30 Days to Enlightenment with Beth Moses

Something happens when you meet with a challenge, like an illness or a divorce.

It can change the direction, and the conditions of your life. Depending on the depth of the challenge, you may encounter questions around pain, your own mortality, the meaning of it all, or simply what is health and overall well-being.

The symptoms make us honest, even if it is only with ourselves. We begin to understand who we are, maybe for the first time in our lives.

Sometimes in the process, or looking in hindsight, we come to understand that it is all well and good, and that something positive is birthed from what is deemed negative. And yes, shadows can emerge from what we call good as well.

One of the most important outcomes of such a journey is self-empowerment, and that I believe is what therapists, carers, doctors, counsellors, etc want for their clients and patients. This is why when I found the book It’s All Well & Good, I knew I was onto something. Created by Beth Moses, this book is meant to be interactive and fun, a resource to be tapped into, in the moment, because dealing with the pain in the moment is powerful and helps us refrain from retreating into denial.

It’s All Well & Good is easy to use and a pleasure to read. It helps people build on their techniques, exploring what works for them and for what. It is about getting in touch with what we already know, what is innate, and what has been lost to time and non-practice/non-belief. By regaining confidence in communicating with our body, we can re-activate the healer within. When we turn to ourselves first, we are more aware of when the body is coming out of balance and what we can do, as well as when we truly need outside help.

Going into its third edition, It’s All Well & Good has stood the test of time and continues its own evolution, being refreshed as the consciousness of people increases around health and self-empowerment.

Join Beth August 1 as she leads us through her 30 Days to Enlightenment. This is the second part of her book and she is sharing it publicly on her website – www.BethMoses.com.

This is a real treat! The 30 Days to Enlightenment is fun and contemplative. It is about coming back to self, and learning to recognize, appreciate, and honour the rhythms of who we are. 30 Days is not a solemn process though serious change can be engendered.

I hope you will join us as we journey to more self-awareness, abundance, and well-being in the month of August! (Feel free to jump in at any time and leave your observations in the comments section of Beth’s blog.)

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