Shrouded Truth

Shrouded Truth : Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys is the first of the Radiant Light Series by Reena Kumarasingham. What Therapy received an advanced copy of this intriguing and fascinating journey through Biblical times, as revealed through past life regressions of eight individuals who were among the closest to Jesus. This book presents perspectives that challenge mainstream and commonly-held beliefs about the turbulent times leading to the crucifixion and after. In an email interview, What Therapy finds out more (no spoilers) from Reena about Shrouded Truth and past life regression.


First congratulations on this book! How long did it take for you to compile and put together the book?


Thank you so much. I am also deeply grateful at the opportunity of being interviewed for What Therapy. ☺ Whilst it sometimes feels like several lifetimes, it took me around six years altogether to compile the regressions, the research, and pull the book together.


Wow! Over what period did you come across all the people you eventually included in the book?


I came across all the people I included in the book over a span of four years. It then took me a couple of years afterwards to pull the research together, write, and produce the book. I am so deeply grateful to all these people who volunteered to participate in this book – ultimately their stories that drove the conception of this book.


It is quite amazing that you met all these people, how did you feel about that? How did you know it was authentic and real regressions?


I did not go out to seek these eight people and their stories. It really is synchronous how they came to me, which I have detailed in the book. The participants in the book were clients or students, from many different countries, who came for therapy or to be trained, and their stories unfolded organically and synchronistically with 75 – 80% of their accounts dovetailing with one another.

This is pretty remarkable considering we are talking about memories from 2,000 years ago.  The only way that I can explain it is that there was a soul agreement for me to meet them, for these stories to emerge now.

I did try once to hasten the process early on. I consciously sought an account, as opposed to letting it unfold organically through client sessions and training through the Past Life Regression Academy. This ninth account, ended up veering wildly from every other account and had a different feel to it. I included in the Appendix just to show readers the difference, and gave reasons why it was so different. It taught me quickly to trust the process, be patient, and to go with the flow.

How did I feel? I grew up a Hindu in Malaysia, and I have very limited knowledge of Christianity. When the accounts came through, at times I was dumbfounded and because they digressed so much from what I knew of mainstream Christianity, I was a little sceptical. But as more and more of their stories corroborated, between one regression to another, I started to feel amazed and hopeful.

And then I conducted the research. (I conducted the research last because I did not want to influence the outcome of my regressions in any way, so I was flowing, exploring and discovering along with my clients). And that’s when the pieces fell into place – when academic research corroborated with the bulk of the accounts. I was, and still am, stunned.

It also really feels that I was merely the conduit for these stories to emerge. In the same way that the people who were regressed came to me, I feel that the books and resources used as research also ‘found’ me, as every single one of them had pertinent information that I could use.

Getting these stories and accounts out there in Shrouded Truth is definitely about something bigger than me. It is a privilege for me to share the shrouded truths that the participants unveiled to reveal their individual messages.


When did you decide to stop with the people you had come across and not seek out or wait for more people to show up?


Shrouded Truth is entirely guided. After each person’s regression, and after collecting spiritual messages and insights for the individual regressees, I had their permission to get Guidance for the book. One of the questions that I asked (which I did not include in the book) was “Do we need more accounts, or are there enough?” That was my primary form of Guidance.

There was also an interesting feel – in the four years when the regressions were collected, the energy felt like a running tap, that more and more information can be accessed. However, after the fourth year, it felt that the tap had stopped, which was probably a good thing because there were so many accounts that it was a little overwhelming for me.  My next job was to do the academic research for all the accounts. Again, I was so fortunate because the research ‘found’ me too… I had the right book, the right page for the right account.

Reflecting back now when the tap stopped, I had enough information for exactly one book. I never thought about it before. Faith in the guidance played such a big role in knowing when to stop.


How did everyone regressed for this book feel about their biblical past?


The eight people who emerged when I went with the flow and Guidance were humbled by their experience. They could not believe it. They came to me with varying levels of knowledge of the New Testament and Christian religion – from having very limited, almost negligible knowledge, to being fully knowledgeable. But every single person was blown away by their own accounts – most which they knew nothing of beforehand.

It is also important to note that I did not reveal the meat of another person’s session to them to limit any form of bias or pre-conceived conscious mind information.

So, when they eventually found out how much corroborated with their fellow participants, it was both grounding and validating for them.

