Why do you love Reiki?


Reiki (Universal life force energy) is extremely simple and easy to use at any time. It never leaves you and is constantly flowing once you have been attuned to it in your first class.

I love the fact I can use it hands-on with my clients or hands-off for those that can’t or don’t like to be touched. Reiki can be used as a standalone therapy and is complementary to other therapies.

I use it daily in conjunction with other energy modalities if it is needed. When I put my hands on my client, I know the healing energy is going to where it is needed the most. It just doesn’t heal the physical body, it heals on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well – releasing blockages (these could be negative beliefs or negative emotions) that are present.

It’s not a complicated therapy to learn and can be picked up in a day’s class! It helps the body relax and kickstart the healing process. We are too stressed nowadays and Reiki is an amazing therapy to get the body and mind to calm down and to make the changes it needs to.

The first class I attended was in 1996. Back then it was considered “fringe” or “woo-woo”. Not many had heard of it. Now it is gaining popularity and is well-known as an energy therapy that helps with many illnesses and chronic conditions.


What are some of the lesser-known benefits of Reiki?


Not many people know that Reiki is now in mainstream medicine. I spoke to a MD recently in town who said it’s used here in Canada at some of the hospitals. In the United States Reiki Masters are now allowed in some operating rooms while their clients are having surgery. Check out Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International.

I look forward to that in Canada someday! Using Reiki pre-surgery prepares you for surgery emotionally and physically and post-op it accelerates the healing process.

Reiki is also amazing for chronic pain, anxiety/depression, and stress . It is also used for those in hospice who are transitioning. This is comforting to the family left behind to know that their family member was cared for emotionally, physically, and spiritually before their passing.


Can anyone learn Reiki?


Yes, anyone can learn Reiki!

You can never do it wrong or do harm with Reiki and it’s easy to learn.

Once you take a class, the energy is with you always. I have students who want to learn so they can help family members or their animals. Animals and children love Reiki – they can really feel the energy. In Level One we also learn how to do self-Reiki. We all need to take care of ourselves more these days. Why not send loving healing energy to yourself every day?


Why is this a good time to learn Reiki?


In North America, we are waking up to the realization that healing isn’t just a physical process. We now understand through the science of epigenetics how we are energetic beings and how our thoughts, beliefs, and environment can affect us and bring about dis-ease. Reiki can help to bring us back into balance and get all of our systems working at optimal levels.

With all the suffering and chaos in the world right now where do we start? Healing ourselves is the first step if we want to heal the world.

We can use Reiki in our daily lives- to give loving energy to our food, to harmonize our home and working environments, and to send energy to those who need it distantly are just a few examples. By changing our thoughts and energy, healing can definitely happen.


How does long-distance Reiki work?


Reiki works on the Hermetic Law of Similarity – We are all energetic beings, all connected and all part of a whole. I have really begun to understand this very well as the years go by in my practice.

In Level Two, we learn symbols to help us connect to the person we are sending Reiki energy to. Having a picture and address is helpful as well tuning into the energy of that person.

I usually ask that my client lie down for the session as I send them Reiki. Usually my clients can “feel” me there with them while the session is happening. They’ll have different sensations during the session such as energy movement, emotional releases, and relaxation of the mind and body.

We always ask for permission as well before doing a session. I will not send Reiki unless I have my client’s permission. My clients have had some amazing incidences of healing over the years and I am very grateful to have been the facilitator in that healing process.


Can you share some examples of these healing stories?


The majority of my clients who come for BodyTalk session end up receiving Reiki as well. They feel intense heat coming from my hands, and then that heat goes into their body. They also say they can feel this healing energy move around their body (tingling or heat sensation throughout) or strong emotions come to the surface. After a few minutes, this sensation goes away and I move on to the next item to work on.

I have a client who specifically comes to me every four weeks. She is a successful young entrepreneur and feels Reiki keeps her calm and settled during the stressful times. She used to come every two weeks but after several months, she can go a month and feel she can handle the stress in her life so much better than before.

I have another client, who received Reiki for anxiety, reported after three sessions she felt immensely better and now can go for a long time without seeing me. She seems to have tapped into her own power and confidence. I also believe many old belief systems were let go over the course of the sessions as well.

I have a teenager who comes to me for energy healing and Reiki. She has had several concussions, has missed months of school, has low self-esteem, and is extremely anxious. She enjoys her sessions- they help her feel more grounded and centred. Her brain fog lifts, she is less anxious, and she is able to focus better on her schoolwork. We also have her on a special diet and supplements to help support her healing brain.

Julie Bolduc RHN, RMT Holistic Nutritionist

Julie Bolduc is currently based in the Waterloo area of Ontario Canada and  offers one-on-one in-person and long-distance Reiki sessions as well as Reiki First Degree and Second Degree workshops.

Julie Bolduc RHN, RMT has over 25 years of experience in complementary healthcare, wellness coaching, and energy medicine. She is very passionate about helping her clients from around the world work through difficult health challenges as well as teaching them to access their inner power.

Julie is an instructor, a Brain Health Coach, and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with advanced studies in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Herbology. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and was certified in the BodyTalk System in January 2004. Her certifications, business building and vast experience in other modalities such as Life Coaching, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, NLP, Myofascial Release Therapy and working with medical doctors and naturopaths over the years have made her a sought-after mentor to recently certified holistic practitioners.