Kriya Yoga

Popularized by images of bendy monks carrying out incredible contortions, Kriya Yoga is in fact a process of mental purification as ancient as the Bhagavad Gita.

In reality this yoga style is to be practiced in a manner that “causes no hardship, requires no austerities, and suits aspiring householders as well as monks”.


That is the path which is directed by the realized.


Kriya Yoga is a non-sectarian spiritual practice based on the fundamental belief that all of us, regardless of creed, race or gender, carry the most holy supreme creator within us. Paramhansa Yogananda made the teachings of Kriya Yoga accessible through his teachings and his book Autobiography of a Yogi.

Kriya Yoga seeks to unify the principles of:

→ Karma Yoga
detachment from the fruits of actions in the world, and from the inner activity of the mind
→ Jnana Yoga
a disciplined intellect acquires spiritual knowledge, and this wisdom creates freedom through detachment from the fruits of actions
→ Bhakti Yoga
unconditional love is awakened by gratitude and by the joy arising from the oneness with all creation, which is cosmic consciousness

Kriya techniques emphasize the relationship between the breath and the mind. This reciprocal relationship is said to reveal the secret of controlling the mind.


Breath control is self-control.
Breath mastery is self-mastery.
Breathlessness is deathlessness.


The breathless state of samadhi is the realization of the Absolute.

Kriya Yoga teaches that work is worship and whatever you do is from and for the Supreme Being and Creator. It teaches about the different beliefs of the origin, destiny, and evolution of souls. From the principles of Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga teaches that all action, “kri”, is done by the indwelling soul, “ya”. Continuous awareness of the power of the indwelling soul can transform all activity into worship. Awareness that the soul must inhale every breath leads to mind control and liberation.

A Kriya Yoga disciple believes in direct and immediate spiritual experience and is only taught through direct contact with the teacher.

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