Inner Authority vs Outer Authority

The world is quite intense at the moment and understanding how to navigate from our inner authority and communicating via our outer authority can pivot how we engage with others.

According to Human Design, we are each unique and have a role and purpose to fulfill. We are predisposed to differentiate and align with the trajectory of our own life. Our Human Design Bodygraph is a blueprint to discover who we are and it gives us strategies to navigate the maia. There are four aura types and each one has an overall strategy to engage the world and depending on our specific design, we also have our way to make decisions. The old world was built with the strategic mind that is survival-based and focused on manipulation and control, which can manifest in its positive and negative poles of expression.

Inner Authority for Decision-Making

Our inner authority is for decision making, our personal GPS. This is a foundational understanding in Human Design, that we don’t make decisions with our mind. Most of us struggle with making decisions, whether they are big or small. Maybe we worry about disappointing others or we are afraid of the consequences of making the “wrong” choice.

These days we are being flooded with more and more information. Reading the labels at the store is no longer an easy task, half of the ingredients are not even pronounceable for most people. Corporate greed, liability shields, and regulation loopholes have also evaporated whatever trust we had.

We are also pulled away from our true nature by conditioning forces that live out through our mind. This is why the mind is not our inner authority.

The Mind is our Outer Authority

The mind is our outer authority. Liberated from its past role as the decision-maker, the mind is our communications with others. Sharing the purity of what we see as passengers is how we are of service to each other. Another foundation of Human Design is that we are passengers in our bodies, this passenger consciousness here to watch the movie of life. We share what we see with each other, without agenda and selfish manipulation. It’s more like leaving signposts for each other.

Navigating with Strategy & Authority

There are four aura types, each with its strategy to navigate in the world. Everyone is here to wait for the correct intersection of time and space. Most people, however, have been taught to “go for it”, “if you have the will, you have the way”, “early birds get the worm” and other such conditioning. So instead of following our natural rhythm, we get pulled into a timeline that’s not ours.

Following our strategy, whether it is to respond as a Generator or to be invited as a Projector, aligns us with our unique trajectory. This is so important especially now, as we speed towards 2027, the start of a new global cycle and very different background frequencies. These years before 2027 are intense, full of breakdown of the old systems, and a time when truths will be revealed. It is a tremendous pressure for the mind.

Testing our Alignment

The past few years presented us with drastically different circumstances. We’ve all had to make choices we haven’t had to before. Information was imperfect, and along with our existential fears triggered and pressures to conform, it was a divisive and fracturing time. The question is did we follow our strategy and our inner GPS to make those decisions? Did we feel the pressure to explain or justify our decisions? Did we then pressure others to align their decisions with ours?

We know this has been challenging. It was clear that just honouring our own inner authority was not sufficient for many people, including those who have been teaching self responsibility and sovereignty.

Maybe we cannot stop the stem of the tide as we roller coaster toward 2027. Maybe each time we are triggered and respond in kind by each collective event we are only strengthening the collective enslavement frequency. I personally don’t believe it is anyone’s purpose to awaken others; rather it is our purpose to live authentically as ourselves. This way, we show by example what is possible and perhaps create an environment that allows more to stand up for their own truth. Through us honouring our own path, more and more of us can break out of being homogenized. This way, we can to witness the spectrum of truths and the expression of unique potential.

My perspective by Design is power, the “winners” and “losers”. While multiple narratives are playing out and it is challenging to pinpoint what exactly is folding, it is clear that something is afoot. These times call for us to release our old mindsets, our old belief systems, and old patterns of behaviour. No matter how liberated we believe we are, there is so much more we don’t know. Scientists, for example, are finding proof that the world is actually flat. Research has also shown that Sasquatch maternal DNA is human. There’s been disclosures, though vague and limited, about non terrestrial aka alien activity. More recently, executives confessed there was no testing of emergency use products for the prevention of transmission and top political leaders confirming that they themselves chose not to take these products.

There is an art of balancing that is required to be open to new information and not be shattered by it, to the point of disability. This is where we are at. Each of us. What has previously entertained, distracted, numbed, or otherwise separated what’s uncomfortable for us will no longer be enough. This separation, this living from comfort rather than authenticity, will chafe, gnaw, and infuriate us.

The point of this information isn’t to bolster or criticize anyone’s decisions. It is that there is so conflict, emergence, and curation in the media that we cannot rely on any news to make our decisions. It is that the way to navigate now and the coming years is not relying on external input. Aligning with ourselves and honouring what is true for us, without tampering, interference, or any form of molestation, is the key. Pressuring and manipulating others to “vote” our way continues the old consciousness of fear.