One of the strict conditions of using their sessions in the Shrouded Truth was for total protection of their identity. They wanted to be anonymous, which showed me that they were not in Ego about this. They did not cling onto the identities and the trappings of their past lives. It was primarily about discovering and exploring their soul journey and soul lessons for them. They were gracious enough to share them in this book.

The only person who did not mind their real name being used is in fact the ninth regressee, whose session is part of the Appendix. This is the person whom I approached using my conscious mind, circumventing the flow and process in which individuals emerged organically to me. In fact this person reassured me repeatedly that it was fine to use the real name, which I did not, and he held onto the identity of their Biblical experience quite strongly. So again, the feel and the energy carried by this individual is very different to the other eight.


People do Past Life Regression for many reasons including curiosity though there is a therapeutic and healing function. For those who in the book, how did these regressions help them in their current life?


Whilst I am unable to go into the specifics of how these regressions helped the individual regressees in their current lives, due to confidentiality reasons, I can talk broadly about how past life regressions help clients in general.

In the hypnotic state, there is direct access to the subconscious, giving us the direct route to the source of our lives’ programming. The source could be in our past life, current life, ancestral timeline or a combination of the three. Therapeutically, transforming at this level gives us the fastest and most decisive point to changing our programming, thus changing our lives.

Past Life Regression Therapy works with the content of past experiences and extends the timeline to allow past-life stories to emerge. Clients are guided back and encouraged to relive and resolve the conflicts from the past that have been previously inaccessible to their Consciousness. Often they are experiences that are still influencing and distorting their mental and emotional stability.

Areas where regression therapy has had proven results include unexplainable pains (including migraine and phantom pain syndrome), deep-seated emotional patterns (including feeling disempowered and depression), relationship problems, addiction, and also physical challenges that have an emotional issue behind them (including irritable bowel syndrome and inability to conceive).

In the therapeutic setting, it is not important for the therapist to prove that the past-life story is real. The most important thing that therapists focus on is using the experience that the client is undergoing to heal a deep-seated emotional challenge that has been plaguing him or her.

An example past life case study : I had a student who was terrified of public speaking because she had a thought that she would be persecuted and tortured for doing so. She was dreading a life milestone ceremony in which she would have to give a speech. So, we followed the source back to a life where she was burnt as a witch for speaking out against the injustice her peers were going through. It was an intense session, and once the healing was complete, she found it comfortable to give that important speech.

To give you a current life case study, I had a client who came to me for a session because she had had a really bad case of Urinary Tract Infection, and doctors were not able to heal it for ten years. Sick of taking course after course of antibiotics, she came to me to see if I would help. When I regressed her back to the source of her UTI, we found that the source of it was when her brother was born when she was three years old. She felt so neglected by her parents, predominantly her father, that she became angry. Throughout the years, she stored all this anger in her kidneys. When we cleared the anger in the kidneys and did transformative work, her UTI disappeared.

Not all cases can be resolved in the one session. Sometimes the challenges have complicated interwoven threads and layers that need time to untangle. As someone who has experienced it and now facilitate and teach it, I find it to be a really powerful modality.


Have you done work with clients who believe they are from other star systems or have such major blocks that they only live as a ghost or a shadow?


This is such a pertinent and timely question.

One of the areas that I focus on as a trainer in the Past Life Regression Academy, and in my therapy practice, is the Between Lives Spiritual Regression. This is predominantly based on Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression, pioneered by Michael Newton, but with the following “add-on”. During a LBL training in Australia, a couple of years ago, a student had a very different experience than what most students go through. In guidance to explain was happening, the Wise Beings revealed that during this time of transition or shift, what’s happened is that there are many souls with different resonance who are incarnating into Earth bodies (humans and animals) to help with the shift. Whilst they did not give us the different soul frequencies in numerical numbers and Hertz, they did categorize the different frequencies into five categories :

* Humans
* Elementals
* Interdimensionals
* Star Seeds

They did not give a name for the fifth. They are waiting for all the required star seeds to incarnate and then the fifth level will incarnate. This has not happened yet.

These different resonance souls feel very uncomfortable in their Earth environment. They feel like they do not belong, that they want to go back, that they are trapped, that nobody understands them. The resonance of these souls does not match the frequency of the Earth, unless the Earth shifts.

