Is Sunshine Healthy for Everyone?

Summer is just around the corner and for many people, it’s time for the beach, camping, water sports, and general outdoors time with lots of sunshine and my question is – is sunshine healthy for everyone?

There are some people who naturally shun the sun for a variety of reasons, from cultural, aesthetic, and health to personal preference. With the uptick of Vitamin D supplement recommendations the last few years, we have also been getting a counter-information movement to debunk some Vitamin D deficiency myths. To supplement, or not, with Vitamin D is another topic. Along with that, we are getting more information about sunlight, mitochondrial health, reduction-oxidation potential, and effects of blue light on gut and overall health. There is blanket advice for everyone to get more sunlight – is this more homogenized advice? Because is sunshine healthy for all of us?

A caveat before we continue on the sunshine and health topic. What I’m sharing is from the Human Design lens and whether this information applies to you is based on an accurate birth time. This is also not a health recommendation; rather, it is a different perspective to consider. The Human Design System is a science of differentiation. At the core of this system is that each of us is unique. We have a natural predisposition to differentiate, which becomes lost when we are conditioned, which pulls us into homogenization.

Human Design & Determination

The Human Design System is complex and fascinating. There is a lot for the mind to investigate and to dig into. The most important aspect of the system – and one that many people often overlook – is our Experiment. Part of that Experiment is with our Determination. This is how we take in the external, be it food or information. This is our internal and is about brain function and development. The quality of self-reflected consciousness (software) depends on the brain and the infrastructure (hardware), making how differentiated our brain is important to fulfilling our potential.

For some people, Determination is about the food. For others, it is about the circumstances.

Light as Determination

The newest evolutionary development in Determination is Light. It is either Direct or Indirect Light. This is about light and also those frequencies that are beyond what we can see. For those who are Direct Light, they are wired to eat and study during daylight, rather than after sundown. For those who are Indirect Light, on the other hand, it’s about eating before sun up and after sundown. Rather than the actual food, for both, it’s about the circumstances of Light. The correct circumstances support the proper digestion and intake of what they need to support their brain function.

What is common for Direct/Indirect Light people is they transfer to focusing on food, on needing their food to be hot/cold. This is what is called a transference in Human Design and when in transference, a person is less able to take in what’s needed.

I have a friend who is Indirect Light and a natural night owl. She’s recently become interested in Human Design and has shared interesting personal experience about how she’s active and energized at night. On the other hand, I am Closed Taste. So unlike my friend whose Determination is about circumstance, mine is about the food. Closed Taste is about having natural barriers and being closed to what the person knows it’s not for them. When in alignment, they know this without giving something a try.

For a review of the electromagnetic spectrum, check out this lesson from Khan Academy.

The electromagnetic spectrum. Image from UC Davis ChemWiki, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

Experimenting with Determination

Human Design is not academic. It is about being in our Experiment, unlearning conditioned patterns and re-learning what is correct for us. It can be damaging to decide what we require and make decisions with the mind to fulfill what we believe is how we should live, what we should eat, etc. So if you do discover your Determination, be gentle with your Experiment and follow your Strategy and Authority.

Again, it needs to be reiterated that an accurate birth time is needed to calculate these deeper aspects of someone’s Human Design Bodygraph. Determination is one level of calculation and which of the Light circumstance is yet another deeper level of calculation. If your Determination is Light, knowing whether you are Direct or Indirect is very important as these circumstances are very different. Shifting circumstances for Determinations such as Touch, Sound, and Light can have a dramatic positive impact on aligning and stabilizing the body. For those with Light, the question of whether sunshine is healthy for you is crucial for exploration and experimentation.