Mikael King on the Unified Field, New Age Guru, Shadow Work, and Joy

Mikael King is a Sacred Sound facilitator and the founder of BreathLight who facilitates transformation through his global ministry, DivineJoy.org and BreathLight.net. His purpose is to awaken hearts to the absolute, embrace the shadow work, and guide people through life-enhancing experiences using sound, breath, movement, and tantric meditation.

At the core of what he does is the teaching on the zero point. A state in-between time and space, the unified field is Emptiness/Awareness, embracing duality with compassion but inherently it is a state that lies beyond egoic separation.

After his introduction to his work in February 2016, Mikael returned to Singapore to share his work in a deeper way in April. Before his Unified Field Soul-stice Tour return in mid-June to Gallery Helios in Singapore, we spoke to Mikael to find out more about his work.


Last time you were in Singapore, you did an intro to the unified field the first weekend, going deeper into sound and breath the second weekend. What’s next?


The next progression at Gallery Helios is a whole weekend introducing the Five Elements into the Unified Field Embodiment work. I will be offering a much more in-depth progression to the work introduced in April.

With the addition of ShamanEka Movement, Tantric Meditation, Cacao and Sound Ceremony with the BreathLight Experience and Unified Field Transmission, it will be a much more encompassing “Ritual + Resonance” weekend of embodiment and shamanic tantric practices.

The next step after this, we will be introducing the BreathLight Experience and include everything I share and facilitate via Sound, Somatic Movement, Tantric Meditation, Colour Therapy, Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, Imaginal Cell Writing Practices, Yogic Practices, Detox and Cleansing, Radiant Health Embodiment, and a whole lot more.

Flow 1.1 is a four night, five day Training Retreat that includes accommodations and a radiant healthy food plan. Participants in the training program will become totally self-empowered, and will learn tons of self-mastery tools to eventually facilitate what I be and do through DivineJoy and BreathLight Experiences in their own unique way.

Mikael King Sound Facilitator Divine Joy


What do people learn in this BreathLight training?


You go from being a participant who is receiving, activating, and learning how to embody this energy to an empowered human being who is choosing to stabilize the energy within yourself and become the living embodiment of the unified field wherever you are in every moment. Plus if you choose, you can begin to facilitate private and group sessions of BreathLight Experience.

It is very hands-on and experiential. It starts with yourself, then the other, then it goes into the group process. The entire facilitator training program can take up to one to two years, depending on the home practice that one accomplishes in between the three retreat modules.

Each individual, depending on their make up and personal story, learns how to hold the space for other people’s process and shadow traumas and also learns life-long tools on how to skillfully give, activate, awaken, empower, nurture, and nourish others. The Training is really giving you everything, including the grounded tools to help a soul’s evolution to progress and to further the deeper embodiment of these universal source energies rapidly coming into the earth plane right now.

I feel you learn the best when you have to hold space for someone else. You learn what’s happening with yourself.  All of sudden there is this reflective mirroring of your stuff by who you attract in the field, which is a hologram, an illusion, maya, that is going to test you on what you haven’t worked out yourself.  Or what you have been struggling with.

It’s one thing to receive, receive, receive, receive. Then you have to learn to give and you receive on a bigger level. You are seeing this person’s story on a deep psycho-emotional, psycho spiritual level. You are truly seeing. You are really beginning to see. That activates this self-full-filling empowerment desire to want to help other people to alleviate their suffering, pain body, traumatic stories attached to the pain body, victimhood, sexual abuse, etc…

That’s the evolutionary progression. It gets to a point where the role switches. This is a very shamangelic process, a post-modern shamanic empowerment process.

You have to be willing to hold space for all of consciousness, for the dark and the light. It’s going to come to you. It’s going to test you. It always does. It’s a natural progression of the deeper and furthering of the human awakening and embodiment process.

We all came here to become unique masters of the human game. And we all live in it and desire to thrive in it. But then once you thrive, one naturally desires to give back to simply serve the beloved unified field in everyone. This is the human soul’s evolutionary progression on Planet Earth…


Part of that progression is seeing the patterns…


When we sign up to be in these temporary human avatar bodies, it’s just a pattern of feeding. Everything is feeding on something. This is the shadow work to unveil the feeding and being-fed-upon patterns. This whole human game is about mastering it.

We first have a tendency to give away our soul power to the material financial matrix game. Then we initially awaken and ascend into the New Age game and after that, we realize that this too is just another game and maybe we go back into the material corporate game again or we go into another game within the greater human game story.

