End of Summer

August 23, according to the 24 Solar Terms calendar, marks the end of the hot summer. Until September 8, when we begin to transition to the fall, this period is called Limit of Heat. As you may realize, this is a general timeline. Not all geographical regions enter into the seasons at the same time. Traditionally, this is the busy season for harvest.

Like all transitional time, we get a mix of varying temperatures. During this time, we get cooler mornings and evenings. I’ve noticed how the nights are definitely cooler and I snuggle under my light comforter a little more. It is a time when some people get sick more easily. They are unaware of the inner changes and some experience “autumn fatigue” more than others. The Yang energy is decreasing and yin energy is increasing. Yin is receptive and passive, rather than strategic and active.

Are you tired and not sleeping well?

Learn Your Sleeping Type

The 24 Solar Terms is a nice little reminder to look up and pay close attention to our bioform. Is the body’s needs changing? Is the mind still somewhere else? How is the end of summer, end of heat, feeling for you?