Facial Marma Therapy

As we all know, the only constant in life is CHANGE1. Life is flow and everything is in motion. That includes our life force. Prana. Qi. Ki. When we disrupt flow, we burden our system and its inherent efficiency is compromised. We can do this by eating over the limit of what our liver can process. Or it can be excessive emotion, including “too much” joy. What about EMF?

In our modern society, we love our technology. It has made life super convenient. Too convenient, some would argue. With these benefits also come downsides, especially if we are not being responsible about it.

No one would dispute that in developed areas we are bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies and radiation. We cannot see it and many people cannot feel it. This “synthetic prana” disrupts our natural flow and can cause many health concerns for the pineal gland, brain electrical impulses, melatonin production, and the heart, to name a few. We too are an electromagnetic system.

When we live in the mountains or by the sea, the levels of negative ions help us to discharge. Regular digital detox and good habits are also helpful. This includes turning off your wifi and getting wired up as much as possible, removing electronics from the bedroom, ensuring you are not using your smartphone near your children’s heads, minimizing your own time on mobile phones, going on airplane mode when not using your phone, and getting some physical distance from devices. For more suggestions on EMF, here are some articles.

Cutting off our use completely or going off grid may work for some people. So what can the rest of us do?

Try Facial Marma Therapy for EMF/EMR protection! In Tathaastu magazine2 Ayurvedic practitioners and teachers Vaidya RK Mishra and Yogini Sarita-Linda Rocco explain what marmas are and how a simple practice can help us balance pranic flow and protect against EMF/EMR.

What are Marmas?

There are 107 marmas in the human body that can be divided into five classes. These are the 11 Mansa-Marmas (vulnerable muscle-joints), 41 Shira-Marmas (similar veins, anastomosis), 27 Snayu-Marmas (vital ligament-unions), 8 Asthi-Marmas (bone-unions), and 20 Sandhi-Marmas (vulnerable joints).3

As vortices of prana, marmas receive energy, purifying and supplying it to the whole body. As all marma points connect to the heart lotus, electromagnetic frequency or this “synthetic prana” moving along our nadis disrupt the vibrations of the heart. Because marmas are where the subtle and physical bodies come together, using Marma Therapy helps to address our challenges on multiple levels.

The Marma Points for EMF/EMR Protection

Facial Marma for EMF/EMR Protection

Use the photo as a guide to locate your marma points. As each face is unique, your specific location may vary from this guide. Look for a gentle “dip” on the skin surface. Some tenderness and even soreness may be experienced.

Using a light touch with your ring finger, slowly make circles either either 7, 14, or 21 times on each marma point in the order shown. Circles are counterclockwise when working on the left side and clockwise on the right. Take a pause after each marma point and take a few cleansing breaths. Try this every day.

(This also helps as a natural facelift!)

What do each of these marma point mean?

According to Vaidya RK Mishra, the 12 marma points for this practice help with relaxation, coordination, release of emotional stress, and more. See the chart below for more information, based on the information from his website.

Marma Point What It Helps With
1 Sthapani Turns the mind inward by balancing between the senses and the mind
2 Anja Connects the light of the soul (satwa) and the dwelling house of the soul (Bhramrandhra). The Bhramrandhra is the soft spot on an infant’s head, and the doorway through which it is believed the soul enters and departs from the body.
3 Apanga Improves eye-mind coordination and relaxes the eyes
4 Shanka Relaxes the eyes that may have diminished as a result; removes stress
5 Urdhwa Adho Karna Both 5A and 5B relax the mind
6 Phana Helps to open and support the ida and pingala nadis4
7 Urdhwa Austha Enhances the flow of prana to the lips and the oral cavity
8 Adho Austha Enhances the flow of prana to the lips and the oral cavity
9 Madhya Austha Supplies prana to the lips
10 Chibuk Supplies prana to the jaw and nourishes nerves to the eyes, ears, and brain
11 Madhya Chibuk same as Chibuk
12 Kanth A reservoir of prana that can be activated to provide additional life force to the head and the heart. This is an exchange point for prana between the head and the rest of the body. Emotional stress and lots of toxins can be held here and this is a powerful marma point to work with.

1 More songs about Changes here.
2 Tathasastu. July – August 2012. Volume 6. No.4.
3 https://www.wisdomlib.org/hinduism/book/sushruta-samhita-volume-3-sharirasthana/d/doc142885.html
4 Nadis are a network of channels through which prana travels. The root word nad means “flow” or “vibration”. The 72,000 nadis nourish every cell in the body. The sushumna nadi passes through the seven primary chakras, running from the base of the spine all the way to the crown. Spiralling around are the ida and pingala nadis, which all meet at the anja chakra located between the eyebrows. This article by James Bailey for The Yoga Journal gives a fantastic explanation and insight into this vast topic.