Balancing the Fire Element

Summer, according to the 24 Solar Terms, begins on May 5 and balancing our fire element is an important way to enjoy well-being and joy in this season.

In eastern cosmology, there are five elements which make up the world, including us. Each element or phase corresponds to a season. Dis-ease is an inability to adapt to change, including moving through the elemental phases and seasons. We move from Wood (Spring), to Fire (Summer), to Metal (Autumn), and Water (Winter), a cycle that repeats and nature renews itself.

We can think of earth at the centre, with Fire and Water making one polarity and Wood and Metal another. These elements balance each other for a full blossoming and natural ebb and flow of energy. To enjoy the warmth and the heat of the Fire Element in the summer, we need to have a rejuvenating and restful winter. If we pushed through winter, for example, the Wood element is weakened and we may feel anger which relates to this element. Moreover, because the Earth Element is at the centre, it’s in a relationship with each of the four elements. We can get supported by harmonizing this element and our Earth can be “injured” when the other elements are imbalanced.

Fire Imbalance

Here are some signs of Fire Element Imbalance:

  • heart palpitations
  • excessive sweating or night sweats
  • disturbed sleep or difficulty sleeping
  • fever
  • thirst
  • lethargy
  • poor blood circulation
  • emotional distress
  • hyperactivity
  • water regulation is affected
  • lack of joy and love for life, general lack of enthusiasm
  • mental confusion
  • eye challenges
  • hearing difficulties
  • speech struggles
  • hair loss
  • lack of emotional warmth and receptivity to others

Tips for Balancing Fire Element & Related organ energies

  • stay hydrated with clean water. Add electrolytes
  • hold the little finger for 5 – 15 minutes each day
  • hold your big toes for 5 – 15 minutes each day
  • balance the Heart Function Energy by placing your left hand on the outside of your middle upper arm and wrap your right fingers around your left big toe and switch sides.
  • balance the Small Intestine Energy by draping your left hand over your left shoulder and your right hand in the centre of your chest on the right side and switch sides.
  • follow your joy and enjoy the summer
  • initiate or deepen your self-love/self-care practice