Is Turpentine the answer to your Health Woes?

Turpentine is not a new remedy for restoring health. Until a couple years ago, I only thought of turpentine as what I would use to clean my art brushes. While today turpentine is primarily made from petrochemical products, the turpentine used historically is 100% pure gum spirits distilled from pine tree resins. If you do a quick research, you can find its many uses, with perhaps top of the list being anti-parasitic.

My interest in turpentine was rekindled the other night, when we listened to the Higherside Chat episode with Dr Jennifer Daniels. Trained as an allopathic doctor, she practiced medicine as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician for a decade, when the power of natural methods became apparent to her. She’s now been helping people heal naturally since 1985 and led her to create natural supplements, Vitaly Capsules.

In the episode, Dr Jennifer Daniels has a lively conversation with host Greg Carlwood. She kinda roasted him over his ignorance about the birthing process at hospitals. This may be a wake-up call for many people about that and the general healthcare system. They spoke mostly about her book The Lethal Dosage. Her research peeled back a layer off the medical system in the United States. This includes what standard care means and how they determine dosage. Pretty eye-opening stuff.

Journey to Turpentine Protocol for Health

Dr Jennifer Daniels’ Search

She also shared her discovery journey of turpentine. You can also read it in the Turpentine and Sugar Information Document. Dr Jennifer Daniels worked with her patients using lifestyle changes. However, she found that despite their progress, they continued to experience flare-ups when they had a misstep. Her search for was sparked by the realization that she wanted a more sustainable and durable healing for her patients.

The first hint came when she was studying the 1800s while homeschooling her kids. She discovered that farmers and their families took something twice a year to restore health. Her thinking was that this “something” was inexpensive. More encouragement came in her discovery in herbal books that in China a small amount of $35 per person per year to keep her citizens healthy, with longer life spans than Americans’. So she knew that not only effective healthcare was possible, it could also be affordable.

She then found that the medicine slaves in the United States used was far superior to what the slave owners had. After searching through her 300 plus herbal books, she came up with no further references and decided to ask her patients, many of whom are descendants of slaves. Patients confirmed it was probably turpentine and sugar. However no one knew the dosage and no one connected Dr Daniels with their still-living grandparents. Despite having this knowledge, her patients have not taken this protocol themselves.

The Turpentine Experiment

And so Dr Jennifer Daniels began her own experiment. First with one teaspoon of turpentine dissolved into one sugar cube. On the third day, after three sugar cubes, she knew she found the secret. Then she continued to experiment with dose herself. Once she had a dose, she tested it with relatives. She found the dose to be one teaspoon a day over three sugar cubes twice a week. She also noted how interesting that two substances that aren’t exactly the healthiest together can be such a potent medicine. Later on, her 73-year-old mother herself recalled that her own grandmother used turpentine and sugar.

If you are struggling with Candida, I encourage you to look at Dr Jennifer Daniel’s protocol and other research. She insists that a careful read of her document and following the steps is essential. You do not take turpentine lightly! Failure is due to “not doing all five steps, not doing them in the right order, and doing any one step incorrectly.” The first few of these steps is to clean out the body, especially the small intestine, and to change the diet to prepare for this Candida protocol. Also to clear the pathways so the parasites have a quick exit from the body. She recommends having three bowel movements per day before even starting the protocol. So be sure not to just start taking the turpentine and sugar.

My brain was exceptionally clear; I was filled with energy. I didn’t need to take my Ayurvedic vitamins, my mega vitamins, my vitamin C – I was taking eleven vitamins a day. I felt so great, I skipped my vitamins that day.

The sensation of well-being was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was as if years of fatigue just evaporated.

Dr Jennifer Daniels, Turpentine and Sugar Information Document

Turpentine & Health Conditions

Turpentine and sugar, Dr Daniels has found, to be effective for bacteria, bacteria, and fungi. She also came across the Merck Manual, produced by Merck, the pharmaceutical company, that discusses diseases and therapies. In the first edition, published in 1899, turpentine therapy is shown to be effective for a list of conditions including meningitis, gonorrhoea, abdominal challenges, arthritis, and lung disease. This is information was missing in the 1999 edition, which only has turpentine poisoning, including detrimental effects on the kidneys and lung. Here are more historic uses of turpentine.

Dr Jennifer Daniels has been taking the turpentine protocol for over a decade. She’s not the only one. If you search, there are an abundant of resources, including support and education through Facebook groups and people’s experience. Here’s the brand that she recommends – Diamond G Forest.

If you’ve taken turpentine and sugar, what’s been your experience? Any suggestions and recommendations?