How to Make Shungite Water

Water is essential to life. What about the quality? It definitely varies depending on where you are in the world. The sources of water, the methods of disinfection, whether fluoride is added, the distribution system – these all matter. Even if we filter our water, is there a way to increase its healing quality? Yes, if you use Shungite water. Let’s see why and how to make Shungite water.

If you’ve been to a wellness fair, you’ve probably seen on offer shungite pyramids, shungite pendants, shungite chips… Shungite is an amazing stone. Some call it “miracle stone.” An ancient stone, it is found in Russia where it’s known for water purification.  Shungite is also powerful for protection, for EMF and other negative energies.

In the mid 1990s, a special carbon-based molecular formation called fullerenes was discovered, earning Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold W. Kroto, and Richard E. Smalley the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Fullerenes are the most powerful antioxidants known. Antioxidants protect us from excessive levels of free radicals which cause DNA and tissue damage.

Because of its structure, Shungite also neutralizes substances such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds and kills bacteria and viruses.

The Three Types of Shungite

Shungite is classified as Type I (Elite or Noble Shungite), Type II (Black Shungite), and Types III (Gray Shungite). Elite or Noble Shungite contains the most carbon (as high as 98%) and also the most fullerenes. Accounting for about 1%, Type I Shungite is the rarest, and therefore most expensive.

It is best to use either Type I or II to make healing water. Because quality varies, be sure to test before consuming. For example, after cleaning your Shungite, you can place them in water for 48 to 72 hours to see if the water remains clear. If the water becomes dirty, the Shungite is of low grade or may contain other crystals. Instead use it for its other healing and protective qualities, such as placing it near sources of EMF to transmute this energy.

How to Make Shungite Water

Infusing water with Shungite is an easy way to enjoy the health benefits of this powerful stone. Depending on the size and concentration of Shungite and infusion time, Shungite water can be acidic. (You can use pH strips to test.) For health, it’s best to drink water with pH of 7.2 to 7.3.

Ana Satya of Crystal Healing for Women suggests placing 8 to 12 pieces of Elite Noble Shungite per gallon of water in a glass jar for a minimum of four to six hours. You can prepare your Shungite water before going to bed so it’s ready for the next day for drinking. If you are using Type II or regular Black Shungite, use 50 to 200 grams per litre of water. Again you can use pH strips to check its alkaline level.

Do we need to clean the Shungite? You can use a brush to gently scrub off the dust as Ana Satya suggests. You can also put them under running water. Ana Satya uses filtered water; however if you do not, it’s best to clean the Shungite pieces every few months, depending on your water quality. You can also place them in sunlight.

Proper hydration is essential to health. Water is one of the best six doctors and ensuring good quality can be as easy as using Shungite crystals to purify our tap water. Depending on where you are, water quality can contain chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical residues, microorganisms, and even rust from old pipes. Making Shungite water is easy to do and Shungite can be purchased online and at shops that sell crystals or water purification equipment. Be sure they are reliable sources.