The Adepts in Astrology

Our natal chart is illuminating, containing truly a wealth of information about who we are, the potential, the strengths, the challenges … One easy way to decode this map is looking at the elements. In Astrology there are four elements – earth, water, air, and fire. Each of the 12 zodiac signs belongs to one of these elements. Some people have a perfect balance of the elements. Some people are strong in one or two elements and sometimes one element is absent.

When an element is missing from a chart, we can interpret it as one of two ways.

The person may be weak in the areas related to the missing element. This life, the goal is to build mastery in these areas. Or maybe the person has achieved mastery over past lives and has chosen to focus on other areas. The zodiac represents archetypes and aspects for us to explore and experience. The idea is that we can draw on and express all the qualities and integrate all the shadows of the entire zodiac.

It is in the latter interpretation that we find a group of people called Adepts.

These people do not have their Sun, Moon, any of the planets or the Ascendant in a particular quality (cardinal, fixed or mutable) or element. They have expert level abilities to help people and once they are conscious of their gifts, they can easily apply them in their own lives.


Type of Adept Areas of Expertise
Fire Adept creativity, pioneering, travel, philosophy, higher education, joy, and spirituality
Earth Adept health, healing, food, resources, worldly achievements, structure, and time.
Air Adept communication, connection & network, group processes, brother- and sisterhood, partnerships
Water Adept home and family, birth/death/rebirth, secrets, dreams, fantasy, arts, archetypes, emotions, sexual energy, security


If you are new to astrology, you can get free natal/birth charts at Cafe Astrology, Astrograph, and many other sites. Once you get your chart, look below the circular map that is essentially the view of the skies at the moment of your birth. Beautiful, I know. There is a legend and there is a place where they also show the elements. If you need a pointer, feel free to email us at

Either way – whether you are an adept or need some mastery in a particular area, we each have magnificent gifts to offer to the world in a beautiful and expansive way.

Cover photo by Nilton Oliveira