The Abundance Mindset

I’m reading Peter Diamandis’ email Why an Abundance Mindset? It may seem obvious why it is “better”. Yet, we can get trapped in a scarcity mindset. Media sure portrays the world as such. We can argue about capitalism, the issue of distribution, corrupt systems, outdated structures, etc. What if we pivot and dive into what an abundance mindset is, because from that perspective and energy, we can see that these discussions are missing an essential element and are still based on offering solutions from the level from which the problem was created.

His book, Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think, was published in 2012. I have it somewhere on my shelves and I did read most of it. He interviewed scientists and industry leaders to see what is at the leading edge of technology. As a “data-driven optimist”, his wheelhouse and areas of interests lie in AI and robotics, nano materials, synthetic biology, etc. He sees abundance as inevitable, given the closing of gaps across all areas of life due to technological advances.

What used to only be available to almost anyone on the planet. A child in the middle of Zimbabwe can Google any information or video conference for free with someone on the other side of the world. Many things we paid millions of dollars for just two decades ago are now available for free on your smartphone.

Peter Diamandis

You may be thinking, is that really abundance? When nature is given over to what is artificial and synthetic? Is that the future?

My personal philosophy is that it is all part of the evolution of the totality. We can only go with our inner guidance to know what is right for us. This way, we remain sovereign and can leverage innovation for the highest vision for everyone.

What I do appreciate about his work is dissolving the scarcity mindset, which many people are trapped in. I agree with his analogy of the pie. Fighting for a slice of the pie implies that the world is limited and competition is the only way to succeed. Why not bake more pies? And make other food? Food for our soul for example.

Creating a world of abundance isn’t about creating a world of luxury, it’s about creating a world of possibility.

Peter Diamandis

Perhaps it is challenging at this moment to think of the world as abundant, with the world locked down with a myriad of restrictions like we have not experienced before. And that’s the key – we are talking about mindset, our attitude and perspective. How we see the world matters. Our beliefs literally filter what information from the outside makes it inside. These filters determine the energy of our encounters and engagements.

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So what is an Abundance Mindset?

In his email, Peter Diamandis lists six qualities and advantages.

  1. Seeing the world as getting even more abundant means we can hold a hopeful and positive vision.
  2. Not obsessing and being self-critical about “missing” opportunities because there will be more.
  3. Being excited about the future.
  4. Seeing other people as possible collaborators, rather than enemies, job thieves, or competitors. We focus on creating the best, rather than how to cut expenses for more profit and a piece of that proverbial pie.
  5. Using technology to offer products and services at lower prices because lower expenses are available so more people have access.
  6. Leading as an example of hope and optimism that can be a guiding force for people around you.

Navigating 2020 and Beyond

If nothing else, 2020 has shown us the importance of finding and being in our centre and the art of adaptation. 2020 has been a year unlike any other, with wholesale and global changes. The seeds of this time, however, were planted long ago, as structures, organizations, and systems were created from a survivalist perspective. The energy of that old paradigm has been dissolving and will accelerate.

According to the Human Design System, this is the ending of the global cycle called Cross of Planning that we’ve been living in for the past 400 years. We have benefited from the Cross of Planning which has led to all the institutions and systems we have built, from education, healthcare, emergency and disaster relief, and transportation infrastructure, for example. This background frequency will be changing in 2027, from tribal support to individualism. The aware individual, woke to their inner guidance, will navigate the coming age with greater ease. Coming is emotional and spirit awareness.

The Gate 55 is physiologically associated with digestion and assimilation, the pancreas and emotional eating. We are designed to have and consume/eat “enough”. If we eat too much or we don’t have enough food, it’s unhealthy. We are hard-wired to need just enough to stay satiated.

Karen Curry

One of the key energies of the coming epoch is Gate 55. This is a deeply individual energy, a mutative energy, which means it brings change to the collective. Spirit of Abundance is the faith that we will be okay – trust life. It’s important to align emotionally to create sustainably. What is your definition of abundance? Is it having more than enough? Or having what we need and desire and knowing that whatever we need/desire will always show up?

We cannot expect anyone, or the world at large, to take care of us. It is time to be empowered in our authority, and to teach our children to be their own authority from a very early age.

We are here to watch the unraveling of our social fabric and discover our inner truth as we move to become more self-empowered. There’s nothing to do but be aware and witness it unfolding.

Andrea Abay-Abay, Jovian Archive

Whether you understand or believe Human Design, we can see that the structures and organizations we have known all our lives are indeed breaking down. It has never been more obvious than this year. What we have relied on and also taken for granted will continue to break down over the next hundred years. This will understandably and likely to trigger survivalist fear. With this awareness, we can also shift our perspective. We can focus on mastering our ability to trust our own truth so that we can unlock from our DNA the blueprint of abundance and higher expressions of our true essence.

Abundance is deeply knowing we are worthy and deserving to the level that these are no longer concerns or concepts within our energy field. From there, we understand we don’t need to hoard or save for a rainy day, at least not from a fear-based intention and worldview.