Some people get stuck in one game their whole lives but we all have to pass through these karmic thresholds of “gaming” imitation.

It is all unique to each individuals story or their own karma, if you will.

We have to self-journey through this enlightenment/lightworker new age archetype and then return full circle and embody our own personal self-realized truth. But then sometimes you realize you are back where you started and now you’ve got to walk the rungs of the ladder from the beginning.

Of course there are all these other side game trips as well, like many individuals choosing plant medicines these days and unfortunately these also can distort the path. Not all the time but a lot of the time.

My personal awareness is realizing the things I’m feeding on, from physical foods that are intricately linked back to the spiritual/emotional things that are feeding on me, going back to the things I need to feed on. It’s a full circuit sometimes. Once You realize you can’t feed on these things anymore, you awaken.

We call them attachments, addictions, and habits and they attract entities because they feed on your addictions and habits. They feed on your feeding and they can even influence how you feed and on what. If you are not aware and choose to stay unconscious, you will eventually be sucked dry and your life force separates and dies through the attraction of disease, illness, etc. These feeding patterns can be connected to intimate relationships, ancestors, peers, working environment, foods you eat, drugs you take, things you drink, thoughts you consistently think, who you have sexual relations with, and it goes on and on.


How do you deal with the feeders?


When you start witnessing the witness and observing the observer. At first you think you need to kill these things, rip them out, get them away. I think that’s one level – you kinda freak out. But I think that’s an important initiatory level of conscious spiritual warriorship for each individual to get autonomy and sovereignty from their karmic feeding patterns.

At another level, once you attain a unified field state of wisdom body, eventually a greater self-compassion unfolds in your awareness and you realize you don’t have to chop suey, cut the cords all the time. You can actually find greater heart-space in your compassion for all beings who are suffering, not just human beings, and assist that energy or entity to go back to the unified field, to return to source consciousness.

It’s like assisting your enemies and those who have been feeding on you into their own self-realization of their own evolutionary path. All of a sudden, you are uplifting everything through the expansion of Divine Truth, Love + Wisdom. The greatest masters turn base metals into gold, egoic darkness into infinite rainbow light, poison into an elixir. That’s multidimensional beloved heart compassion.


Your global ministry is called Divine Joy.


My whole thing is divine joy. People are like, “oh, you are such a New Age guy.” But when you really get to see my work and experience it, I’m a shadow worker.

It’s time to embrace one’s endarkment. Your shadows or fears or limitations carry all your secret powers. So if you can release judgement, unite with them, and become one with them, you become full empowered and embodied. You become the answer to everything.

I’m here to bring out the egoic shadow feeding patterns so we can love them back into the rainbow jewel light. I just disguise it like a happy meal. [Mikael laughs]

Everything in existence is divine and joy. It is a very expanded vibration. But if you really want to embody divine joy, and not just the little superficial joys, you’ve got to do the psycho-spiritual and psycho-emotional shadow work. If you can embrace your shadow or darkness, your light is going to be what it already is, immensely overflowing.

I think the whole lightworker moniker is bullsh*t. We don’t work on the light. The light simply is. The light shines and expands and is all-inclusive. You have to uncover and release everything that is holding back this infinite light, everything that is holding you back from who you really are.

That’s the real work. No one really wants to do that. It’s easier just to lock your fears, limitations, and skeletons from the past into the closet and lock the door. We all do that. But if you embrace the shadow, it gets easier. It gets fun. You embrace all your “sins.” You get lighter, not only spiritually, but lighter emotionally and physically too. Then DivineJoy becomes a tangible experience. It just happens as you do the work.


This work is obviously not for everyone at this time.


When the soul is ready, the soul will say, ”yes, I’m choosing you to assist me to fulfill my karma. I’m choosing you to fulfill my causation contracts for this lifetime.” And I am going to give you everything I’ve got and everything I know which in the macrocosm of the microcosm is very little. Because I really don’t know sh*t when it comes to the vast ocean of our meta-versal existence. But I do know some things from my personal evolutionary experience.

I’ve been through some heavy suffering and absolutely incredible DivineJoy experiences on this life journey so far in the last 20 years. Some day I will write a book about it.

But now I’m ready to really meet and connect with the people awakening in the matrix. They are the people who need it right now. My question is “How deep do you want to go, down the rabbit hole?” I’ll go as far as you want to go.


