What is Your Attractor Field?

According to Gene Keys, we each have an attractor field that is encoded into our genetics.

As part of our Venus Sequence, the Attractor Sphere is “that magical and most mysterious magnetic force that works through our lives, drawing people and relationships towards us according to our dharma – our path, and our karma – our transformation.” (From the Venus Sequence course). The Gene Key that is our Attractor Sphere provides insights on the energy of people who come into our life.

The core of this work is contemplation of the three frequency bands of the Gene Keys that hold specific roles and imprints for us. These three bands are the Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi. In accepting and loving the Shadow frequency into transformation, we unlock the Gift and Siddhi within.

Contemplation in Gene Keys is to turn an idea and thought over in our mind to allow insights to arrive. We are directing it, with our desires or fears. It’s about seeing our fears and patterns more clearly and thereby shifting our frequency. What can come to light are our past wounds, coping strategies, our role in perpetuating patterns, and the possibilities of a different kind of relationships while working through the Venus Sequence.

The Venus Stream invites you to explore the layers of wounding that cause us to break off from following this path by allowing ourselves to be distracted by the outer drama of our lives.

The Venus Sequence Retreat

The Attractor Sphere is the position of the Moon. This is calculated at about three months prior to your birth. In Human Design, this is the Design Moon.

In learning about our Sphere of Attraction, we come to understand ourselves and the nature of our love on a deeper level our desires, our sexuality, our sexual wound, the emerging teaching of the Codes of Chemistry (the relationship energies between two people), and so conflict patterns in our relationships.

The insights gained through learning about your Sphere of Attraction and the Venus Sequence are for ourselves. It’s to support us in unwinding wounding patterns. It can also be for understanding, accepting, and loving our friends, family, and partners in a different and expanded way. If you are currently single, facing your shadows clarifies your attractor field. It will also help you to love yourself in a way not to attract co-dependency, manipulation, or whatever is the pattern. When we do our own inner work, our frequency shifts and this has a profound effect on our relationships.

Learn more about the Venus Sequence online self-paced course and the upcoming 6-month virtual Venus Sequence Retreat.