterson). EZ water is created by infrared energy and so named because it excludes solutes, potentially becoming a “filter-less filter”.

This negatively-charged water becomes more ordered with a honeycomb structure. It also becomes more viscous and gel-like, two to three million molecular layers thick. His research showed that the “exclusion zone” increased with water purity and pH. He believes that water has memory.

In the interview, Dr Pollack shares that most of the water in our body is fourth phase water. It was already known that the water inside cells is gel-like. EZ water surrounds all healthy proteins in the body and with dehydration – a “strange landscape” – our muscles don’t work properly. He believes that juicing is beneficial for health because we are consuming what is essentially “plant cell water” to replenish our own cell water [16.50].

Dr Masaru Emoto’s Work

Water was also the life work of the late Dr Masaru Emoto. You may have seen the water crystals from his research. What he found was that water exposed to positive words such as “love and gratitude” and beautiful music formed complete symmetrical structures. The water subjected to negative expressions, on the other hand, created broken and malformed crystals.

People have done similar experiments with rice and apples.

When we extrapolate this, we can see how this is important, seeing we are made of up to 90% water. What kind of beliefs, attitudes, and judgements are we imprinting on ourselves and others? Or how are we transmuting elements and our environment?

berkey energizing water is a physical filter enough photo by tim-wright

The Berkey, and other good filters, are great. Clean water is high priority, today’s gold. A lack of safe drinking water and chronic dehydration, even where water is available, affect health on a global level.

The thing is, we aren’t always going to be getting Berkey’d or otherwise filtered water when we are out and about. When we grab a cup of tea or coconut latté, when we dine out, when we travel … the quality of the water can be questionable. Food for thought : Given the high stress of running a restaurant kitchen (yes we’ve all seen those shows), what kind of energy is imprinted onto our food?

Physical filters remove only physical contaminants. What about their energetic imprint and residue? Water has memory.

So how can we energize our water and food?

Offer gratitude & Bless Our Food

Legions of nameless faces get food to our table, probably in ways we may not even realize and likely under-appreciate. We can be grateful for just that, even before pondering the gift of the meal itself.

The act of saying grace is not confined to any one religion or to religions. Blessing our food and giving thanks is a powerful way to energize our water and food. It also brings us into a state of receptivity, reminding us of the grace that exists in the world.

Begin by giving thanks and blessing your food with sincerity.

Give it Love

Related to saying thanks is giving love to your water and food. We can write words on the containers or tape words and sayings such as “love and gratitude”, “joy”, “peace”, and “appreciation”. What about placing a sticker with your favourite positive words on a reusable and environmentally-friendly mug?

Vortex It

The spiral movement is found throughout nature.

Use a spoon to stir your water and other drinks to create a vortex. It’s said to raise the vibrations.

The vortex process both cleanses the layers and sensitizers them to receive only beneficial energies from the quantum field. If we leave our drinking water standing, it will deteriorate and might pick up undesirable energies. This is why it needs to be spun, or restructured, regularly.2

Energize with Crystals

Crystals are a great way to raise the vibrations of our water. You can choose from a stunning variety, such as shungite and rose quartz. Water bottles with crystal infusers are readily available online. You can also make your own. Be sure to research the crystals as not all are appropriate. Crystal elixirs are medicine.

Use a Subtle Energy Mandala

The quantum technology offered by Subtle Energy makes transforming our environment much easier and accessible. You can easily place your food or water onto a mandala. Why not try the Golden Proportion, or Elite Shungite? Or Adrenal Boost or the free Release Your Past?

Through our five senses, we perceive the world as material. As we know much of what we were taught is ever-evolving. Nothing is so solid and air is not so empty. So perhaps what we perceive as only physical is only one aspect of our reality?

Water is essential to life and water is a living entity. Our track record thus far with the environment has been less than stellar. While physical filters can remove many known contaminants, we are neglecting the energetic state of the water we consume. Thankfully there are many easy ways to start energizing our water. If it resonates with you, give it a go and witness your own lived experience.

1 Some studies about fluoride consumption –

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