You were studying Tibetan Buddhism for many years. What was your most important lesson?


All those hours of sadhana practice was a personal dharmic devotion to my own self discipline.

I realized for those in my initial Tsanga (community) group who were doing it for egoic selfish reasons other than their own evolution, it caught up with them. They were still smoking and drinking, doing the practice, and then feeling better about their self-sabotaging addictions, because they were doing the practice just to balance their addictions. That was strange, to witness “spiritual materialism”. But for me, I opened my heart to my Rinpoche and the ancient vajranana lineage and just gave all to walk the path of the dharma.

When you traditionally take refuge in a spiritually realized teacher, you take the whole initiation ceremony and the Rinpoche is taking responsibility for all your karma and you are taking refuge underneath him and so he becomes your number one spiritual friend. That’s the western way of describing the guru. I wouldn’t be answering this question right now if I didn’t take refuge with the Rinpoche, going through what I went through. It’s definitely been the bedrock from where I share from and it shifted my awareness and embodiment of theUnified Field indefinitely.

I then travelled to the other colours of the rainbow, from the compassionate red of Tibetan Buddhism, to the gold of wisdom, to Sapoorna Hatha Yoga, to Hawaiian Huna, Maori Elders, to Peruvian Waykis, to Turkish Healers, Siberian Shamans, Druid High Priests, Powerful Sound Healers, Archangels and Ascended Masters of the unseen realms, and honestly I always come back to the core philosophies I experienced first-hand. I have a memory stream filled with it too, past karma, past causation, which is part of the unfolding process of enlightened heart sovereignty.


Why did you decide to leave Tibetan Buddhism?


I realized it was time for me to move beyond Tibetan Buddhism as a religion and that this life was not about becoming a lama or guru of Tibetan Buddhism.. All the messages and synchronicities were saying I was done with the religion that formed around Buddha’s awakening.

One of the big reasons was my partner at the time who was also into Tibetan Buddhism had these realizations of the guru game and although the text in Tibetan Buddhism is profound, there are also passages where the feminine is subservient to the masculine. It started affecting her and she was realizing that it was not adding up. For me I thought is was her karma, what she was dealing with. I was really strong with sticking to the dharmic path but when she decided to leave four months before I did, I also started realizing things were not adding up in some of the religious Buddhist texts and teachings.

Osho’s autobiography The Spiritually Incorrect Mystic changed my whole reality spectrum. It went beyond any “isms”, to move into direct connection. That was the beginning of the end for me with Tibetan Buddhism but what I garnered through that whole experience was that I learned to cut through my egoic material bullsh*t and dedicate my life to one path, with complete discipline. I absolutely learned discipline. I wasn’t disciplined before.


What was your life like before discipline?


Discipline was the hardest thing and it got me out of so many bad habits and addictions. At an early age I rebelled against my parents and society and I started smoking weed when I was 13. I stopped when I was 22. The marijuana was only the beginning and it led me to experimenting with many differing entheogens both natural and man-made.

Then I met Chohje Rinpoche when I was 22. The practice, the devotion, and the discipline cleared all that out of my field. It took three years. I would be in a certain type of vajranana practice and have a full on psychedelic trip because it was coming out of my cells. Literally. That’s what they say. They say anything like alcohol, psychedelics, narcotics, and tobacco lodges into your cells and actually penetrates through your cell walls. If you smoke for a year, it’s going to take you just as much time to get it out, even up to three years.


What do you feel are common obstacles for people?


I think the ego and the lack of trust in the true self.

There’s a strong contingent of victimhood that runs through every aspect of our society. We want the hero. We want the guru. It’s so easy to be in victimhood and it propagates this whole sub-archetypal theme of hero worship and villain, and this program that runs through every facet.

We self-sabotage and we are in self-denial. I think it all stems from fear. The fear of not being good enough. The fear of doing it wrong. The fear of being challenged to be more. The fear of change. The fear of the unknown. Eventually the fear of death. These are all totally valid fears, especially with just how quick society is right now, and how quick information is being exchanged. People don’t really know how to slow down and embrace the things that scare them when they are finally alone and have nothing to feed on nor be fed upon.


You are not a guru?


I’m universally responsible for me and you are universally responsible for you. You are not taking refuge under me. I am here to empower, enhance, and inspire human beings to thrive more fully in the unified field. I have no desire to be a guru.

We are the beloved eyes of the One and are all equal here. The next stage for our human evolution is the empowered collective avatar. A community of enlightened heart sovereign individuals who are choosing to thrive by example.

