Liver Support for Healing Trauma

When we think of resolving nervous system dysregulation, liver support may not jump out first. Let's find out why it's important.

The Liver is an amazing organ – our body is an amazing dynamic intelligence. We get into trouble when we overburden ourselves with lifestyle choices, trying to survive, fit in or be vital in a “sick” society.

In Dr Jaban Moore’s Instagram post about the liver, he shares the three phases of how the liver supports the detoxification process.

  1. The Liver minimizes the impact of harmful substances by changing them for the next phase, to make detoxification easier. This is the Activation phase where enzymes modify the toxins. Some ways to support this phase is reducing exposure to pesticides, mold, and alcohol and ensuring there is sufficient movement, hydration, and rest. Magnesium, zinc, copper, dandelion, vitamin c, and other vitamins are important. ☞ articles on Magnesium
  2. To the altered substances, the Liver adds others to make them easier to remove from the body. This is the Conjugation phase that makes the toxins water-soluble, so they can be removed through urine, for example. Eating nutrient-dense food and cruciferous vegetables, having good bowel movements, along with having sufficient hydration, movement, and rest supports this phase. Additionally, methylation support, Magnesium (which is involved in 300+ reactions in the body), amino acids, and glutathione, are also essential.
  3. The Liver then sends them onto the elimination process. Keeping our drainage pathways, which include the kidneys, intestines, and skin, is important to allow elimination. This means having adequate and clean hydration, lymphatic movement, and rest. To support digestion, some people may need bile flow support such as OxBile and digestive bitters as well to heal their gut. Toxin binders, castor oil packs, enemas, sauna, and Magnesium help support the elimination process.

Easy Ways to Support Your Liver

  • Reduce chemical exposures and switch to natural products such as aluminium-free deodorant. Reading product labels may be shocking. From laundry detergent to makeup, products contain many endocrine disrupting chemicals. At minimum these are additional substances your body – and your liver – has to process and eliminate. We also do not have studies showing the interactions of chemicals. We are the experiment. If you haven’t tried a mineral deodorant, this month may be a good time to start. The May Special is 25% off with the code “Healthypits”. When switching from a conventional deodorant, using the pit mask can also help to pull out the impurities. I love massaging my pits and doing dry brushing and using my Lymphatic Brush.
  • Gut Health – the awareness of the importance of complete digestion and a healthy gut microbiome is common these days. I see people regularly ask for probiotic recommendations when they’ve been prescribed antibiotics. They’ve also becoming wiser to the overuse of antibiotics, opting for natural options that do not interfere with healthy gut bacteria. Many are seeking holistic ways to heal their gut. A lot of times, however, it is still looking for solutions for unhealthy lifestyle choices. Sharing different approaches is an important bridge. The Gut Health Oil, Digest-Ease, and Liver Love is a great combo to support your digestive system. The Gut Health Oil can be used as a regularly cleanse as well. The Liver Love helps to support the elimination pathways. As a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, I also work on releasing energetic blockages that burden the liver.

Vagus Nerve toning

Gut Health Combo

  • Lifestyle changes – we’ve all been conditioned to burn the candle at both ends. Burn out is not a myth, rather a reality that is now widely accepted. We all have our own rhythms and sitting indoors in artificial light in furniture that’s off-gassing and an environment of non-native EMFs has a real impact on our health. It’s an incredible portion of the population that struggles to sleep. Here’s an article on James Nestor’s book Breath. It’s important to discover what is correct for ourselves and be brave to navigate life and make choices as ourselves.

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