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The Newest Articles

18 Apr: Taurus Season & Large Intestine Energy

Taurus Season begins April 19. Discover the archetype of this sign and its relations with the Large Intestine Energy.

09 Apr: Eating with the Season

There’re so many diets out there. Eating is also a big homogenizing force! What if we ate with the season? With what’s local? Are there benefits to eating this way? Plus eating from our inner authority?

31 Mar: Mercury in aries

Mercury moves from Pisces into Aries April 3. This is a significant shift in energy. What will you be communicating while Mercury is in Aries?

24 Mar: Mosquito Bites, Allergies, Wei Qi & Adaptation

Do you struggle with mosquito bites and allergies? What do they have in common? We look at them from an energetic and spiritual lens.

19 Mar: Western Astrology & Chinese Medicine

Western Astrology & Chinese Medicine is a fascinating and informative look at two ancient practices for our modern day lifestyle.

14 Mar: Aries & Kali Phos

With Spring Equinox, we begin Aries Season. The mineral cell-salt corresponding to Aries is Kali Phos, which helps us ignite the fire.

08 Mar: Million Ears in a Million Other Places

Caroline Myss has said that “we have a million ears in a million other places.” What does this mean for our embodied experience?

03 Mar: Comfort Accommodates Tension

Comfort can be a safe place, a place for resting and being arrested on our journey. Is it a crutch or a tool?

25 Feb: The Eyes, Feet, Liver & Pisces

Pisces corresponds with the Liver which rule the eyes. Both Pisces and the Liver rule the feet. So many wonderful relationships for healing.