Relationships is the Field | Gene Keys Venus Sequence

Relationships is the field. Venus is our guide. As they say “no man is an island.” We are social beings and we have survived as a species by belonging and living within a tribe.

Yet relationships is a minefield for many people, and Venus is opposed. Why is that? Is it just the wounding that was birthed from early unfulfilling relationships? Or the imprinting from childhood? Or perhaps it’s the shadow frequencies that are currently our collective consciousness?

A fascinating and beautiful way to explore this is through the Gene Keys. Based on the 64 Hexagrams of I Ching, the Book of Changes, the 64 Gene Keys hold three frequency bands. These are the Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi.

The Gene Keys is also holding its first Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat focusing on relationships as our path to awakening.

Gene Keys – Shadow, Gift & Siddhi


The Spectrum of Consciousness includes codes and keys to unlock the potential and gifts that are hardwired into each of us. For each of the 64 Gene Keys, there are three code words – the Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi. Representing three bands of frequencies, they make up the Spectrum of Consciousness.

Working with the Gene Keys, we are able to deprogram the low frequencies from our DNA. These also form the current collective consciousness. Hidden within each Shadow lies our Gift and so we are also reprogramming with the high energies of the Gift and Siddhi.

The 64 Shadow frequencies are states of consciousness that many people consider normal in human beings. In some cases, we are even told these attributes are healthy, which is definitely not the case. The 64 Shadow frequencies form a collective energy field that is generated by ancient genetic memories from he time when we were part of the animal kingdom.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

According to our blueprint, we have specific shadows. These draw us into unhealthy and unaware relationships. We may also have challenges with choosing healthy habits and emotional patterns. The Shadows are deep, ingrained, and ancestral that we do not even realize.

We have personal fears that are reinforced by and feed back into the collective consciousness. This means with awareness, we are more able to face, accept, embrace, and even love our fears into oblivion. Every time any one person does even a little bit of this, the collective also shifts. We are in this together! Each one of us is contributing to the evolution of the totality.


It is through embracing our fears and our Shadows that we can unlock and reveal the Gift that is hidden within each of the 64 Shadows. We may think the Gift is just a new mental outlook; it’s much more than that. Our entire being shifts, from body chemistry to moods. How we are with ourselves or engage with others is transformed and becomes honest, compassionate, reverent, and loving. Life is less doing and simply being.


The path of the Gene Keys is contemplation.

At a certain point in this process, contemplation spontaneously gives way to absorption. Absorption is a very high frequency state of consciousness in which your DNA begins to trigger your endocrine system to secrete certain rarefied hormones on a continual basis. These hormones are associated with higher brain functioning and involve states of spiritual illumination and transcendence.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

Your Hologenetic Profile

Every person is unique, as determined by our inheritance through our DNA. We have a very specific profile of patterns and sequences, our blueprint. As we have know, DNA can be activated, deactivated, and programmed through the environment. This is both the internal environment (our thoughts and emotions) and the external. Our body is always listening; the question is what are we telling ourselves?

Your Hologenetic Profile is a personalized map of the various genetic sequences that will unlock or awaken different aspects of your genius. There are sequences governing your life purpose, your relationship patterns, your financial prosperity, your family dynamics, your developmental cycles as a child, your health and healing, and your spiritual awakening.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

The Venus Sequence & Relationships

This system accurately pinpoints specific mental issues and emotional blocks lying within an individual’s DNA. Such blockages can cause common difficulties in human relationships and health. Through simple techniques of pattern recognition using the Gene Keys, any individual can be guided to see their self-destructive tendencies and transmute them into far more beneficial patterns. The Venus Sequence has been shown repeatedly to have huge transformative effects on countless relationships and individuals.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

The Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat – Relationships as Our Awakening

We are very excited about the first Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat, starting November 2, 2020. This is a 6-month journey focusing on relationships by walking the Venus pathways to ground into and flow on the emotional plane. This retreat focuses on relationships being the awakening field. While the path is ours alone to discover, having a team to walk alongside us to unlock and activate our deepest love and freedom and a community to share insights and questions with is profound.

The Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat with Richard Rudd (founder of Gene Keys) includes

  • lifetime access to the updated Venus Sequence (new material!)
  • guidance on opening the 6 Spheres of the Venus Sequence (Purpose, Attraction, IQ, EQ, SQ, and Core) through the Pathways of Dharma, Karma, Intelligence, Love, and Realization
  • weekly live webinars (recorded for replays)
  • pathway meditations (recorded for replays)
  • live Q&A sessions
  • monthly themes for contemplation
  • community calls (with breakdown groups) with timezone options
  • new pathway meditations
  • 24/7 chat room to connect with the community

The Venus Sequence is the second part of the Golden Path. There are no prerequisites to joining the Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat. This means you do not need to complete the Activation Sequence first. For those new to the Gene Keys, included in the Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat is the course New to the Gene Keys which serves as an orientation. The retreat is highly resourced and the way it is led will support participants in moving through the Venus Sequence with greater ease.

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