I reality-craft what I’m doing. I am sharing, facilitating, and giving as many tools that have worked for me but people have to choose to do that work. The hope and the prayer, and the intention, is that they can run, fly, and eventually expand on their own unified field track.


How else have you changed?


I feel I’ve learned to soften into heart vulnerability a lot over the years. I think I was more hardcore ego-challenging early on when I first began this Divine joy journey to facilitate, teach, and share. I had the sword out all the time, whereas now, there are deep pockets of laughter, allowing, embracing mine and others’ shadows with love and humour, and letting go of the expectation of how it will all play out.

I enjoy my service immensely because I see the transformations that happen from when participants arrive and when they leave. It’s like night and day. I keep showing up for this work because of what I experience when people embrace their shadow, accept their egoic duality, expand their awareness, and ultimately remember their own unified field love of the universe. It’s the mind-blowing gratitude they feel towards me and the work that keeps me going, keeps me showing up. It is what I feed on, ha ha!


What is the difference between the unified field and zero point?


It’s just semantics but the unified field includes all of it. If you want to get specific, the zero point energy is the center of the unified field “Tube Torus”, the tai-chi center of the yin yang.


Does that mean with access to the unified field, we have access to unlimited energy and we don’t, for example, fatigue?


That’s the theory. To put it into embodied practice is a whole other ballgame.

You have so much compacted unconscious emotional, chemical, psychological, psycho-emotional, psycho-spiritual, physical body imprints. And that is just from this life.

You can look at the unified field and the potential to “access unlimited energy” as a spiral. On the outer edge of the spiral, in an unconscious way, it’s much easier but one remains asleep, ignorant, and confused. Then all of the sudden we start the journey of awakening to the centre of our own personal unified field. Our own Universe of Infinity. We spiral and torque as we go closer and closer to the centre, to the zero point, eventually having an experience of zero point, zero now, zero presence. And then we must continue the journey to fully embody the zero point in every moment whilst also continuing outwards in the field and back in again.

It is never a stagnant thing. You cannot get to zero point and then say, “I have it, it’s mine forever”. If you attach yourself to this notion, you have already lost the spaciousness, the emptiness. You begin to grasp at the awareness of it, instead of just simply being it. But once you become one with it, it never ceases to provide you with all the soulutions to all existing relative dualistic problems. You are not able to stay stagnant anymore, you are vibrating with self-perpetuating existence through heart, body, speech, and mind.

We have to experience the unified field first and then we start doing the work to fully embody the center of it, the zero point. The full embodiment or balanced self-mastery of the zero point and the entire unified field is to me the Dzogchen, the Highest tantric teaching of Vajryanana, the rainbow diamond jewel path of the second Buddha Padmasabhava, the lotus born.

It is simply that you are, as you fully are, completely and utterly enlightened but you forgot and you keep forgetting what you already are. What you always have been.


How did you get introduced to this teaching?


It was at a Dzogchen mountain retreat with Venerable Chohje Rinpoche.

That was the highest quintessential teaching of my Rinpoche’s master Dudjom Rinpoche. So I got introduced to the zero point from the beginning. That for me was what imploded and exploded my heart. When I saw him, I was in tears, awakening my heart to the ancient-future lineage of all these masters.

For pretty much the whole intro session, because he started talking about Dzogchen and about his lineage and I knew all of them not logically speaking but inherently in my feelings, my emotional heart intelligence blew wide open. And they were all there, because they have already passed on into the neverending unified field. They were present when he started doing the Tibetan chanting and Lineage transmissions.

For me, I thought I’ve done this before and I’ve been with these masters before. I am home. This is it. This is the rainbow jewel diamond heart path. It’s all possible for all of us to attain, as those of us who have taken human avatar vessels.

We, embodied in the human avatar vessel, are of the middle realm. It’s one of the six bardo realms – God realm, demigod realm, human realm, animal realm, hungry ghost realm, and hell realm. It’s literally the middle, where we can rainbow bridge all the realms and choose to completely transcend all of them. It’s not the easiest path and yet, that’s why we have shown up here again to be fulfilled by what matters most, everything else cannot hold a candle to this rainbow diamond jewel beloved flame.

Once you experience the primordial clarity, emptiness, and perfectly infused rainbow light of awareness of the Unified “Dzogchen” Field and you begin truly remembering what you forgot, you can never go back to the lesser dualistic shades of grey

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