What’s the Deal with Aluminum?

What’s up with aluminum? And what does it mean for you?

Aluminum has been a known neurotoxin since the early 1960’s and has been linked to Alzheimer’s by various studies. Over time, it accumulates in the body and forms a “plaque”.

Autopsies of the brains of Alzheimer’s patients have found excessively high levels of aluminum. Conversely, chelation treatment (a process by which a person’s blood is cleaned of specific metals such as aluminum) has shown improvement in patients with Alzheimer’s.

So why is it not banned?

The FDA did not consider that enough aluminum would enter the bloodstream via the skin to cause problems. But we are being exposed in other ways…through food, water, cosmetics, and common medications like antacids and our bodies are having a hard time eliminating it at the speed needed to stay healthy.

Why Should I care? Isn’t Alzheimer’s an Old Persons Disease?

Well actually, Alzheimer’s is NOT a sign of normal aging.

In fact currently, 10% of the 18 million cases of Alzheimer’s worldwide are below the age of 65.

30,000 people (0.6% of the total population) have Alzheimer’s in Singapore. The Singapore Alzheimer’s Disease Association expects the number of Singaporeans suffering from Alzheimer’s to double by 2025 and to multiply six-fold by 2050.

What can you do?

It starts with awareness. Be conscious consumers and decision-makers. And just aim to minimize your exposure, without worrying excessively.

Here are 3 easy ways you can eliminate aluminum.

Switch to a Deodorant / Anti-perspirant That Does Not Contain Aluminum

Young Living’s Deodorant range contains soothing essential oils that are naturally anti-bacterial, so embarrassing odour won’t develop.

The market has also seen a significant increase in non-toxic deodorant. Greenwashing? Perhaps but it’s also good for us consumers to have a greater variety of choice.

Buy a Good Water Filter

Contaminated drinking water is another major entryway into our blood stream for this neurotoxin.  Luckily, a good water filter will easily eliminate excess aluminum. And skip drinking from cans as much as possible.

Be sure to read the specs as not all water filtration systems are equal.

Skip Aluminum Foil

Replace foil with parchment paper when you are cooking. Instead of wrapping foods in foil, place them in a glass jar or earthenware bowl in your fridge to keep them fresh.