Sun in Pisces into Spring Equinox

We live in cycles within cycles. In our multicultural multi-philosophical world, we celebrate new beginnings all the time. The year of the Metal Rat, for example, began January 25 this year. Soon the Sun will move into the first Zodiac Sign, Aries. This happens when day equals night; Spring Equinox or March 19/20 this year. Now, we are in the last days of Sun in Pisces, the ending of one cycle.

Like the days before a New Moon or the hours before the sunrise, these are the times of 9. 9 symbolizing the ending. The endings, before new beginnings. Releasing to create room for the new. Exhaling, before inhaling.


First ruled by Jupiter, Pisces today comes under the Sea God, Poseidon or Neptune. This can be calm waters or raging stormy seas. It is also the seas of Oneness. Pisces is the energy of the collective. Here, in the depths, we encounter the archetypes of the unconscious. We can be inspired or we can become lost in the fanatical realm, becoming addicted to unhealthy relationships, substances, beliefs, etc.

As can be seen in the symbol of Pisces – two fish headed in opposing directions, we are dealing with both individual and collective consciousness. Also with the material plane we are told is the only reality and the dreamy and cosmic realm we feel into. Feeling, and intuitive knowing is key here. Those with strong Pisces energy can be more naturally attuned to this. While the Sun is in Pisces, light is brought onto these dynamics. We are invited to delve into our own depths to uncover our patterns and how well we integrate our truths.

Another way to see the two fish of Pisces is as an eternal dance of yin yang energies bound in unity. Or as the last sign of our heroine/hero’s journey, we are here to seek spiritual enlightenment while being embodied in a physical vehicle. Connecting to the Earth Star chakra and the Central Sun.

Spring Equinox

At the Spring Equinox, we have equal day and equal night. Balance. A moment of void. From here, we embark on a new cycle, from individuation to Oneness, at a higher octave than our previous cycle, if we have gained clarity, awareness, and wisdom.

With the new astrological year, the Sun is in Aries and the energy is to step out of the collective unconsciousness to become individual, hopefully with a higher expression.

While we face the external world, tremendous internal changes are at foot as well, as we come to discover how to flow Aries energy in a constructive way.

How do we embrace the vibrant outward energy of the Spring and the fire element of Aries? So that we lead, rather than ram our way through things? How do we step into this pioneering role, rather than scorch the earth with fire energy? To be who we are, without the need to push, debate, dominate?

These are the last days of one cycle, with the Sun moving from Pisces to Aries, on March 19/20 this year. Learning to let go – release our attachments – is an ongoing practice. We do this also at the end of the day, when relationships dissolve, seasons of life, and in every moment for in the now, there is death and rebirth. How do we do this consciously, graciously, and gracefully? Let us take the time at Spring Equinox to practice what we have been talking about, teaching, exploring, and discovering for ourselves.

FutureNOW 2020 Workshop