Feeling Great with the Moon

With Feeling Great With the Moon, Irene Lauretti has combined Astrology and Jin Shin Jyutsu as a guide to activate our cosmic energies. As a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner who also loves astrology, I was excited to receive this book from fellow practitioner Irene to find out how she’s presenting these complex and encompassing concepts. As I was reading, I pondered how best to share what this book is about, especially to readers new to Astrology and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

So I’m starting with this saying from Mary Burmeister who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu from Japan to the West. “I am my own testimony.”

I am my own testimony

Theories, studies, and even other people’s feedback can float an idea. Who hasn’t gone out to buy this gadget or try that restaurant because of friends’ reviews? It is ultimately our own lived experience that matters. How does a practice bring greater alignment, clarity, presence, and [fill in the blank] in my own life?

My recommendation with Feeling Great with the Moon is to simply start. Find out what zodiac sign the moon is in and flip to the relevant page for that zodiac sign and follow what’s written for it. And start feeling great with the moon.

The general idea is that as the moon journeys around the earth, she passes through the 12 zodiac signs, opening each of these cosmic gates. This enables spiritual light to physically manifest here on the earth plane. By tapping into this vibration, we can more easily anchor in our Higher Self and co-create our reality more consciously through our Soul.

Check our Irene’s Moon Forecast on her website www.IreneLauretti.com. This includes a brief description and a page reference for what to do.

With this week’s Full Moon eclipse, the moon is still in Leo. What a powerful eclipse it was! How did you feel with the moon?

To activate the cosmic gates, we can use what she calls the “tools of your Soul” or the organ flows relating to each of the zodiac sign. For Leo, it is the Heart Function Energy. Activating this cosmic gate helps us be in touch with who we are. When we are living from our true heart’s desires, we no longer dissipate energy trying to be something/someone else. Leo’s mantra is “I radiate LOVE!” Roar to the Universe who you are.

In Feeling Great with the Moon, Irene also provides a flow path diagram. From it, we can see the areas of the body each flow helps. For the Heart Function Energy,  the flow path goes through the eyes and brain and so this organ flow also helps these areas.

Other tips include:

  • activating the cosmic gate opposite to the current one. For Leo, it is Aquarius, through the Gallbladder Function Energy.
  • harmonizing the element and the related depth (a Jin Shin Jyutsu concept about different vibrational levels). Leo and Virgo are part of the 5th Depth which is the Fire Element. (Note: This is the element of the cosmic gate, not of the individual zodiac sign. Leo is a fire element and Virgo is an earth element sign.)
  • massaging the Soul Gate. The Leo Soul Gate is located at the top of the head.
  • working with the musical key. Leo is A sharp major.
  • trying the preferred movement and physical exercise
  • working with the energy of the cosmic gate

After the Leo Cosmic Gate comes the Virgo Cosmic Gate, which we open through the vibration of the Small Intestine Function Energy. The Moon is in Virgo for approximately 2 days, giving us a wonderful opportunity to experience the cosmic-body connection through the 5th Depth with the Heart and Small Intestine Function Energy.

As you work with this book, you’ll be drawing from the deep wisdom of Jin Shin Jyutsu. If you are new to art of healing and living, you will encounter concepts such as Depths, organ flows, and Safety Energy Locks may be new to you. Irene explores these ideas and the many relationships within Jin Shin Jyutsu with illustrations.

The Moon and Cosmos are what they are…6 depths and 12 gates, expressing themselves as 12 organ keys in our body.
Irene Lauretti

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a lifelong study; take your time to sit with the material. There are many ways to work with what’s shared in this book. Previously unseen relationships continue to be revealed to longtime students. Allow the wisdom to unfold and observe the cosmic nature within your own nature. For more information you can refer to A Touch of Healing or take a Self-Help or 5-day workshop.

Your level of understanding these ideas will not take away from the benefits. Getting stuck in the theory, however, may hold up an amazing avenue to well-being and creation.

With each activation, you will embody more light within your body. Observe how you feel each day and after one lunary cycle. Be your own testimony.

Feeling Great with the Moon is a book for our times, melding east and west philosophies, focusing on our own unique lived experience and anchoring more Spirit in our body to co-create. This book is a gateway for more people to receive the beauty and wisdom of Jin Shin Jyutsu and to feel the experience of the zodiac signs.