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The Newest Articles

17 Jan: The Art of Contemplation

The Art of Contemplation by Richard Rudd is a wonderful book and now an online course that shares the power and magic of this practice for lasting change.

16 Jan: Human Design | Code to Inner Wisdom

Human Design is a self-verification and empirical way for us to tap into our inner wisdom and to live as the unique beings we all are.

05 Jan: “Your Value is Internal”

Love is the way and the frequencies are rising. Here’s a song from Teyana Taylor ft Lauryn Hill ‘cuz “your value is internal.” It’s a given.

19 Dec: Earth to Air – The Great Conjunction

With the Great Conjunction of 2020, we move into a new cycle of 200-ish years, moving from the earth to air element. This is a big deal.

13 Dec: Light of Day – Revisioning

2020 is drawing to a close. It has been a stern teacher, pushing us to dissolve the old, and now it’s time for revisioning.

09 Dec: December 12 | 12.12 Reflections

12.12 is a potent day. Let us reflect on its meaning, where we are today and what’s to come. Allow this day to be another one of grace.

04 Dec: What is the Health Focus now?

We are so focused on the virus at the moment; what really is our health focus now? In this article, I’m sharing one of my favourite podcasts.

26 Nov: The Middle Pillar

What is the middle pillar and why standing here can make a world of difference? Consciousness is evolving through us; we are at a crossroad.

22 Nov: Moving energy to Boost Immune Function

Would you like to boost your immune function naturally? Find out how, with these powerful approaches. Time for more self-care.