Too much Sun? 5 After-Sun Care Tips

It’s summertime and no matter how much sun you get, having effective after-sun care is important. Sometimes even with effort, we can get too much sun.

Maybe it’s a new place and you weren’t familiar with how strong the sun is. You were wearing a hat and sitting under an umbrella. Yet, you still got a tad too much sun. This is what happened on our outing yesterday. I got a bit pink and later in the evening, my skin got a tad sensitive. To be honest, I was quite shocked!

What are your go-to after-sun care?

Five After-Sun Care Tips

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies is one of my favourites and my go-tos. This I had to look into, for tips. One website that I refer to is Joette Calabrese. Her suggestions include what she calls the premiere burn remedy, Cantharis 30C, Urtica urens 30C, and Belladonna 30C. Choose the one that best matches how you are feeling. She also describes using these three remedies for first, second, and third degree burns. In addition, she recommends the cell salts, ferreous phos 5x, Kali mur 6x, and Kali suphuricum 6x (one dose three to four times daily for up to three days.)

I started with Arnica montana for the shock, then Belladonna. I actually took Apis mellifica first since a bee was caught in my hair and in his struggle to get freed stung me on my belly. It so happens that this homeopathic remedy was recommended for sunburn by another source.

Topical Applications

Many people will reach for calendula lotion and/or aloe vera right away. The cooling effects of aloe vera, such a balm on my skin. I also applied copious amounts of facial cream before bed and throughout today.

Lavender essential oil also comes recommended as it is antibacterial which helps stave off possible infection. If you have a bathtub you can consider a bath with black tea which contains tannic acid, theobromine, and catechins that help take away the heat and repair the skin.

I’m out of lavender essential oil so I’ve been using Sun Potion’s Solar Rose Water. I got this for the first time in their last sale and I’ve got to say I’m glad I did. It smells amazing!

Check out Earthley’s Untoxic Summer Guide, which includes a 4-ingredient Natural-Gentle Sun Protectant Salve. I also just ordered their after-sun lotion, Sun Soothe last week so that would have been handy.

Energy Modalities

As a practitioner of Quantum Biofeedback and Jin Shin Jyutsu, these two energy modalities are always my go-to. I run the Quantum Biofeedback program several times a week for myself and family and do Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help daily, if it’s only a few minutes holding my fingers.

I ran the Quantum Biofeedback over the first night focusing on the skin, Solfeggio frequencies, meridians, etc. I’ve got some fantastic programs for the skin!

Since the Spleen and Stomach Function Energy Flows address skin surface, these two have been my focus. You can hold your thumb to harmonize both of these. Otherwise, for the Spleen, place your right hand on the inside of your right ankle and left hand on the tailbone. Then switch sides. For the Stomach, place your right fingertips on your left cheekbone and left fingertips on the left collarbone. Then switch sides. These holds are the first step of the whole flow and are used as “quickies”, powerful in of themselves. Oftentimes, I fall asleep doing just the first step anyway.

I’m also palming my calves, which helps with so so many things, including clearing the Bladder flow pathway, helping with skin conditions, and yes burns and sunburns. When I palm the calves on someone else, I sit at the feet, place my palms on the biggest parts of their calves and then switched sides. So my right hand on their left calf and left hand on their right calf and switch. For myself I lay on my back, knees up with feet on my bed, and place my hands on my calves with my fingers pointing to my knees. I did this last night and fell asleep like this. It’s common for people to fall asleep during a session or Self Help.

Keep Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated. Not just immediately, throughout the days that follow. I’ve been trying the electrolytes from LMNT. It turns out that the plain version has no stevia. I also ordered one from Earthley to try. The Electrolyte Powder is made with three ingredients, organic maple syrup, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, and Cream of Tartar which add up to 12g of sugar, 294 mg of sodium, and 86 mg of potassium.

So in summary, here’s my after-sun care:

  • homeopathic remedies (I’m taking Apis mellifica, also because of my bee sting, and Belladonna. I don’t have the cell salt so I added the ferrous phos homeopathic remedy)
  • cream/lotion and aloe vera (to protect and repair my skin)
  • lots of fluids, including Hydrogen Water
  • Quantum Biofeedback program
  • Stomach and Spleen Function Energy Flows (which deal with skin surface) and palming my calves

I will keep this up and adjust as I monitor my skin condition. It’s important to be more focused on protecting the skin at this time since it’s more vulnerable.

I’ve been priming my skin by getting up for sunrises and morning sunlight, even if it’s been a bit more inconsistent lately. Now that I’m getting more settled in our new neighbourhood, I re-started taking morning walks without contacts or glasses so that my eyes can receive the sun. Be sure to be hydrated or your eyes may feel painful! It’s watermelon season and I’m enjoying watermelon water. Getting early morning sun is so crucial for our mitochondrial health, prepping ourselves for sun, and eye health. It’s of course the best way for our body to make Vitamin D.