Inspirational Words from Dr Zach Bush

Dr Zach Bush is a thought leader in microbiome and is specialized in hospice care, internal medicine, and endocrinology. He has shared tremendously about health and food systems and is focused on showing why and how to move away from our current disease- and treatment-based healthcare. This past year many people have discovered Dr Zach Bush and his passion and clarity around helping people make better health and life choices.

With the Global Health Education Initiative, Dr Zach Bush is offering along with many colleagues the latest instalment – The Heart: Understanding the Vascular System, Resilience, and Repair. This is a free event that looks at the vascular system, which is of great interest currently because of the coronavirus. The topics include cholesterol’s role, effects of statin, and impact of current mRNA technology.

In this article I wanted to share an excerpt of the welcome/intro from Dr Zach Bush. We can benefit to remember that we are indeed a quantum miracle and that the body knows. Trust the body. We connect in and we listen. If you have suffered trauma or deep conditioning and programming forces, it may be beneficial to explore options to feel safe in your body. Or approaches to listening to the body for major decision making. Some suggestions include somatic experience, TRE®, Nutripuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, tapping, EMDR, homeopathy, Quantum Biofeedback, HeartMath… Human Design is a radically different approach to how we are designed to make decisions that are correct for us.

[the following is transcribed and may contain errors. Here’s the link to watch the webinar replay of Dr Zach Bush and his colleagues in The Heart: Understanding the Vascular System, Resilience, and Repair. ]

From Dr Zach Bush

I want you to acknowledge the fact that you are here, and you are a miraculous being. 70 trillion cells working in concert to create this moment of health. That you have the consciousness and the intellectual capacity to listen to another human being. You’re here.

Scan your body. Take some deep breaths right now. Where are you carrying stress, where are you carrying fear? Where’s that tension? Exhale that tension. Let it drop away. … you are the most complicated scientific laboratory ever devised. 70 trillion cells are assessing their environment every second, millions of times a second. Sensing the environment around it, reacting to it, modifying it, adapting, healing, regenerating.

You are not only the most extraordinary laboratory ever developed; you are the most extraordinary therapeutic cornucopia of options and treatment ever devised. Every cell in a constant state of regeneration and repair at a speed that is dumbfounding. Speed at which hormonal and redox signalling happens through communication networks through the body are measured in millionth of a second. Every millionth of a second, your body is in a regenerative state, repairing, healing.

This is what I now have trust in as a physician. I have no faith or trust in what I know because it is a tiny fraction of the truth that lies within the complexity of your body. You are of an intelligent design that boggles the minds of scientists and physicians around the world and defies any of our computer capacity to calculate the sheer complexity of any given millionth of a second within your body.

When any physician, scientist, or regulatory body or NGO or anybody shows up and tells you they know what’s going on in your body, know that they are wrong. They may have a theory as to what’s going on. They may have a glimpse into a small part of what’s going on within you. But nobody knows how you exist right now.

It’s too beautiful. It’s too complex and it needs to be trusted.

And so if you learn anything from me is that I know nothing. You learn anything from any of us, it should be that we stand in awe as scientists and physicians of the beauty of human life that we all chose to be here. There are ancient souls that are showing up in bodies around the world right now. That’s my experience as a physician, as a hospice doctor sitting at the end of life for so many patients.

I watch life restart, rebirth, in those moments that we call death. We have an energetic centre that is continuous, cannot be destroyed and it steps in these physical bodies for a moment in time to express a particle moment of energetic expression of life. And that is you. You are, you are a particle expression of an energetic force of life within you. This sense of solidity, the solid state of your hand, or your face, is the result of a quantum miracle. This particle appearance of waveforms, energetic waveforms, life force that are expressed for a moment as a particles in every millionth of a second and you show up as a physical being. An expression of a much deeper and a much more true energetic being, a light being. And that light particle phenomenon that is both a wave and a particle at the same time is that truth Einstein uncovered.

As we wrap our heads around relativity and quantum physics we find out that you are a quantum miracle. You are an expression of something much greater than any physical nature ever described or witnessed.

So trust that.

So when somebody tells you that you need a drug or you need some sort of technological intervention to be healthy, you should question that immediately. And you should go deep into this quantum miracle that is your body and ask the questions to yourself. And trust the answers that come out. And if in that trust you find, yes, that technological thing is what I want to reach for right now, I understand it’s not a solution, it’s a bandaid, it’s something, maybe it’s just a hope, and if I need that hope right now and I’m going to reach for that technology and I hope that it works, acknowledge that it’s a hope, it’s not a science, it’s not a truth, it’s not a thing, it’s something you’re believing in, that’s okay. As long as it’s coming from within. The whole concept of health, freedom, is around your integrity and intuitive nature.

These are radical times. We are called to listen to our body and make the decision that is correct for us. As Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle is reminding us – “this moment that humanity is living through can be considered a door or a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the door is yours. Do not underestimate the spiritual dimension of this crisis. Adopt the perspective of an eagle that sees everything from above with a broader vision.”

What do you choose? And how are you engaging with your brothers and sisters? As Dr Zach Bush reminds us, we are all a quantum miracle and we have all chosen to be here. Together we make up the totality; consciousness evolves through us, each of us.