Toe Tapping to Move Your Energy

With so much going on, many of us may feel an intensity. The energy can be full on. Want an easy way to move all that energy? Try Toe Tapping! It also relaxes the mind and body. For some people, toe tapping helps decrease lower joint pain and walking feels lighter.

Why Toe Tap

The movement of the Toe Tapping creates “Water-up, Fire-down” state of cooling the head and warming the abdomen that Ilchi Lee advocates as the secret to natural healing. In his book The Solar Body Ilchi Lee writes that this “Water-up, Fire-down” is a basic principle of good health.

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Water-up, Fire-down is an optimal energy state that facilitates the function of all organs and maximizes brain vitality. When you achieve Water-up, Fire-down, not only do you overflow with energy and vitality, but level-headed judgment and wisdom emerge within you. Your mind becomes stable and more peaceful.

Ilchi Lee, The Solar Body¹

1 Improves Energy Circulation & Joints

Toe Tapping stimulates the six meridians that flow from the upper body into the legs. These meridians are stomach, spleen, bladder, kidney, gallbladder, and liver. Toe Tapping goes beyond the toes and the vibrations extend to the whole leg which, according to Ilchi Lee, improves bone density.

2 Releases Stuck Energy from the Body

The body feels lighter after Toe Tapping because stagnation is released from the body. Toe Tapping is great to do before sleep, releasing the day’s accumulated stress and fatigue. This happens when the energy points in the toes are opened up from Toe Tapping.

3 Enhances the Water-up, Fire-down State of Being

Toe Tapping allows blood to travel from the head to the lower body. Tight hips can also block the natural flow of energy downward. Stress can lead to a hot head and tight chest, making Toe Tapping an effective way to release stress and return and enhance overall health.

4 Calms the Nervous System

The repeated motion of Toe Tapping calms the mind. To enhance this effect, rest after Toe Tapping, before going about your day or the next task, to enjoy this relaxation. If you have trouble sleeping, try Toe Tapping before bedtime.

5 Connects the Whole Body

“Feeling your toes means you’re able to feel your whole body.”² Feeling the whole body means energy is flowing throughout and there is a interconnectedness that can be evasive when we are mind-first. The big toe, in foot reflexology, corresponds with the brain. Other parts that are stimulated include the eyes, nose, heart, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and reproductive organs through other parts of the foot. This also enhances the body’s interconnectedness through improved blood circulation.

toe tapping at the beach to release energy and calm the mind

How to Toe Tap to Release Energy & Enhance Your Health

You can toe tap lying or seated on the floor or sitting in a chair. Lying down on the floor opens up the hip joints. If you have tight hips, take care. Perhaps start with some gentle stretches. Also other energetic blockages are also being stimulated. Ilchi Lee also advises imagining any blocked energy flowing through the toes, out the body. Listen to you body, take breaks.

  1. Stretch out your legs, heels touching and ankles flexed. Place your arms by your side, palms up, with your back comfortably supported and relaxed.
  2. Using your ankles as the contact point, bring the feet together and then apart repeatedly. Be sure to move your feet and your legs. You will experience this as thumping the inside edges of your feet.

There are many ways to move energy in the body. Maybe dancing does it for you? Toe Tapping goes beyond moving energy; it helps to connect the entire body, moving us into a higher consciousness and awareness of being.

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