Hydration : The Key to Making Your Body Run Optimally

Our body is approximately 70% water and the importance of hydration cannot be understated. Barbara Wren writes in her book Cellular Awakening about the essentiality of hydration for health and consciousness.

External stress is seen in the body as dehydration, and dehydration further increases internal stress.  It is not surprising then that despite how much fluids we take in, there is still a degree of dehydration in most people in today’s world. To worsen the situation, people are generally sleeping less and less well, compromising the body’s natural rebalancing processes. Taking care to address hydration needs and stress levels is essential to health.


The deeper the level of dehydration, the deeper and more serious the disease.

Barbara Wren, Cellular Awakening

The Role of Hydration

Hydration helps to keep correct the polarity and charge of the cell membrane. Dehydration leads to the production of cholesterol which is transported to the cell membrane to buffer against further water loss. Increasing the middle (lipid) layer decreases the cell’s permeability and thereby impairs the movement of electrolytes. The charge of the cell’s interior is altered over time as a result. Dehydration has a knock off effect on all our systems.

It is through cellular exchange that toxic load is released. Dehydration depresses this function. The key is to first rehydrate, before overloading with medication or remedies, allopathic or alternative. Otherwise the information of the treatment is lost, while overwhelming the body with additional stress and further dehydration.

Hydration Key to Health

So what makes us dehydrated?

Aside from taking sufficient fluids, we must look at the sources of stress in our lives. Emotional stress and unresolved emotions are often overlooked. According to the Institute of HeartMath, it is from the emotional sphere that we leak most of our energy. We live our lives, communicate, make decisions, and connect with others against a constant background of emotions that we are not always aware of.

Environmental stress such as the soundscape and electromagnetic interference also puts additional pressure on the body. We live in an unseen electromagnetic field created from the multitude of electronic devices, cellular towers, etc. Turning off our wifi and using effective harmonizing tools such as Biogeometry can help.

Another way to look at our diet is whether it is potassium-dominant. Sodium and calcium move from the extracellular fluid into the cell during the day, displacing potassium and magnesium. At night, the inverse occurs. This is the natural rebalancing process that takes place, a process that is compromised due to dehydration, for example. Having more potassium (from vegetables) helps support this process and thereby the proper charge and polarity of the cell membrane.

There are indeed numerous sources of stress. It is unrealistic to believe we can eliminate them all. Being aware, attentive, and present helps us better deal stress in our lives. Anything that deepens our fear expands our stress and therefore the level of dehydration. How do you deal with fear?

Dr Masaru Emoto’s Work with Water

The late Dr Emoto’s groundbreaking work has shown that water holds and responds to vibrations. His research demonstrates that distilled water exposed to positive and negative words crystallize into very different structures. Water given positive messages and words such as love formed beautiful and symmetrical crystals as opposed to the broken and distorted crystals from water given negative words such as hate and war.

As the body carries a lot of fluid, the question is what vibrations are we sending with our internal messages and self-talk? The thoughts and feelings we have while we eat, cook, communicate, etc make a difference to our state of well-being.

Switching off the Dehydration Alert

When we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated. With mild dehydration, we can restore balance by replenishing with fluids and electrolytes.


The colon is the organ that registers whether the body is hydrated or not, and it is within this organ that we can technically turn off the dehydration alert within the body.


We can do this by increasing hydration through diet by increasing vegetable and fluid intake. For most people, going gluten-free and dairy-free is necessary. Yoghurt, butter, and ghee may be do-able. As red meat is acid forming, its removal can greatly alleviate stress on the digestive system and body.

Proper food combining such as eating fruit alone and not eating animal protein and carbs together is another effective way to reduce stress. Having mono meals (made with one ingredient), especially at night, is another strategy.

Clean foods that are organically or biodynamically grown help increase the vibrations and the absence of serious pesticides lessen the burden and stress on the body.

Other dietary changes to try include eating the biggest meal earlier in the day and not eating after dark. Consider that the stomach meridian energy is most active from 7-9AM. Following natural rhythms and cycles support innate health.

In Cellular Awakening, the three stages of treatment are outlined with plentiful examples and guidance and provide a holistic approach to turning off the dehydration alert. Hydration and dehydration alert are explained in greater details that can deepen understanding of cellular awakening.


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