Learning about My Open Root Centre

Have you ever wondered why we feel pressured to act in the moment? For me, part of this is from my open root centre. I reconnected with Human Design recently and has been delving into it with renewed curiosity, fascination, and exploration. Here I’m sharing my personal experience.

The truck is parked. I’m sitting outside the grocery store, with a mental list to tick off. This is why I am here, shopping for dinner. Why am I still sitting in the truck? I don’t feel the energy has arisen. The time-space current has yet to arrive. So I sit. I wait. And I trust.

We are so conditioned to be a certain way, to be productive, to be busy and doing, even if just appearing so. Some of us with an open root centre feel this need to “perform” just to be relieved of the pressure. Because many of us haven’t learned to sit with discomfort. Without awareness of these mechanics, we can move too fast or too soon and do too much. Rushing in often can mean missing some detail and having to go back and re-do. Pulled out of our natural rhythm, when we do not listen to our response, we are forfeiting life force to incorrect ventures and relationships.

Who else hasn’t lined up their day with errand after errand, focused on getting them done as quickly as possible? Even if this means driving around town like a crazed person.

As I sit in the truck, I notice my breathing. I feel my body and the energy flowing through it. Today I don’t feel the pressure to go. I’m sitting with someone with a defined root centre and so I feel more anchored. He feels relaxed, understanding right timing and correct response. This is the way he moves through the world, recognizing energy and frequency. If he were stressed and not dealing well, as an open root centre, I’d be feeling it and amplifying the pressure. Good to know, right? It’s mechanics, not personal. So we sit until we feel the moment arrives.

Rushing around is strong conditioning. He relates an example of what happens when he relaxes into this being. One time when he realized he was rushing around, he decided to sit in his truck and listen to the rest of the song playing on the radio. In those two minutes, a friend he hadn’t seen in ages showed up and they got to reconnect.

If I had followed that constant impulse to rush, I would have missed that connection. We could all slow down a little in this rushed world!

Wade Pajares, Human Design Guide and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Wisdom of the Open Root Centre

Being an open root centre, it is about learning that I don’t have to take action on this restless energy or buckle to the pressure to act. I can simply allow the wave to move in, through, and out and know not to act from that space. I focus on my breathing, stepping back to witness the energy as a wave. Holding my fingers, beautiful Jin Shin Jyutsu self-care, harmonizes my systems. I may hermit, enjoying stillness and my aura in my own cave. I also take time to discharge and recharge and drop judgments around “laziness.” Over time, people with open root centres learn to differentiate between helpful and unhelpful pressures and merely observe the adrenaline energy. Then correct action is speedy and productive.

(Your Human Design Bodygraph shows any hanging gates you may have which then shows what specific pressures you may feel. Gate 58 is about fixing and Gate 38, finding purpose. A reading with an experienced HD Guide will reveal the depths of your design and how to live from your authority and strategy. More details.)

As a Manifesting Generator, it is also my lesson to learn to be patient and to respond, rather than initiate. Be patient and not feel things are not moving fast enough for me. And trust, trust that I can relax and allow life to bring what I desire. As I respond, life will show up in rhythms that guide me forward and onward.