Free Radicals and How to Reduce Them Naturally

By now, you’ve probably read about free radicals and how they cause damage and aging and the magic of antioxidants. If you haven’t heard of either, find out what free radicals are and how to reduce them naturally.

According to Dr Norm Shealy, keeping the level of free radicals low is one of the ways to increase longevity. In Life Beyond 100, he writes that we can add 13 years to our healthspan by keeping DHEA levels healthy, calcitonin levels optimal, or reducing these metabolic chemicals. That’s 39 more years when we do all three!

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are unstable because they are missing an electron. They therefore scavenge the body’s tissues to find that electron for stability. This action starts off a chain reaction and more free radicals are created. Like an apple turning brown, this oxidation occurs on the cellular level. In this process, protein and DNA structures can be modified and cellular membranes, lipids, and enzymes can also be damaged.

Free radicals are the by-products of normal metabolic processes, as well as exposure to radiation and environmental pollutants. Other sources of free radicals include stress, overtraining, smoking, and poor diet.

Oxidative stress is what is believed in western science to cause aging. Its effects are found in all organs and therefore plays a role in a variety of conditions. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and infertility, for example. The body naturally produces antioxidant enzymes to neutralize free radicals.  This includes the master antioxidant Glutathione. We can also enjoy antioxidant benefits from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables. They are sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin A, beta-carotene, and bioflavonoids.

What may not be as well-known is that cellular oxidants also play a role in protective reactions. Free radicals are used by white blood cells, for example, to eradicate bacteria and damaged cells. Antioxidant supplements therefore may not be desirable, especially in high doses. Enjoying an antioxidant-rich diet, dealing appropriately with stress, and minimizing other lifestyle and environmental sources of free radicals are a healthier and holistic way to reduce free radicals naturally and to manage the free radical – antioxidant balance.

Another way is the Ring of Crystal. Dr Norm Shealy found that free radicals are reduced by about 80% in about 80% of individuals after just a few days of stimulating the Ring of Crystal, a sequence of 13 acupressure points.

What is the Ring of Crystal?

Dr Shealy began discovering these circuits in the body consisting primarily of acupressure points that he called sacred rings. Each of these rings naturally increases an important hormone or other longevity and health-enhancing function.

The Ring of Crystal is for regeneration and the balancing of our energetic system. According to Dr Shealy, stimulation of the Ring of Crystal is the best way to reduce free radicals. The Ring of Crystal consists of the following points, some of which are bilateral, existing on both sides of the body or on the midline of the body. Starting with Spleen 4 in the foot, we can stimulate through massage or tapping each acupressure point, ending at the top of the head at Governing Vessel 20.

Spleen 4

Located on the feet, we can find Spleen 4 on the inside, at the bottom of the long bones of the big toe.

Gall Bladder 30.5

When standing, run you fingers out from the bottom of your butt muscles, back to the front of the thighs. When halfway, GB 30.5 is at the centre of the femurs.

Conception Vessel 8.5

The Conception Vessel runs down the front of the body. This point is located about 1/2″ above your belly button

Conception Vessel 14.5

This is at the centre of the bottom of the breastbone.

Governing Vessel 4.5

The Governing Vessel is along the spine. This point is directly behind Conception Vessel 8.5.

Governing Vessel 7.5

This is directly behind Conception Vessel 14.5.

Conception Vessel 23

Unlike the other points, do not tap or massage Conception Vessel 23. Instead, pinch and twist the skin. This is located at the top of where the Adam’s apple is or would be.

Governing Vessel 14.4

This is directly behind Conception Vessel 23 on the back of the neck.

Gall Bladder 7

Gall Bladder 7 is located in front of the ears, where they join the scalp.

Governing Vessel 20

This is at the top of the skull.


Ring of Crystal Free Radicals and How to Reducing Them Naturally for Rejuvenation

Free radicals are created from life processes and have a protective function. When they accumulate, however, and when the free radical-antioxidant balance is disrupted, oxidative stress and damage can cause all sorts of problems and unhealthy states.

We can minimize the sources of free radicals including exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins such as pesticides and second-hand smoke. By eating the rainbow colours of fruits and leafy vegetables, we can ramp up antioxidant levels as well. For a variety of reasons, these approaches to rejuvenation may not be effective. Access to organic nutrient-dense food may be limited to many people. This is why using the Ring of Crystal can be the best approach for everyone to reduce free radical levels naturally.

Dr Shealy’s Ring of Crystal is 13 acupressure points. We can freely tap or massage these points. We can also invest in one of his tools to stimulate them or use the Crystal Bliss Oils. His research shows significant decreases in free radical levels after just a few days of stimulation! By minimizing free radicals, we can promote rejuvenation and add a decade to our health span and longevity. Give the Ring of Crystal a try and reduce your free radicals naturally.