New Moon in Aries : Here’s How to Work with this Energy

We begin another cycle with the New Moon in Aries (April 15 2018 18:57 Pacific 21:57 Eastern). With Aries being the first of the Zodiac signs, this new moon is also the start of a new lunar cycle, a rebirth, a spring, another beginning, a new year.

New Moon Intentions

What intentions would you like to make, clarify, or re-commit to?

What fires are you ready to re-ignite? To burn more brightly?

As you move through the year, you can reaffirm with each new moon in each of the other 11 signs that follow. This way, we can harness the energies, strengths, flavours, and beauty of each of the 12 zodiac signs. Working and tracking with the moon helps us remember the impermanence of everything and even the most challenging time is but a phase that too shall pass. There is a rhythm, a time for rest, a time for action, a time for all.

Yasmin Boland, author of Moonology, suggests making a 12-month plan and also finding out which house each moon is in your chart. This can yield valuable insights, from the issues that each New Moon may bring up for you, what you may expect with each cycle, and what to visualize for each New Moon.

In her book, she includes tips for each new moon, depending on which house it is in, from affirmations, essential oils, rituals, and mantras to use, chakras to focus on, which Archangel, Guiding Goddess, Universal Law, and Heavenly Ray to connect with.

Work with New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries is in the First House for all those with Aries Rising. She suggests working with angelica seed essential oil to increase positivity and self-awareness for the new moon and the following four weeks, connect with the Solar Plexus and the Earth Star chakras, the Archangel Ariel (reminder – approach with a child’s innocence and anything is possible), the Warrior Goddess and Protector Athena, the Law of Divine Oneness, and the Red Ray (1st Ray), which is governed by Ascended Master El Morya, to anchor new beginnings with bravery.

What is the energy of Aries?

Aries is pioneering, active energy. The question here is “Who Am I?”

This is a Fire sign – creative, active, passionate, spontaneous, quick…

Ruled by Mars, it’s courage and aggressive. When we hear “aggressive” we often associate it with negative connotations. We forget that strong dynamic actions also have their place.

Our overculture deems these actions as wrong. Women are especially taught that it is not “proper” or “polite”.

Where in life have we abdicated our responsibility, and left these “unsavoury” behaviour to others on our behalf? Are we afraid to stand up for ourselves? Where are we using the Victim or the Martyr to navigate through difficult and uncomfortable situations?

We are now especially called to break through our self-imposed limitations. This New Moon is conjunct Uranus which is the planet of sudden change, freedom, revolution. Uranus has been in Aries since 2011 and will move to Taurus mid-May, and in these last days, it is time to really go for it!

It is indeed time for each and every individual to be alert to whatever action they feel called to, as the cultural disintegration which we can see all around us becomes ever more stark. This is in fact one clear message that is brought forward by the archetypal configurations of this powerful New Moon, with its degree in late Aries located precisely between that of Eris, Feminine Warrior for deep soul intention, and Uranus, the Awakener. Time is up – for everyone to stand up and be counted, according to those values they have that are uniquely held, at depth, whatever these might be; and whatever consensus thinking might have to say about it.

Henry Seltzer1

Mercury, which has been in retrograde since March 22, is also station on the 15th. As we move through the state of obsession of what we don’t want during the retrograde, we may have come to new insights from being immersed in “the problem”. Continue this meditation as we emerge from mental fogginess. The shadow period of the retrograde ends by May 4 so let’s stay grounded and centred!

…what Mercury is trying to do is force us to stay inside the problem state so that we can fully understand it. Then – once Mercury has returned to direct motion – we will be empowered to implement corrective strategies.

DK Brainard1

…And Chiron is in the last degrees of Pisces, moving into Aries next week April 18. A new generation with Chiron in Aries kids and a Chiron Return for those born between January 30 1969 and May 27 1976 and between August 13 1976 and March 28 1977. Read more about Chiron in Aries. “People with Chiron in Aries are tough as nails. They were forged in fire. They grew up in the school of hard knocks, whether in the 1920s, 1930s, or 1970s. Whether they were born wealthy or not, they grew up in an era that was not very kind to children. If you are one of those, and you’ve made it this far, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.”3

A Brave New World, indeed.

And if you are American, Marianne Williamson just sent out her midterm election endorsements. Read her newsletter.

How will you ride this energy? The energy of Aries is so powerful, active, and creative. With the New Moon in Aries, it is the perfect time to start your projects with dynamism and enthusiasm.

1A New Moon of Major Shifts and Dark Blessings by Henry Seltzer, Astrograph
2Aries New Moon April 15, Mercury Direct, Chiron in Aries by DK Brainard
3 Chiron in Aries by Corrine Lane Astro Library