Breathing Deeper, Breathing Together

With the global crisis, many of us are holding our breath, rather than breathing deeper. Are you waiting for the world to “return to normal”, for the other shoe to drop, for the economy and travel to open up, or?

“Conspire” comes from the words meaning to “breathe together”. Right now, there is confusion, uncertainty, and a deep fear in the world to breathe together. Many have forgotten to breathe, or are only doing so very shallowly. Contraction happens when we are scared, anxious, or otherwise uncomfortable. Breathing shallow is a habit we don’t often realize we have. Breathing just into the upper parts of our lungs helps us not to feel into our body, to feel our emotions. Energy and life force is not being invited into the whole body, connecting top and bottom, heaven and earth. We are moreover missing important signals. We need to be breathing deeper.

So many people across the world are isolated and separated from loved ones, feeling heightened financial pressures. Are you feeling angry, frustrated, baffled? There is a deep division and we have stopped listening to each other, to their experiences, perspectives, and research. By now, it is clear that we can find evidence and experts for any viewpoint. Our labels – mainstream, conspiracist, evidence-based, anecdotal, etc divide us. The systems that are in place determine what is being shared. Studies results can be worked. Science is not settled. This is the winner-writing-history in the present moment. What we can remember is that no one person has the all the pieces of the puzzle and consciousness evolves through all of us.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Master Teacher Mary Burmeister has said that a paradox is when our perspectives are limited. What if all of us are right? And none of us has it completely right?

This is the Great Awakening that so many have spoken about. This is the time when truth is being revealed, light shining on the dark – the unconscious, the buried, the repressed… As we shift and embody higher frequencies, the lower ones cannot remain. The old structures, built based on an old paradigm, are crumbling. Ancestral and archetypal traumas are now being wholed, healing by acknowledgment, witnessing, and forgiveness. We are also seeing within ourselves these lower frequencies, division, fear-based coping strategies, the inauthentic self…and it’s time to listen deeply to ourselves and each other to move into the next cycle.

2020 – the Call to Breathe Deeper, Breathe Together

Now more than ever, we are called to be fully anchored in this physical body, our vehicle and temple. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, an evolutionary and involutionary process of consciousness. Rising up into spirit, reaching down into matter, united by heart.

This year we are stepping up, either beginning or deepening our mastery. It’s about having a practice of focused attention and intention. Here are some questions to contemplate:

  • how do you get up each morning? what mindset and level of openness do you start each day with?
  • when faced with an uncomfortable or triggering situation, how do you respond? What is happening in your mind and body?
  • do you and how do you communicate with someone with a diametrically opposite viewpoint?
  • how easily do you recognize automatic responses in life?
  • what convictions do you hold? Where did they come from? Who are you without them?
  • what frequencies are you immersed in?
  • what information and opinion pieces do you tune into?
  • how do you determine if something is true for you?
  • who do you spend most of your time with and what is the focus of that engagement?
  • what has your response been to our global situation and local lockdowns and shutdowns? Has it changed since the beginning? If so, how?
  • how do you respond and cope with social and physical distancing? With isolation?
  • what is your vision for the future? For your future?
  • do you have a self-care practice? A practice to build resilience, to be more present, and to listen deeply?

What has also become even clearer this year is that systems leave people behind. Mental health, already fragile for many people, has become an epidemic. Differential access to resources, support, and community, among other factors, has meant many people are struggling even more this year.

Here, I will share some resources that have helped me.

Homeopathics and Naturopathic Medicine

One of the resources I lean into is homeopathic remedies, which both my animals and I have been taking for years. When my Goldie passed away, my holistic vet suggested a dose of Ignatia for my cat. So I got 30c of this remedy from my local health food store for her and myself. I also got an emergency kit from a Vancouver-based homeopath which is so handy to have.

This is one of the first remedies to consider after a significant loss and when grief is prolonged or stuck. Someone requiring ignatia will find it hard to talk about their loss, preferring to be alone where they may weep uncontrollably. If the grief remains unexpressed, there may be a sensation of a lump in the throat, with episodes of sighing, sobbing and angry outbursts over little things. Over the longer term, physical problems may arise such as headaches, nervous complaints such as tics, anxiety and digestive issues.
The School of Homeopathy

At the start of the current global crisis, several remedies were suggested, including Gelsemium. This I have taken before, seeing my dentist. There are generalities about homeopathic remedies, such as Gelsemium being helpful for anxiety, the flu, and sore throat. It is best to work with a Naturopathic Physician or Homeopathic practitioner, especially for constitutional treatment.

One of my favorite remedies is Gelsemium sempervirens, homeopathic yellow jasmine. It is one of the TOP remedies for viral illnesses.

You know when you have the flu and you are weak, achy, and heavy?! It takes too much energy to even move your neck up off the pillow and all you want to do is lay down and do nothing?!

This is the state of Gelsemium. I have treated a handful of patients with this remedy who had viral illnesses and they all bounced back, many of them falling asleep within 15 minutes of taking the remedy because sleep is healing and homeopathy stimulates the body to heal.

If I had to choose ONE remedy that you absolutely have to have this upcoming fall season, Gelsemium would be the one! Please share this info with friends and family. Homeopathy is simple and powerful and you all can be equipped and ready with this remedy!
Dr Ana Jackson

Dr Ana Jackson is a Naturopathic Physician I’ve been following on social media. She offers helpful suggestions for dealing with a variety of challenges, including viral illness, the smoke from the California and Oregon fires, and boosting general health.

She also recently shared an interview with Zach Bush whose passions include educating about the microbiome and regenerative agriculture. You may find his perspective informative and helpful. This video may give you a different understanding of viruses.

Histamine What is it?
Naturopathic Physician Talks about Histamine Intolerance

Many people are familiar with histamine in the form of antihistamines for seasonal allergy relief. What exactly is histamine and what role does it play in our emotional, digestive, and overall health?

Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology from SubtleEnergy has been in my toolbox for years. While I haven’t tried them all, I have a fair number of them, including Marine Phytoplankton, Awaken the Mind, Aura Clearing, Golden Proportion, Digital C60, HeartWave, and Immune Boost. I used the Digital CBD with my dog who had seizures. These Subtle Energy products come as mandalas that you can print or broadcast from you phone, laptop, and computer and as recordings that you play. There are many ways you can enjoy their benefits, including placing them on top of your fuse box.

You can find all the Subtle Energy products here.

Allergy Relief

I got this for my partner who has allergies. I keep it on my phone, in my Photos and as my wallpaper and screen. He also has a copy on his phone. Having this Subtle Energy mandala on my phone broadcasts its allergy relieving energy and we have definitely noticed the difference, breathing more comfortably and deeper. As long as the photo app is opened with this photo, you are receiving the benefits.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

As you may know, I am a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and you can find many easy-to-do energy balancing suggestions here on What Therapy or on my practitioner website as well as my Instagram and Facebook Page.

It sounds extremely simple; one of the most powerful Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help is holding our fingers. Each finger corresponds with an attitude – worry, fear, anger, sadness, and trying. You can also harmonize an organ function energy – stomach/spleen, kidney/bladder, liver/gall bladder, lung/large intestine, and small intestine/heart.

You can support your breathing and respiratory system by holding your ring finger. Also try the mudra, making a circle by placing the tips of your thumb and finger together. Another one to try is placing your left hand on the left side of your neck and your right hand on the forehead above your left eye.

Trust your intuition about which finger to hold and for how long. If you like, you can hold one or each in turn for 36 breaths. Drop your shoulders and breathe more fully, deeper. Taking in the world again, and letting go with an abundant mindset.

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