August 7 marks the “beginning of Autumn” and we transition from summer to autumn a month later, on September 7.  Energetically, Autumn begins long before the leaves turn stunning shades of auburn and gold, painting a breathtaking landscape. Since the Summer Solstice the yang energy has been decreasing while the yin energy has been increasing.

In Chinese Medicine, this time is what is called “late summer”, a period governed by the Earth Element. It’s a great time to nourish the Spleen and Stomach energies. Even though it may feel like summer and it’s still rather hot, it’s time to start thinking about bringing in more warming foods and not overindulge in cold and iced drinks and foods. Chinese Medicine practitioners in general advise against eating cold food anyway! Some warming foods we can add include ginger to our tea and dampness reducing herbs such as snow fungus. Dampness can affect the Spleen and disrupt its role in transporting nutrients, for example. When we can ground our energy between seasons, we are able to begin the next period with a stronger constitution.

In eastern philosophy, the season of Autumn is the Air or Metal element. The corresponding meridians, energies, and organ function energies are lungs and large intestine. In the 24-hour organ clock, lung energy begins at 3AM, peaking at 4AM, before coming large intestine energy at 5AM. The “I Am” and “I Have” aspects of our being. When the lung and large intestine function energies are in harmony, we get healthy and happy deep skin.

The related emotion and attitude of Autumn and Lungs / Large Intestine energy is sadness.  Any unprocessed grief may rise to the surface to be addressed. The events of the past few years and the ones unfolding now calls to us to release our old beliefs as well as unprocessed sadness which can cause us to lose spiritual strength and resilience. we are in times of great change, a time to create a new world where everyone is celebrated. First we let go, release any attachments to the comfort and the known. I don’t believe we need to do something that scares us every day as many coaches advise. I do believe that it’s important not to let our fears stop us from being who we are and to understand where those fears come from.

The Earth Element

Nourish our Late Summer Energies

Get Grounded with This Simple Tip

Being grounded helps us to navigate with greater awareness and as ourselves. Add this easy-to-remember and effective self-care tool!
mindful eating for better digestion

The Ancient Healing Art for Indigestion

Balance your earth element with this simple and effective self-help for digestion.
wrath to fortitude heart chakra and grace stock photo by Joel Mott

Chakra Medicine: Grounding into Who You are

In the chaos we all look for answers. What if the answer lies within our energetic system? What if our first chakra is closed up, deficient or excessive? Can opening the first chakra to be clear and flowing help the state of affairs in our individual lives as well as in our world?

Welcoming Autumn

Autumn is marked by golden leaves, which eventually shed. Through an eastern lens, we see this reflected in the energies of specific organs./div>

White Dew

White Dew is the 15th Solar Term in China’s Solar Calendar. This marks another part of Autumn. Find out what it means and how we can support our health.

The Air Element

6 Ways to Support Your Respiratory System

Would you like to breath easier, be more inspired, and be connected to your body? Here are 6 ways to support your respiratory system.

Breathing Deeply, Breathing Together

When we are stressed, we tend to breathe shallowly and we contract. Here are some resources to help us breathe more deeply.
your elemental archetype photo by joao silas

Your Elemental Archetype

We have a dominant Elemental Archetype that informs our deep patterns and beliefs. By bringing light and consicousness to them, we can unravel some mystery.
Exploring the Air Element

Exploring the Air Element

Strengthening Lungs, Healing Grief
Explore the many connections, relations, and associations of the Air Element to better recognize when it is out of balance and what it means for our health and well-being.
young boy laughing under falling leaves autumn perfectionism

Perfectionism and Lungs/Colon-Air Season

Autumn is about more than falling leaves and confusing weather. The air/metal element is also releated to perfectionism and inspiration.

Transforming Grief

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche on Change

I listened to this recording of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche a while back and I had left this article unfinished, until now, as I made a huge change in myself. Here I share a personal story.

Exhaling for Health

We breathe to live. Do you know your breathing pattern? Are you exhaling fully and how does that impact your health and well-being?
link between grief and lungs photo by jeremy vessey

The Link Between Lungs & Grief

The Metal Element is associated with the Autumn. Seasonal allergies and chronic conditions such as asthma may worsen during this time; it is also a fantastic time to tonify the Metal element and associated organs and emotion.

Exploring the Air Element and Gifts of Autumn

Get Relief

For Your Racking Cough & Deep Grief
For some people Autumn means sneezing, allergies, chest pains…what if we can transform this. Understanding the lessons of Autumn through different modalities is good medicine that can heal us in ways we did not know.
conscious uncoupling photo by priscilla du preez

Conscious Uncoupling

Adele’s Hello was viewed 25 million times over the first 24 hours. When you listen, you can feel the palpable grief, especially if you have unhealed and unintegrated experiences. So many people have a trauma around breaking up, losing their love, and all the attendant emotions. What if we can uncouple consciously? How will that impact our personal lives, and how we engage with the world?
understand and transform grief

Understanding & Transforming Grief

Grief is a natural emotion. Unfinished grief can keep us in the past. Find out what grief is about, how we can identify where we are not grieving, and how to transform this and bring in more inspiration.
Plants photo by roos-oosterbroek

Top Air-Filtering Plants

Pet-Friendly too!
Plants are wonderful for filtering out toxins from the air. Check out this list of pet-friendly NASA-surveyed common houseplants you can use to get cleaner air.
holding a cup of warming tea of spices

The Perfect Tea

For Inspiration & to Balance Your Air Element
A nourishing herbal tea blend, thanks to Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Yoga instructor Amber Sawyer.
vulnerability is daring greatly photo by di go f c rrion

Vulnerability = Daring Greatly

Writer, poet, and coach Tasneem Kagalwalla shares how being vulnerable and open is essential to healthy living

Shifting Dynamics :: Letting Go of the Rope

Our default way to relate to one another is not always the healthiest. Letting go of the rope is one way to shift dynamics in our relationships.


6 Decluttering Tips

Decluttering is not only about being organized, it is about freeing up space and energy.

Simples Ways for Space Clearing

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