Aries & Kali Phos

Aries corresponds with the mineral cell-salt Kali Phos, or potassium phosphate. Each of the 12 mineral cell-salts relates to one of the 12 zodiac signs.

Aries, Head & Kali Phos

At Spring Equinox we are flooded with spiritual electricity. This is the awakening, the return of Nature. We begin a new astrological year and Aries season. This is potent new energy, rising upward. A masculine, active, and activating principle.

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, rules the head. More specifically, it’s the cerebrum, spinal cord, and the sensory nerves. This is the Ram, butting with his head.

What happens when the mind is clear and the brain functioning optimally? According to The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation, we are then able to receive the subtle energies of the universe. We can “throw light” on understanding. This is one reason Aries corresponds with Kali Phos. This is the mineral cell-salt with the highest vibration, “capable of holding within itself the fire of life, electricity, prana, or Spirit.” (Carey & Perry 1996)

Kali phosphate is the greatest healing agent known to man, because it is the chemical base of material expression and understanding…The only material which is so chemically constituted that it has the power to produce light or fire, is Kali phos. It produces the highest rate of vibration of any of the twelve basic mineral elements of the body.

The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation

Kali Phos attracts the electrical power of the universe. The energy is limitless – it’s a matter of us attracting it, through our vibrations and vitality.

Kali Phos & Mineral Cell-Salts

Mineral cell-salts help with general weaknesses (Sun placement), the physical body (Ascendant), emotional and physiology (Moon), health (6th House), and psychological health (12th house). You can also look to the house rulers for additional information.

Kali Phos is the general recommendation for those with Sun in Aries. You can also take them if you have Moon or Ascendent in Aries or if you have these placements in Libra (on the polarity axis with Aries). For Kali Phos, adding Ferr Phos is a recommendation by Dr Schuessler, creator of the biochemical tissue salts. Kali Phos (Aries) and Ferr Phos (Pisces) complete the cycle.

Kali Phos – how it helps

Dr Carey, co-author of The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation, has written elsewhere that “the gray matter of the brain is controlled entirely by the inorganic cell-salt, potassium phosphate. This salt unites with album, and by the addition of oxygen, creates nerve fluid, or the gray matter of the brain.” He advised this mineral cell-salt for nervous symptoms that arise from the depletion of nerve fluid.

According to Astrologers Nicholas Schizzano and Crystal Clear, the symptoms of Kali Phos deficiency also include nervous irritability, headaches, poor memory, and sleep problems. Aside from taking this cell-salt, you can add avocados, cucumbers, olives, cherries, apples, ginger, and thyme. Crystals that can help, when worn around the head (part of a hat, head band, or hair tie, for example), are red coral, unakite, and meta-ankoleite.

Inez Eudora Perry’s work indicates that everyone is missing three (or four) mineral cell-salts. Taking the average gestation period as nine months, this means in utero we are not exposed to the energy of three or more mineral salts, as the Sun moves through each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Taking the mineral cell salts you are deficient in will help you achieve balanced health. Theoretically and optimistically speaking, an immortal body. Historically the ancients have lived for thousands of years.

Nicholas Schizzano & Crystal Clear

The human body builds and rebuilds with twelve mineral cell-salts. They tonify and nourish, helping with all conditions. As we deplete them, routine supplementation, especially in times of stress, is necessary for the body to continue to rebuild.