Energy Medicine : Dr Emoto’s Research shows How It Works

You may be familiar with Dr Emoto because of his research using water crystals. What many may not know is how this energy medicine works. Thoughts and emotions are energy and we can improve and enhance our health and wellbeing by choosing their quality.

In The True Power of Water, Dr Masaru Emoto writes about hado medicine. Or energy medicine. He explains that hado is subtle energy, the vibrations that all entities have. This includes thoughts, such as those absorbed by water which then formed different crystal structures depending on the energy of these thoughts.

Because every cell and each part of the body has its own vibrations, understanding this principle is momentous for being well.

When these native frequencies are disturbed, the body’s orchestra goes out of balance. The cells can also become entrained to external ones that may or may not be positive for the person. Because hado is a wave, unfavourable hado can be neutralized with one that is opposite. The valleys of a wave cancelling the peaks and the peaks the valleys.

What Dr Emoto and his trained practitioners did was measure a person’s hado with a specialized machine. The person then drinks water infused with correcting frequencies. The water carries these frequencies into the cells and into the subatomic particles. While we may not have access to these practitioners or the machine, Dr Emoto’s research has yielded useful information we can use to increase our wellbeing.

Raising Vibrations With Emotions

Dr Emoto, for example, found a correlation between emotions and different parts of the body. See if this corresponds to your own experiences. If so, try accessing the healing emotions suggested.

Emotion of IllnessHado of IllnessOrgans Resonating with EmotionCancelling Emotions
LonelinessSenile DementiaHippocampusPleasure
GrudgeSkin UlcerationSkinGratitude
WorryStiff ShouldersCervical NervesBe easy going

Interestingly, Dr Emoto found that “the frequency of the hippocampus’s disturbed vibration resonated with the frequency of the aluminium’s vibration.” ¹ We know everything has its frequencies. We can resonate with viruses, for example, through our emotions. Many practitioners work with this principle by using high vibrational substances such as rose essential oil to raise someone’s frequencies.

Dr Emoto has also found that positive information, such as “love and gratitude”, are protective from electromagnetic waves. ² This is why Dr Emoto advocated a gratitude-based positive mindset. Tuning into beneficial energies is also a foundational principle of BioGeometry. We live with so many kinds of energy – what will you choose? This is an easy way to practice energy medicine.

Raising Vibrations With Food

Dr Emoto’s studies included hado measurements for a variety of foods. Some of these are shown below. Note the scale goes to 21. Negative values were also found. Based on this information beef is not recommended if you suffer from depression and try to minimize or avoid pork, broiler meat, liver, and egg if you are suffering from stress.

FoodHado for immunityHado for “anti-stress”Hado for immunity for “anti-depression”
Maitake Mushroom+21+21+16
Raw Wakame Seaweed+20+21+21
Pine Nut+21+21+21
Pumpkin Seed+18+18+18

They say energy medicine is the future. Working with energy through emotions and food, however, is not new. Dr Emoto’s research has shown that these vibrations are measurable and can help us restore our natural harmony through being present with our emotions and what we consume physically. His work has also reminded us the power of thought. The choice of how we want to live our lives is ours, through the quality of our thoughts, emotions, and what we allow within.

1 The True Power of Water. Masuru Emoto. Translated by Noriko Hosoyamada. Atria Books, 2003. p.91
2 Ibid., p119.

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