So part of the Between Life Spiritual Regression therapy is to find out what the mission is for these souls – why have they chosen to come down in a body and environment that is totally foreign at this time. The sessions not only validate how they are feeling, but also gives them a renewed sense of purpose to carve out their path to fulfil their mission.

It did not emerge in Michael Newton’s research back then, we were told, because it was not time then. But it is time now, and I can say that nearly 50% of my Between Life Spiritual Regression students and 75% of my Between Life Spiritual Regression clients are souls of a different resonance.

The Past Life Regression Academy’s Between Life Spiritual Regression course is starting to train therapists in this area. Andy Tomlinson and I hope to run one in either Singapore or Bali in November next year, as an advanced course to the Regression Therapy course that Andy and Wissam Awad are running in Singapore.


This story in this book of Jesus’ life and his teachings is beyond amazing. We have known for a while that many writings and gospels were excluded. How has this book been received by your Christian friends?


Thank you so much. Many of my Christian friends… my friends in general…. are very open-minded. Shrouded Truth has only just been released so I have not heard from a large number of people. I have only got feedback from a small sample of people who received advanced copies for review and my friends.

For many of them, they have felt that something was missing or they do not really resonate with some of the teachings of their faith. They mentioned that this book not only filled those gaps for them, but created more questions for them. Some friends are angry in that they are wondering why Christianity hid so much from the populace. Some friends have more questions about the individual experiences of the regresees.

As the conduit and scribe (I love that word!) of Shrouded Truth, I am happy that the readers are querying and questioning status quo, and searching what is right and in resonance for themselves. The journey of involution continues for the evolution of our souls and consciousness.


What do you think the biggest message is?


I think that each reader will take their own individual message from Shrouded Truth, and will resonate differently with the different stories. For me personally, I can’t help but look at the whole because I feel that every account is so precious because these are the remembrance of life stories. There are actual people who went through these experiences, and generously shared their stories, no matter how painful, for the book.

So, for me, the most important message from Shrouded Truth is that every single person who participated in the drama and events 2000 years ago is equally as important as Jesus, equally as Divine. They were ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. Jesus was the central figure, the inspiring figure, but he could not have done it alone.

Bringing that back to the change that we are now going through, as we move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian as established structures are breaking down, we can apply this learning for ourselves – we are all souls and every single one of us has that divine spark or that divine essence within ourselves. Just by the choices we make in our everyday lives, each of us has the ability to perform miracles and affect change.

As we are moving into a new vibration of living, it is time we start to embody and embrace this very subtle, intangible but powerful part of ourselves, that we have suppressed for so long. It’s not about the dawning of the Christ Consciousness from the outside, but the reawakening, re-membering and embracing the Cristos within us.


Reading this book I have so many more questions, will you be doing another one? I especially thought the information about divine and man made consciousness very interesting.


Shrouded Truth is the first book of a three-book series called the Radiant Light Series.

Radiant Light Series is more than the study into a religion or into the life of an enigmatic, inspiring person. It is a revelation of the deep spiritual beliefs that were understood and practiced more than 2000 years ago. Radiant Light Series is the discovery of the true relationship between the spirit of man and the spirit of the God. It challenges us to look deeply into our inner core and unveil the biggest shrouded truth of them all – our own glorious divinity.

This first book, Shrouded Truth, focuses on the events that happened around Jesus. The second book, Illuminated Truth, to be released in 2019, will focus on the teachings from Christianity in the Antiquities, and at how Christianity from the time of Jesus evolved to what we are familiar with today. Again, this will be another thought-provoking book, where information was obtained through past life regression and backed by documentary evidence. The third book is still in the conceptual phase.


Where can we find Shrouded Truth?


Shrouded Truth is available now in paperback and kindle, as well as on Amazon, iBook, Book Depository, Waterstones (UK), and Watkins Books in London.

Reena Kumarasingham is a graduate in psychology, regression therapist and life between lives therapist whose therapy practice, Divine Aspect, has clients spanning Asia, Australia, and Europe. She is a certified trainer and supervisor for the Past Life Regression Academy and has trained therapists in UK, Australia, and USA.

Reena can be reached via her website Divine Aspect website. You can also join her her Divine Aspect Facebook and Twitter @DivineAspect. For more information on the Past Life Regression Academy, please visit : Regression Academy website