What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the name given to a natural phenomena, in the same way breathing is the name given to the respiratory process. This natural state is called “trance” and most of us access it on a daily basis. Daydreaming is a form of mild trance, or the driver’s trance, just being unaware of parts of your journey or even being unaware of being unaware! Put simply Hypnosis is the mind’s ability to put aside the critical factor; the conscious mind.

Conflict between the conscious and unconscious minds is at the heart of most, if not all, of our problems. Through Hypnosis mental harmony is achieved. We each create our own reality and conflict is created by how we then perceive the outside world relative to ourselves. The closer the life we want is to the life we have, the less internal conflict there is. When the life we have is poles apart from the life we want, the more discordant we are. We are total energy beings and energy needs balance and harmony. When our energy flow is calm and harmonious, we are in the flow of life.

Who can or cannot be Hypnotized?

Most people can experience Hypnosis with the exception of: people under the influence of excessive amounts of caffeine, alcohol or mind altering drugs, some people with mental disabilities, and some people with unusually low IQ also have difficulty in reaching this natural state (the ability to focus being the main criteria). Of those who can be hypnotized approximately 10% are highly susceptible. However, the majority of the population can reach a satisfactory level of trance for the purpose of effective Hypnotherapy.

The key elements for Hypnotherapy to be effective are belief, desire, and expectation. The mind is willing to accept what it believes and expects to be true; this can be in a negative or a positive frame of mind. The mind cannot tell the difference between a real event and one that is just imagined; this is the reason that dreams are so realistic, say as in a dream of falling! What we aim to achieve in Hypnosis, is to allow the mind to accept the state or outcome we truly desire. The mind/body is a healing machine and Hypnosis allows us to harness that healing power both mentally and physically.

Qualification + Experience

I first experienced Hypnosis as a client and was so impressed with the results that I began to study it out of interest. In 2000 I took a course in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and studied for my Diploma in Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy in 2003. I trained in EFT (emotional freedom technique) to Practitioner level 3 in 2006/7 and also have a certificate in Past Life Regression Cert PLR. I am currently studying for a specialist certification in Anxiety Disorders and additionally my HPD – Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, National Council for Hypnotherapy, NCFE National Awarding Body, the first such national qualification in the United Kingdom – more info: http://www.hypnotherapypractitioner.org/routetwo.html

What to Expect with Hypnosis

I ran a successful therapy practice in the UK, but since my wife longed to come home to Singapore, we settled here last year. My skills and life experience have evolved into a very warm and compassionate style of therapy. I believe accepting my clients for who they are and being non judgmental are crucial to my success in therapy. Also, I have a profound belief that we, each of us, are here for a purpose; I have been very lucky to find my purpose in life and seek to help each client find fulfillment and peace in their life; mentally, physically, and spiritually .

I have extended my UK methodology to my practice here in Singapore. The initial  consultation is free and is usually 1 hour. I have found that in most cases the issues presented have significant success in 4 to 5 sessions. So, I offer every client who books a course of 4 sessions a 5th session FREE of CHARGE. The client can make this decision at the end of the first session.

It is essential, in my opinion, that the client feels comfortable with the therapy before they commit to a lengthy course of treatment. During the first session the client will experience Hypnosis, a very deep state of relaxation and calmness that pervades every part of the mind and body. Having experienced this profound state of relaxation, clients gain confidence in the process of Hypnosis and understand why it has such a powerful ability to promote health and wellbeing.

Article written by Thom Bush, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & EFT Practitioner, Trans4mational Therapy