Get Grounded with this Simple Tip

Being grounded in our body helps us move with intention and awareness on the physical plane. Faced with change, we can become ungrounded, because of worry, deep layers of fear, and just our existential angst of being alive in physical bodies.

Jin Shin Jyutsu helps us release blockages and tensions. There are many relationships, understood from years of studies and self-exploration. While this may not be for you, master teacher Mary Burmeister created Self-Help books to have this art of living available to everyone.

These are simple and powerful holds and sequences that you can easily integrate into your self care practice.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, the thumb, fingers, and palm correspond with an organ function energy pair. The thumb corresponds to the Stomach and Spleen energy pair as well as the attitude/emotion of worry. 

Digestion, worry, regeneration, being grounded, anxiety – these are related.

About the Stomach and Spleen Energy

Various reasons such as inappropriate diet can disrupt the Stomach Function Energy. This can lead to a block in the energy flow, leading to depression and mental pressure. The energy cannot descend from the head. Because Stomach energy is a descending energy, harmonizing this energy helps bring energy down. This is one reason why poor digestion of a meal can mean poor sleep and nightmares. 

The Spleen Function Energy rules the nervous system and showers us with solar energy. Supporting the Spleen helps sensitive people. Sensitive physically and emotionally. Interestingly the Spleen corresponds to Cancer “I feel”. 

Both are part of the Earth Element. Some of the qualities are being grounded in the material plane and in our body, feeling at home in our own body, with our own skin, and feeling nourished, neutered, cradled, and supported. 

Anxiety comes in many forms and has many sources. So while Jin Shin Jyutsu does not diagnose, we can share some of the common ones. Sometimes it’s just having too many things on the go. Or too much mental energy and maybe you have trouble to stomach something in your life. Or it could be worry / fear about surviving, making it in this world, and functioning within society’s unspoken tribal law and distorted systems. 

If you are feeling anxious or depressed not linked to any medical condition, give this a try! Hold your thumb for 10-15 minutes every day. If you are on medication, Jin Shin doesn’t diagnose, treat, or cure, so please consult with your medical care practitioner about your medication. 

Holding your thumb can help bring balance and complement well with allopathic approaches, so give it try! 

By the way, babies sucking their thumb, fingers and feet is an example of self-regulation!

(text adapted from the caption accompanying this reel that I created and posted on my Instagram account, Conversational_Space.) Follow for more Jin Shin Jyutsu, and other self-love and self-care practice tips.